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    First American marijuana brand

    It is inevitable that we will see it become commercialized and as a result, safety concerns will be secondary for at least some, and probably the majority of the companies. Whether any regulation can be mustered to control cannabis - is an interesting prospect. I don't imagine the existing cannabis industry (largely illegal operations) will move into the legal market as quickly as the legal market will grow from new entrants - just a hunch, no evidence. If that's the case, then the new cannabis industry is entirely at the whim of lobby groups (i.e. existing corporate interests, due to the new entrant's low mass). The alcohol and tobacco industries will see fit to distance themselves from cannabis and to even elevate themselves if they can (through advertising). I think they will of course enter the market, but not through things like 'Marlboro greens - green out bro!', but rather alternative brands, that are separated in some way so that the average consumer would not know they're related (the same way that Unilever doesn't want you to know that 30% of brands for sale in a given supermarket are them). I can see the cannabis industry being heavily regulated from lobby group pressure - if the corporates want to maintain status quo or buy time, then they will go this route - but I think that they know that there's huge amounts of money to be made and this approach will require them to work together (as they do). I wonder if the Dutch situation is anything to go by - there the rates of cannabis smoking are very low, as it is associated with old, or weird people - it's not "cool". I'm guessing that advertising will fix this - they will make it cool, fun, funny and hip. Thus the numbers will stay high, and probably go higher due to the American way of advertising and believing said advertising. Lastly, how will the angle of pain-relief be broached? Will the cannabis industry go head to head with pharmaceutical pain relief? I suspect the FDA will not allow any claims to be made, and will keep cannabis relegated to recreational substance. Pharma will eventually crack a somewhat effective cannabis medicine, and its price will be extremely high. Very likely it'll be modified cannabidiols (CBDs) in future, or maybe they'll settle for a small number of natural cannabinoids - and then they're free and away to make obscene profits, and to justify it too. Just making guesses =)
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    Happy Birthday jwerta!

    Happy Birthday jwerta man ! I hope you have a fantastic year ahead
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    voynich text not a hoax: study

    They've done this type of analysis before, but alas - it's not conclusive. All it shows is that it's not randomly selected, but a pattern was followed to create it. The title 'not a hoax' is completely misleading - 'not a shitty hoax' would be more accurate.
  4. Twas a while ago - but I phoned an 0800 number on the bottom of my favourite pots, and was thrust into National Treasure 3 reached a plastics company, and ordered 300 spartans pots.
  5. I think he means that it's actually grown crooked (kind of like when you lay a cutting sideways, and it starts growing at 90 degrees straight-up).
  6. Maybe, but then can't he negative feedback you? The bend is not an issue at all. You can always take a cutting later from straight growth and then you'll have a straight plant. As long as the plant is healthy that's what matters.
  7. Bahaha! Thanks for the coffee beans tip. I did notice my nose did become desensitized very quickly.
  8. Where does 5/24 come from? This is what I got for that option: Case 5 free seats (1 other sitting) : 4/5 chance she will select an empty table. Guy then has 1/4 chance of sitting across from her. P = (4/5)*(1/4) = 4/20
  9. http://monsantoblog.com/2013/06/13/something-smells-and-its-not-the-pigs/ Monsanto's viewpoint on the matter. Such a shame that everyone seems to think that ignoring bias is for the greater good (both sides).
  10. CβL

