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  1. I gotta go with bull on parade and just say "nah".
  2. I thought I'd post this (first post ever, here) as it is a home, after all, for plants. ;) Lives turned to cold arrogance the older they became while I stayed strong remembering what happens in the game - With every battle, love comes back just like it did before the flower girls are calling... and they need a voice once more You scoffed at thoughts of liberty at grave mistaken charge boasting of delusions and intolerance at large You see me with my head hung down but can't understand my shame- the flower girls are calling out... asking for me by name Tongues shaven into sharpened blades with anarchy pursued use hate to drown out any hope for lenient attitude. So I'm nothing in your eyes tonight as blindness will condemn- the flower girls are calling me... because I'm one of them. - I wrote that after some jerk called me a "tree huggin' hippie" and put down everything I said if it wasn't with a 100% republican view.
  3. rivada

    Facebook Whoring

    I don't do Facebook. Does anyone still have a Livejournal (online thought log) that they update? I'd love to connect with your blogs.
  4. rivada

    Recovering from FACEBOOK

    I think that the enjoyment of Facebook depends on your character type and what you make of the site. There are some people who are about what everyone is doing all the time, from the random to important. For me, that's Twitter - Facebook is something you have to ENGAGE in, which just takes too much time IMO. When my friends have something lengthy to say, they link outside to their blog from Twitter. Otherwise, the blurbs are all I need while I'm living my own life.
  5. rivada

    'Jackass' Star Ryan Dunn Dies In Car Crash

    I got defensive because his fans were clearly present in the thread and it didn't stop any hot air balloons from calling them killers. They even suggested guilt with their tone. What sort of people make a generalization that "drinking AND driving" goes hand in hand with being one of the Jackass crew? Drinking, yes. Driving, speeding, even - yes. But both? Maybe in a golf cart, in a controlled environment. There's a difference between a MTV Jackass and a dumbass. Unfortunately, it's a thin line. Maybe your way of life has a nice, thick line. No offense, but maybe they'd rather die than be you. I'm sure the disapproval is mutual.
  6. rivada

    Bin Laden dead?

    LOTS of negative remarks about the death of a cowardly killer. We were trying to stop a Muslim Extremist (not to be confused with Muslim) for years, and for a long time we could not do it. We were celebrating a mission accomplished. Uncle Sam grabbed America's hand and whispered something in her ear for the first time in a long while. That is why we cheered - not because "a human ceased to be alive".
  7. rivada

    'Jackass' Star Ryan Dunn Dies In Car Crash

    HAHA. Demolition Man. Sorry, I get my old "VHS rentals I will never buy on DVD" confused. I think you're right about the movie title. "media plus big business are responsible for many things." And if I don't like it, I can stick to mom and pop shops that only sell organic rice cakes. But that would suck, wouldn't it? And cost way too much. "it's interesting you used the word lie." Yeah, it's called a nutritional guide. I can haz one, even from McDonalds. Are you gonna show me the chicken farms where their nuggets come from, and how the little birdies are abused and molested before the big fry? That on top of the big business debate might need its own thread!
  8. rivada

    'Jackass' Star Ryan Dunn Dies In Car Crash

    I'm amazed by people blaming options, labeling them as wholly bad things, and then dismissing the user's conscious awareness as the most important deciding factor. Do they like restricting laws in Australia or something? McDonalds doesn't force feed anyone and that's a fact. They also don't lie about fat content. Pointing out that "if there was no fat gram, there'd be no fat, blame access to fatty food and shame on YOU for giving fast food joints any cash" is not a solution, in my opinion. It's more like that awful old movie Judge Dread where you had to go underground for a freakin' burger. McDonalds added salads because it couldn't afford not to care what other people think. And now it's even more popular. So what's your point? The over-eaters didn't win that case. Thank GOD for logic and reason. Picking that apart to prove that a supply of optional malnutrition is coming from McDonalds, Maccas or eating 50 Lean Pockets does nothing. And going "Hey, I do it too" in a forum where most people grow plants for stimuli (in every way), is baffling to me. The very fact that someone can conclude "if you had been watching a self-decided form of enjoyment that I have deemed superior then your little stuntman wouldn't have died" says more about you than it ever will about any other jackass dead or alive.
  9. rivada

