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  1. Bump, i'll shout ya back some of the seed too...
  2. mud

    Hell in a handbag

    Wow, i'm pumped that there've been so many responses to this. Do we realise the subtle development of this headline is to have 'real time' connectivity of the nationwide camera system applied to those databases? It's not just to use photo's on file. It's to apply real time identification technology via it. They'll know who you are..where you..what you're doing, and where you're going next. Even IF the mass of camera's remained technically 'closed circuit', most of 'em are wireless!!!!!! The real worry is in the trend. It's in joining the dots. In connecting each headlien to the next. Understanding the progressive lullaby as its amped upward. Time to unjoin some dots!
  3. mud

    Hell in a handbag

    If some serious action isn't taken, we can look forward to prison on Earth. What should be done? What can be done? What are you doing? What can WE do? https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2017/oct/05/turnbull-denies-new-facial-recognition-measures-amount-to-mass-surveillance
  4. Some fresh loph pollen please How many p.c/pedro hybrid seeds would be a fair swap? Many thanks
  5. I suggested that a Mother might put some wild lettuce in her daughters salad, after the Doctors gave her 9yr old Endone for pain in the lower back region that they suspect might be her kidneys. I received a hefty dose of science sledging from the keyboard warring supernerds that supported the process of her being donated sperm and artifically inseminated to have this child. For the record, her child was born with cystic fibrosis. They wanted peer reviewed, published medical journal proof that wild lettuce works for any of the claims that I proposed it did, sucessfullly. So I had a little dig for them. I found that her Doctors online resource (WebMD) does list the benefits of wild lettuce but highlights in bold text that 'more evidence is required for its efficacy'. Then I followed the white rabbit. The U.S national library of medicine which they link to actually does have a published paper that focuses solely on the 'toxic effects' of eating the lettuce. Supposedly by 'natives who didn't know it was dangerous' but had in fact eaten it for millenia. While that paper did everything to disinform us further, it did happen to reveal that wild lettuce contains Hyoscyamine. I then researched Hyoscyamine, noticed it is synthesised from deadly Datura, and is used to treat nearly every single one of the symptoms that a C.F child would have. And interestingly, wild lettuce is probably the most highly targeted 'weed' for roundup spraying across Australia. It's nearly undefeatable too. And now I know why. The little 'wishballs' it makes to disperse it seeds, really is 'fairy dust'. Nature wouldn't let us suffer all this without some kind of relief. So it puts it everywhere for us. All around us. Panaceas; heal all plant helpers everywhere you look! Almost like little nature spirits are ensuring its success. And it is 'successive' by definition. The green life required for more green life to develop within an ecosystem. An analgesic, tonifying, detoxifying super medicine that can kill pain, support lungs, heart, guts and even control some symptoms of Parkinsons disease. Aren't the glycophosphates from roundup reported to cause some of these problems? So, they talk it down..talk it sideways.. induce fear surrounding it.. poison it.. say it doesnt work or needs more evidence.. BUT then they isolate the same active from another plant known to dark brujo and shaman forever and package it as medicine for the same illnesses they've just created by poisoning it's competition. This seems to be the 'structure of conspiracy'. And now I see it everywhere.
  6. mud

    Hybrid ID

    Ba boom ching. Thanks <3
  7. mud

    Hybrid ID

    This pup fell into my hand, off a $115 15cm tall nursery specimen whose fruit was rotting in its pot. At no point, were the ribs of the mother plant, anything other than tricho looking, except for the top of this pup. The aeroles appear almost blue. Dark grey to bluey purple
  8. I finally got a fruit! 3rd time lucky. I was expecting it to get massive and red. Silly me. I noticed today after maybe doubling in size, it had already split its shit from underneath and looked soon to have seeds start falling. I managed to hand pollinate a cross between a random roadside p.c and the first ever cactus ( a cute little pachanoi) I received from The Corroboree free trade thread. It was as large as my thumb when I first started. Oh the joy to see my little baby pup now stand as tall as my chest with three great arms. what the hell do I do with it now? mud
  9. I've found that the dandy's get going a little later than the rest. But they nearly alll good yo. Some are more bitter than others. It's nice to be aquainted with all the edible weeds (pretty much every thing the councils spray) because if you care about your taste buds or your butthole, you'll wanna know how to mix flavours and acidities to get a palatable balance that doesnt make you shit yourself. I extracted sow thistle once thinking it was wild lettuce.. Luckily, had basically the exact same effect and qualities. I feel a lot of the panaceas are like this. Well, that's why they're panacea's I roasted some this year. Frigggin beautiful!!! Apparently you want the older plants for this. Even 2nd or 3rd year dandy's (?) but to be honest, I thought they die off and re seed each year (?)
  10. God I missed you guys! Here's a little one of my latest passions. You can easily turn edible plant leaves into a kickass protein supplement/cheese/superfood. I nearly shat myself with excitement when I came across this. In practice, its even more wonderful. Than shatting. The potential is pretty mind boggling. I've so far made a nettle, and wild fennel 'curd', which is up to 60% vegan protein. I have some Amaranthus Gangeticus on its way also. Apparently about 60% protein by dry weight as it is. And some tricolour, which is said to yield within 3 weeks! At the moment I have a fridge full of wild nettle. It feels like i'm doing my river patches a good turn. Cutting them back ready for the fresh new spring growth. As it is, the overly fibrous winter growth has produced a delicious green protein curd so I cant wait to try this with anything and everything as spring sets in. http://www.plantfoods.org/demos/leafu/index.html
  11. mud

    Orange spored Subaeruginosa

    It took a while to get back here to give all the bad news. Because I was so angry at the fail. One buddy who swore to keep the sample safe for me lost it. And the photographer took such a blurry shot on his slr that it's not even worth posting. Anecdotallly, i've got about a dozen people who can confirm the sighting. But as of yet, no hard proof. I went back to the site to try and find another, but no luck. It was a pretty incredible find. At an incredible time. I was definitely 'steered' to find this one.. just after I saw an ex girlfriend on a festival dancefloor.. and had to make a Kuick exitamine, rather wavily past the enormous suspended Pteradactyl Blah! It was a bluer with orange spores. could have been a small Gym, I suppose? Wont know now until next year.
  12. mud

    Orange spored Subaeruginosa

    The stems had that kinds spotty feel to them too. Can't remember what that's called. I'm pretty excited they're a new.. unidentified mushroom. Seriously halfway between a pan and a sub. And the gills came out further than the bottom of the cap. It sounds like something quite dodgy. Were it not for the blue..
  13. mud

    Orange spored Subaeruginosa

    Looks like a sub. Doesnt taste like one, theoretically. Growing mostly from poo and under Euc trees. Very slow to blue. Persistent veil remnant. Spores the same colour as gyms. WTF!!?? Photo is on the way..
  14. mud

    Kava advice

    Thanks guys. You make me blush LokStok. Any suggestions upon where best to purchase in N.Z?