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Found 11 results

  1. Hopefully trying to find something in the $15-20 range in healthy condition -- crest or branchy. Alternatively would enjoy seeing more photos of this funky looking plant.
  2. Started making more BAP mix lately to use on my plants. At and since the last Perth SAB meet I have picked up a few crest revert bits (TPM x N1, TPQC x TPM) Chatting to someone recently has said that using BAP on crests will only throw reverts and these pups will not crest again (also a thread on shroomery but there is only a handful of replies). What is your experience on that? I have hit a number of crests (whole and ones that have been cut for graft scions) with BAP, noted the # of areoles and which specimens. I will keep this thread updated BAP: 19/10/2018: (Peru x Juuls) x TPM - 4 areoles Sharxx Blue x TPM - 4 areoles TPC x Juuls (grafted scion) - 3 areoles TPC x Juuls (mother plant cut for scions) - 2 areoles (this specimen already has 3 columnar looking pups emerging from when I cut it to pieces) I have another TPC x Juuls which is columnar with 5 pups (also columnar so far). I am unsure whether to let them live on the mother plant or remove when suitable for numbers purposes. (BAP mix is 10,000ppm - 1% w/w)
  3. mysubtleascention

    Trichocereus Peruvianus "Clime"

    I've dicided to give this particular monstrose growing 'sharxx blue x tpm' hybrid a name, for I'm about to release some cloned cuttings and grafts soon ..There'll be other monstrose hybrids with same parentage and it's a way to distinguish, naming .. A great big THANK YOU to @nitrogen for the amzing personality he is and his visionary approach hybridizing these plants! So.. without further ado.. intoducing "Clime".. I'll add more photos as this plant developes further. It's very blue obviously, short spines, peruvian look.. when normal It's a keeper and It'll be very interesting to see pictures from outdoor plants . cheers B.
  4. Would love to swap but I don't have the most established collection, chopped up a big T.spach (I think) so happy to part with that. Otherwise I have Haworthia or cash haha. Thanks everyone.
  5. My boss found this cactus from a local dude, he was told that it tends to grow prostrate once it gets larger. I was a bit confused by the geometric nature of the growth but now believe I know what it is. Would like to hear y'alls opinions.
  6. have some cuttings for sale, $1cm + postage. Should be able to fit 2-3 into $13.40 satchel bridgesioid 23cm*********SOLD********* bridgesioid 21cm*********SOLD********* KK2152 peruvianus*********SOLD********* KK2152 peruvianus*********SOLD********* KK2152 peruvianus 12cm #1 KK2152 peruvianus 12cm #2
  7. Recent gardening efforts have prompted me to question what some of these trich sitting around in the yard actually are? I know a few names as far as sp. are concerned, but I'll admit I'm not the best with ID. Do these look like known var or are they just random hybrids? 1. labeled as peruvianus, the two either side were sold as "Psycho0" bridgesii 2. One of my favorites. 3. 4. 5. 6. Two more bridgesii who need repotting. 7. Pach who needs re-potting. 8. Pach who finally got some attention and was repotted 9. labeled as short spined peruvianus but I'm thinking something else. 10. Semi monstrose or just one to many slug battles, what do you think? 11. Edit: deleted my maybe ID's, look forward to hearing yours.
  8. I went to another local nursery today and was surprised by the amount freaks they sold, had a bunch of grafted crests and variegated columnars as well as some massive TBMs... I searched around online to try and find some answers but everything seems pretty confusing and people seem to mix A and B up. I was told A is the long type and B is the short multiple branching TBM, correct me if I'm wrong. My question is this, does a TBM 'obese' version exist or are they just selling very fat clone B pups as this? They were larger than any I have ever seen personally, small football sized almost.... I held off on picking one up since I was a bit suspicious and they were a bit pricey, I wish I had snagged a picture. Going back next week to see some larger cacti they get in Monday so I'll take some pictures then. I did happen to snag a nice sized TBM clone B for $5 that had 5 segments just because a couple of blemishes There were also 2 massive TBMs (clone A I think?) for $100 each that had between 3-5 large segments, I thought they were well worth it for the size but didn't have $ so I'll get a picture of those too and see what type everyone thinks they are.
  9. A quick question... May seem very cactus noob of me, but that is sort of exactly what I am so. Does the TBM or any other monstrose forming cactus flower? Or is that generally the issue, they are mutant thus lose sexual organs or become sterile. Like the Liger...
  10. So its well known that some bacteria, fungi, and viruses can induce fasciation and in lab settings these critters have been isolated, characterized, and tested on tissue cultures. What about real world 'in the field' exploitation of them, any successes? I'm curious because I believe I may have encountered such a pathogen This spring a radicchio went cristate, all growing into spirals and stuff. Then the two next to it did. Then I started seeing fasciated flowers on my zucchini bushes 20 feet away. Then it was fasciated styles in capsicum flowers. If some invisible little critter is doing this I want to harness it before it wanders off so I can use it, mainly on cacti if its compatible. Inventing practical methods of doing so without a microbiology laboratory is the interesting part. My current attempt is quite basic. I took a fan shaped flower-stem end from a strongly effected radicchio plant, sprinkled it with water and ground to a paste with a mortar and pestle, mixed that up in water and used it to soak Hylocereus undatus seeds, Flax seeds, and washed Tomato seeds straight from a tomato. For the first two, after several hours, I planted them just by pouring the juice and seed slurry into appropriate soil. The tomato seeds are an attempt to preserve it, I poured off the liquid and dried them. I'll be quite pleased if such a crude procedure works on even 1% of the treated seeds. What would be ways to improve the concept? Expose seeds and then rapidly increase tempt to give fungi and bacteria a better chance to get into the seeds? Expose already germinating seeds or small seedlings? Put a drop on a cactus baby and poke the tip with a fine pin? lol I've seen fasciating pathogens in trees a few times before, but never anything like this where it seems to jump from chicory family to cucurbits and possibly even solanum family.