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    Earthcore 2007 VIC

    I'll be heading down with a small crew and would be happy to meet other plant ppl there. I've been going to EC for the last few years and while it's very true that it's nothing like the smaller and less commercial doofs, it's still possible to have a great time there. This year it seems they are trying to make it more doof-like - no hard dance floor should mean no munted candy ravers causing ugly scenes, less of the big name commercial acts, limited tickets etc. Some good names on the line up this year too: electric universe, space tribe, sesto sento, lish, SUN project, x_noize etc.
  2. ayjay101

    20kg mushroom found

    Awesome! The spore print would have made an interesting piece of art!
  3. ayjay101

    subs for your eyes????

    yea, agreed. I loved your story about reading the fine print on your glasses and then remembering that you shouldn't be able to do that, and instantly not being able to. Would have been a shocking couple of minutes!
  4. ayjay101

    subs for your eyes????

    Trollinator, I don't think the difference is big at all. I would suggest that the increase in visual acuity phenomena IS temporary correction of a myopic/hyperopic 'defect'. The fact that it affects some people to a greater degree and for longer periods afterwards would be a product of personal brain chemistry and other factors. At the very least I would think the two are related. Or are you suggesting they are different phenomena altogether? Interesting.....
  5. ayjay101

    advice needed

    LOL Hahahaha! I'd be shocked too if my my car stalled so close to home!
  6. Thanks very much for posting these. I tried one of the BWG focusing programs last night and it seemed to have some kind of effect - not mind blowing visuals or anything like that but a kind of awakened alertness, similar to meditation or the clear mental state achieved through regular exercise (which I'm not getting at the moment - weather to shitty to ride to work). I played it at work at around 5pm and within half an hour I had a sharp pain in the front of my head, as if I were about to get a full-blown headache. This subsided in a few mins and I then felt more switched on than normal, for the rest of the night. I felt refreshed and happy as a consequence - I was able to go home and focus on my computer music progs and other stuff till midnight more easily than usual. I'll be giving them further tests over the next week or so, and will report back here afterwards.
  7. ayjay101

    subs for your eyes????

    I believe this is a pretty well known phenomena. Terrence McKenna often rapped about the 'increase in visual acuity' for even small doses of psilocybin in the human diet. He even used this as a major part of his thesis that psychedelics accelerated human evolution (check out Food of the Gods), where the hunter-gatherers who included psilo in their diets had a distinct hunting advantage over those that didn't. He also mentions medical research which supports the theory. Interestingly, the phenomena is detectable at doses far below the psychedelic threshold, and hence psilo may be used in such a medicinal manner deliberately.
  8. ayjay101

    VIC Camping trip

    I ended up arriving at dusk on the Saturday - I didn't expect the journey to take over 5 hours - but it was well worth it. Even the car journey had me buzzing - I caught the ferry across from Portsea to Queenscliff which was cool. Driving alone through the forest with the tunes pumping as the light faded was a nice experience too. Great to meet you Ed, I was happy enough just shooting the breeze with you, save for the fun when Conan and co rocked up. The walk amongst the red gums was awesome!! All up I had a great weekend and am keen to get along to any others that may eventuate. Cheers roll on Dennis McKenna!!
  9. ayjay101

    Thought you would never become that guy

    Wow, I'm really excited to read all of this as it re-iterates my own thoughts of the last year or so. I'm discovering that life is transcendence. In the past I have said never to a lot of the things that define me today. Eg: drugs, electronic music, marriage, owning a home, kids, working life, social/political views, religion and so on. Yet these things have twisted around in ways that I could never have anticipated. The great thing is, as I move on from one thing to the next, I don't lose what I was previously, but just gain the new experiences the that changes bring. I can appreciate and empathise a wider mix of other's opinions because of this. I have learned to never say never again and am also reaching the point where I have NO POINT OF VIEW on anything. I observe ppl around me holding on to beliefs so strongly, yet I see how that view can change so easily based on experience. These beliefs are usually inherited or regurgitated form elsewhere. Psychedelics really beat down any degree of certainty you may have about the universe to the point you realise that it's foolish to claim that you know something for sure. All we have to go on is what we have mentally created for ourselves, which may or may not be true or even relevant tomorrow! All is fluid. To quote Terrence: 'Everything changes. Nothing lasts, but nothing is lost.' The sad thing is that as I get older I find I'm having less and less to say, which makes me somewhat of a mute bore.
  10. ayjay101