    Hot House Nightmare

    I see no reason why they won't be able to become green again later on. But for now, they need to be in recovery mode. Maybe some seasol would help them recover. I would definitely use some shade-cloth, and keep a finger on the temps inside (keep them down to inhibit fungal growth).
  11. I've not played around with scents at all before really. I accidentally dabbed some honeysuckle on my nose (touched the rim of the bottle) and smelled and tasted it for 20 minutes or so. I'll try do it more methodically next time. I decided I'm also going to incorporate some vanilla into the scent as well. Finding the correct bottles and a high purity ethanol is proving more difficult than I thought (I'd prefer not to use vodka, as I'm sure the fusel alcohols are not good for longevity). I was also a bit disheartened when I read the shelf life of the essential oils isn't as long as I thought (it's about 2 years before they begin to noticeably change apparently, for the lighter ones). I guess I'll have to wear cologne every day then, haha. Onwards.
  12. Well I received my essential oils today. Elemi oil smells absolutely amazing (can't get enough of it) - reminds me of a fruit candy type smell, but none in particular. Frankincense (bit musky) and Rosewood both are growing on me, they're a bit woody smelling (rosewood is a bit lemony, very fresh smell). Cinnamon bark oil smells quite different to cinnamon bark at once (almost a bit like a scotch, but not), but becomes the familiar scent quickly as the strong notes fade. Ylang ylang is absolutely foul - it's not going into the cologne - smells a bit like blue cheese. Honeysuckle fragrance oil is sickly smelling - I think it smells like a cheap Glade toilet freshener - it's not going in. About the same for the Neroli fragrance oil. I have some mild eucalyptus/mint oil that I will put into the mix, as I just love the smell of mint. (bold = going to the next stage almost certainly) The next stage is to get the cologne spray bottles ready, as I want to make a first batch, and test it out. Hopefully before Saturday whence I can test it out on a certain lady. ;)
  13. http://www.citizenhearing.org/ <- Looking for donations. First red flag. But still, pretty big claims there (ones reputation would be shot to bits doing so). Would love to know where that hearing actually took place - if it was just a UFO conference then it's obviously a lot less impressive.
  14. Exactly what I wanted to hear Thanks for the saves
  15. To me entheogens are catalysts (using the chemistry definition - actually look if up if you can't recite the definition, watch some YT videos to get a feel for how they work). There is nothing they bring that can't be achieved through some combination of questions, contemplation, time, experiences, ideas and peace and chaos. But as any chemist knows, there are certain reactions that take forever without the catalyst, or don't even proceed at all under some conditions (e.g. if your life is very busy, and you have a stressful life, that might be a condition in which the reaction is not favourable to begin). To bring about the changes that entheogens can help catalyze, one might need to spend years of time dedicated solely to self-improvement (monks for example). While these changes and thoughts can be had in a few sessions of entheogeny where one integrates new knowledge and has a strong mindset that is continually developed and practices in normal life too. I feel that they are a strong tool - just as we could do some things without tools, using tools saves a lot of time and effort, and the results are more or less the same. I should add that they are still extremely precious to me, even though I've just analytically described them.
  16. It would be interesting to see if cannabis essential oils are stronger than other essential oils touted for relaxation. My hunch says yes - but it would be extremely hard to test this accurately (confirmation bias and placebo effect are very strong modifiers when effects are mild). I've got a bottle of tea-tree essential oil I decided I'd use for the mix too. Now does anyone know if this essential oil is used in any medicinal products? I don't want to smell like I've rubbed medicine on myself. Like obviously Vicks smells of menthol - so menthol is mostly a no-no for cologne.
  17. I try and frame these problems graphically. I've managed the equation (AB)/(2*sqrt[A^2 + B^2]) = K This is a 3D surface, with independent variables A and B, and dependent is K. I need to prove that at every grid-point (i.e. integers) that K is not an odd integer. Wameron's answer is interesting (and uses a similar approach to many successful number theory proofs) - I'll think more about it.
  18. I remember reading about the solid perfume idea ages ago - I'll give it a go once I get the hang of blending scents. Well the oils I'll be getting should last fairly long time (they only need to make 3-4 lots of cologne to break even) - so I might try it at a later date. I would try the massage oil, but unfortunately I only have myself to massage at this stage (and it's just a bit creepy to make a massage oil to massage yourself isn't it? ). At the moment I'm using mostly essential oils, which are produced via steam distillation. This ensures that the oils are volatile and will actually waft around. You can get oils using cold pressing, and tinctures - but they're often full of waxes and stuff that you don't want in perfume (as they clog up the sprayer, and can oxidize and do other stuff). Making essential oils is not hard. You need a steam distiller, which you basically fill with macerated (= munched up) plant material, and then you raise the temperature to the right amount to the steam, and the steam carries off essential oil components. This allows you to somewhat tailor the components of the distillate. You can for example sit your distiller at twenty or so degrees below your desired isolate for a couple of hours, which removes all the low-boiling-point things which you can then move out of the condensor, and then you raise it to a couple of degrees above what your isolate requires to vaporize, and then you get most of your isolate out, and then you raise it again to get the next fraction. That's more or less how they make petrol from crude oil too. Why would you want to get cannabis scent? I'm legitimately curious. Do you want to get your vehicle searched every time you meet a coppa? That 'entfleurage' sounds interesting too. It would be cool to get some unique scents that way. Apparently my oils shipped today, so if I can source pure ethanol, then I'll start making it ASAP. I wonder if it's possible to just use isopropyl alcohol - it would be easy to get pure, and I don't need much at all.
  19. Suppose I construct a right angled triangle so that both sides and the hypotenuse are perfect integers (normal integer or perfect number?). Prove that the area of the triangle is not an odd product (odd product means the hypotenuse multiplied by an odd integer?) of the longest side.
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    The Random Thread.

    What, I, what is, this is trippy, even is this thing
  21. If you manage to get some Trichocereus essential oil - you'll have a first customer. ;) Visit zelly and get a bucket of flowers or something.
  22. Woah woah, I'm not into it enough to need victims yet. But that movie looks kinda cool.
  23. It's also not just age, but growing conditions. I find that with Peruvianus/Macrogonus plants they usually grow a second long central spine (or two) out of each areole the next growing season (could be around the 2-3 year mark to first start seeing these). There are other factors again, such as Scopulicola seedlings apparently have spines, but as the plant ages it will stop growing the spines. I believe this is the case with some Pachanoi plants too.
  24. Heh! I never learned how to use matlab for that. Now if you're correct in saying that Q3 is the mode, then is it even possible to calculate this analytically without programming techniques?
  25. How did you do the simulations? I wouldn't really know how to do one so quickly.