    'Jackass' Star Ryan Dunn Dies In Car Crash

    "If You're Gonna Be Dumb, You Gotta Be Tough". Forgive me, I must be utterly stupid. I'm gonna ask for a little respect, even for boys who risk death for the wrong reasons. "Maccas HAS contributed greatly to obesity." Right, due to how OTHERS have used Maccas, but Maccas is not a murderer. And in the protester's reply it was said that the stuntman's fans were his killers. I don't care who goes on in essay length or how many cross-references they make. I have a right to be revolted by that accusation. Freedom has contributed to mistakes and bad decisions - doesn't make it a bad thing. We agree that the driver screwed up. All of this "making the JA production out to be what's wrong with society" is a pointless and offensive argument of opinion in a dead man's thread. I didn't have any part in Ryan's death - his lifestyle determined that, which was HIS CHOICE. Blame the model of the car, blame the size of the paychecks, blame the cameras, blame alcohol. I'm not gonna. Beer mugs have handles, not arms. No one pushes you over that line but you.
  10. "If they can remix Madonna, then why can't they remix the night?"-Jeff Noon

  11. Humans who believe in God will evolve, I believe, once they accept that evolution is a fact. Lots of things stand in the way between religion and truth. Too much, I am afraid, in this age.
  12. rivada

    Lucid Dreaming

    When I need to stay asleep I literally try to "forget" that I'm aware of the dream. I immediately look at something and focus on it, forcing more thoughts, more observation. I lose some of the lucid aspect but it works.
  13. rivada


    When I was hanging out in an inner city drag race scene I saw an automotive billboard: YOU WORK YOU RIDE. And I agree with that for the most part - that anyone, if they can get a job, can get a car. At least, in America. So when I see someone walking and they don't appear to be "stranded with a briefcase", I tend to judge them unfairly. If they aren't riding, they aren't working, and if they aren't working, etc etc etc not worth the risk.
  14. rivada

    Teo's Book List

    From a cyberpunk author is the fantasy Pollen, by Jeff Noon. People sneezing to death ;)
  15. rivada

    Post your track of the day

    Just a shout-out to Dolly Parton's Little Sparrow, and The Roots' "Rock & Roll" tracks.
  16. rivada

    Found out my dog has cancer

    I am so sorry. In my dreams, though I have moved out and on with life, my family dog is still my girl. I walk through dreams with Lacy. Even though I have a pug and boston terrier, now. You will love dog forever. And I am so sorry...that they can't stay with us as they were.
  17. rivada

    Flower Girls

    Wow, thanks everybody. I'm g33ked to have stumbled on this little pad.
  18. rivada

    'Jackass' Star Ryan Dunn Dies In Car Crash

    Saying that I contributed to the death of someone I've never met is just asinine, in my opinion. That's like blaming McDonalds for fatties, and blaming poppies for drug overdoses. Ryan had a responsibility as an adult, as we all do, to take care of himself and make good decisions. This "the fame made me do it" is bullshit. Fame didn't make him speed on the road, having had too much to drink - if you've ever seen jackass (which, apparently, you haven't) then you'd know that anything "life-threatening" is actually carefully calculated and executed with specifics. Even though the rate of impact is always pre-determined, getting hit in the groin is funny. Puking up a goldfish is one thing. I paid for that DVD.... Driving drunk, on a main road while speeding, is another. I didn't pay him for that. That was Ryan's bad, not his fans'. I suggest you learn what you're talking about before you claim the sort of antics that a Jackass viewer supports. Culture is always the responsibility of the individual and always will be. P.S. As far as the social science goes, I think that a bad-ass man in a pink sweater and roller skates, dancing in a bull pen, is sexy. Because I understand that it is the spirit of a broken man who broke through something a long time ago and probably cried his eyes out to find that there was nothing on the other side. I admire them for finding an alternative way to live - so long as they are living.
  19. rivada

    'Jackass' Star Ryan Dunn Dies In Car Crash

    This story had me so sad. I love the JA crew. Something about how a person can have access to endless money, drugs, excess, etc - and then how they chose to use it, interests me. I think the JA crew are addicted to the adrenaline rush, that over-driving need to feel more "alive" than the typical person. Johnny Knoxville wrote a little something for his brother, here: http://www.dickhouse.tv/dickhouse/2011/06/from-knoxville-with-love.html really moved me.
  20. rivada

    Just got bitten...by a bat

    Ugh, have always heard that rabies vacc sucks. Here in MI, USA, most of the (reported) tested bats in bat bites come back positive for rabies!!!
  21. rivada

    Wattle We Ban Next?

    Sometimes I still can't believe we're hacking and slashing adults' availability to plants. I'm in the U.S. and was absolutely crushed when they banned ephedra. It was the only thing that really gave me energy by helping me to breathe easier.