    VIC Camping trip

    I'm still keen, and am still planning to drive from Chelsea on the Sat morning if anyone wants a lift.... Also to those that are coming along, I was thinking of bringing along my psychedelic book collection, if anyone is interested in swaps or borrows. I have: - the whole McKenna collection - a cpl of Leary's (High priest, Your brain is God) - Stamets (Psilocybin Mushrooms of the World) - a few drug reference books (Buzzed, Food of the Gods, etc) - Pinchbeck (Breaking open the head -but just given away) - John C Lilly (centre of the cyclone) - Hoffman (Insight Outlook) - Ginsberg, Burroughs (The Yage letters) - Shroom -The mystic Mandrake -Trips and many others. Anyone interested???
  11. ayjay101


    Haha! Nice area, spent some time there and in Olinda. Great place for a quick weekened out of the city. Some old friends of mine were recently married in the Sherbrooke forest. Not sure what it's normally like in terms of active species but there were plenty of others all around the place. Seems like the right environment though.
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    Went to Sherbrooke over the weekend for a dark, wet bushwalk. Took some pics of the fungal variety to mark the occasion: It was cold and wet.
  13. ayjay101

    Couple of cultivated shroom pics

  14. ayjay101

    VIC Camping trip

    Cool, no worries. My thinking with a pub night beforehand was that it would be a chance to organise lifts and sharing of food, gear etc. The idea was grossly unpopular and might as well just be done here instead, so: 1. Please count me in 2. I will prolly be leaving early on the Saturday morning from Chelsea in a mostly empty station wagon, so PM if you and your gear need a ride. I will aim to come home on the Sunday arvo.
  15. ayjay101


    A couple of years ago a mate had find of these fellas, about the quantity you have there. He heated them in the oven a couple of times to achieve said convsersion and later consumed them in a soup made with some water, stock and vegies. He found the taste unpleasant, but not as bad as he found the psilocybe taste. The effects were non-existant. Eventually he gave up and went out for a late night Chinese dinner with the missus. That night in bed he had incredibly bizzarre and vivd dreams - something about his brother and him piloting a jumbo jet which was towing a series of skyscrapers across the sky! He said he slept really deeply and soundly but I awoke very early and feeling NQR. For the next few days he felt ill and had severe diahorrea, which sparked off awful paranoia that he might have done something nasty to my liver. He soon recovered and the paranoia subsided with it. Since then he has steered clear of them, depsite making many exciting finds here and there. They are indeed a sight to behold and have a very interesting historical relationship with humans. Recent reading has led me to believe that where they have a strong history of shamanic usage (predominantly European), they have a distinctly different chemical make up than the same species growing in other parts of the world, and hence a vastly different psychoactive effect from place to place.
  16. ayjay101

    Warrioe-Sage info

    *sniff* *sniff* so sentimental WS let me be the second to say.... hehe!!...just a s k n ......
  17. ayjay101

    VIC Camping trip

    I'm very keen to come along too, but would prefer to meet some of you beforehand as I'm pretty sure I don't know anyone on this site by sight. Would anyone be interested in a meet-and-greet drinks-at-the-pub style thingo sometime in the next few weeks (in Melbourne)? Please PM me if interested and if there are enough numbers I will post the details up here.... Cheers!
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    Two questions yet again

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  20. Thought all you cactus heads might get a kick out of this. I ride past this awesome sight everyday and had to share it.....
  21. ayjay101

    Cubensis Strains in Aus

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