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  1. bogfrog

    Can someone plz id this bright cactus

    i have one on its own roots which is still a nice red, nothing fluro, i thought i should graft it but its put out flower buds so that shud mean its quite happy shouldnt it?
  2. hey we just brought this cool as crest recently, it looks kinda trichy but who know it really could be anything. i know it might be a long shot but has anyone seen one like this before and might know what it could be? take a guess? http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/?saved=1
  3. bogfrog

    is anyone good at identifying crests?

    hmm. areole grafting would certainly b a gud skill to have but the sort of this i guess you would need to be shown by someone who can do it succesfully, i have a mate who has a dream to aereole graft spirals of lophs round a pedro. which would look too awesome. stairway to heaven haha.
  4. bogfrog

    My collection 2009 - 2012 (updated)

    i love your azureocereus hertlingianus ( super spikey blue guy in the corner behind the red pot in the very first picture ) they are so beautiful. i was gutted i missed an 80cm one on trademe, went for $1.50!! funny how some cacti seem to be worth less once they are at the difficult to handle stage. great start to a collection, the bug has certainly bitten your ass!
  5. bogfrog

    indoor trichocereus?

    haaa haaa haaaaa!
  6. bogfrog

    is anyone good at identifying crests?

    about 3 quarters of them are my boyfriends but i am proud of them too haha
  7. bogfrog

    indoor trichocereus?

    haha oh dear that would have been fun ;) the problem is you never quite notice how bad its getting till the time comes. cacti collecting has made me want to put some roots down somewhere and never flat again (aged 19 lol)
  8. bogfrog

    indoor trichocereus?

    keep them at your parents house if they will let you, we got too excited with cacti collecting while living in a flat.. moving house was a BITCH
  9. bogfrog

    is anyone good at identifying crests?

    i tried google image and it really only came up with san p crests. areole grafting is a bit beyond my skills at the moment haha i think there are a couple little pieces that look like they are reverting to normal growth. jealous of nz? hah! u should c our "summers" ( 1 day rain. 1 day sun. 2 days rain. half a days sun. etc etc) thanks for your suggestions tho
  10. bogfrog

    Grafting freek

    holy shiznit you really are a grafting freak, good shit! i am most jealous of your aztekiums, pelecyphora and ariocarpus from the german nursery, do you happen to know if pelecyphora take well to grafting, we have one that might be on the choping block one day. i am very impressed. 10 points.
  11. bogfrog

    Monstrose Trichocereus peruvianus offsets

    fucking fantastic. i havent ever seen montrose peruvianus pics before
  12. bogfrog

    All recently transplanted

    the lopsided double header looks t. spachianus to me
  13. bogfrog

    How old would this be?

    oh yeah definately worth going for a wander! i'd say the cereus would be 80-100 too its got some major density
  14. bogfrog

    Trichocerei from nursary ID

    the ball shaped one cud be a baby tershikii. but maybe not it has huge spikes for a babe. we get some random trich seedlings at the warehouse, will be nice to id them oneday as there are a couple types.
  15. bogfrog

    Cactus ID

    botanical gardens dont really seem to look after there cacti in nz ae, the dunedin one is a shocka they havent seen a drip of water in donkeys ears, i feel obliged to water my favourites whenever i visit the glasshouse. poor guys. and that really yellow one that someone said might be a really undernourished macro - my boyfriend has one just like that - same yellow stunted lookingness, i will post a pic of it growing healthy if it ever starts to. kea
  16. bogfrog

    jacks trade

  17. bogfrog

    loph flower & fruit

    you didnt get scammed bro, single headed lophs are waaay cooler than caesapitose, imagine it in 20 years if it is still a single head.
  18. bogfrog

    Bush bridge

    what an adventurous cactus
  19. bogfrog


    fucking awesome.
  20. hey does any one have an excess of trich seedlings in nz and would be keen to sell some, im interested in bridgesii peruvianus or any variants macrogonus werdermannius any hybrids or other cool types. i have a few things for possible trade too. plz get in touch kea
  21. bogfrog

    i want to buy some trich seedlings! (NZ)

    that would be lovely
  22. hi i might be somewhat outa luck since this seems to be predominantly aussies but if anyone in nz is keen to do some sort of trading, i would be too. i have quite a few different trichos and some rooted morning glory cuttings, also some random crazy succulents and other odd wee buggers. few types of seeds too. get in touch if u r interested kea
  23. bogfrog

    any one in nz keen for cacti/seed trades?

    let me rephrase, could me and my partner possibly buy a bunch of seedlings off you?
  24. bogfrog

    our cacti

    hello, i have just put some pictures of our plants on http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/with/5200220818/ there are a few which i'm not sure of. any help with id-ing would be appreciated kea
  25. bogfrog

    our cacti

    ooh yeah its just too good having a courier knowck on your door in the morning with PRESENTS! and then the mornings when you dont get anything become like awwwwwww i have brought a few caudis and had about 4 of them die i'm not sure why they just seemed to turn to mush in the middle, i'm guessing too cold or too wet. i read recently that bushmen in areas where they grow wild chop up caudis and cook them like potatoes. cant imagine they'd be too yummy