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  1. Yeah, nicely put together. I got out of the jungle scene when the music started shifting towards DnB cos I found the beats too long winded and the atmosphere too unfriendly. It took me a long time to appreciate the newer style and it's never quite clicked with me, but I did enjoy your track for the most part. There is a section towards the end with a really nice 1/16 note synth line... I would have loved to hear that earlier in the track and then had it revisited at the end. I tend to find that my brain likes hearing things a second time, especially if I'm high and dancing my ass off. Things can get as dark and nasty as they want but to be able to latch onto a familiar sound can bring you back from the edge of the abyss. I did like the juxtaposition of the tinkly bell type synth against the darkness of the rest of the track. Interesting atmospherics... really implied another realm. Drums were well programmed.... not so sure about the X-Files sample. But fuck I loved that bit at 3:46.
  2. Rabaelthazar

    samosa dough

    I was pretty sure there was besan flour in samosas, but googling it now doesn't seem to suggest that there is. Just thinking about the taste though, I'm sure there's besan in there. Maybe it's not traditional, but what I think of as samosa has something like that. Now I am confused. . . . <edit> Meeka, that site seems to be super westernised. Suggests either puff pastry or filo pastry. Filo?!? Hang on, now I'm thinking about those hors d'oeuvres that purport themselves to be samosas, but when you dip them in the "sweet chilli"??? sauce and take a bite you realise that they were never samosas ... just filo pastry with some flavourless yellow oily curry inside. They usually come on a plate with rubbery spring rolls.
  3. Oh, and one more thing.... if the meditation doesn't end up working out - there's a diverse range of fungus in some of the nearby pine forrests. One way or another you'll reach a transcendental state.
  4. 7Baz, if it is the Thai Buddhist philosophy/meditation you're interested in, I'd recommend take a day down at this place in Warburton. The head monk is Australian, but spent a very long time practicing in Thailand. He is well respected by the Thai community here. You can head up for a day on any weekend, bring a plate of food. A whole bunch of Thai and Indian people will also bring a plate of food, you offer the food to the monks and whatever is left over you eat with the other visitors. Then you go up and listen/talk to the head monk. He normally speaks Thai, but will speak English if there is a large proportion of Indian or Australian visitors. It's not like being preached to by a priest... it's more like an open conversation. You might enjoy it and, if not, at least you'll get an awesome feed of home cooked Asian food. Yummo. The temple holds regular retreats and meditation sessions, so might appeal and will be far more convenient and far less expensive than travelling to Thailand. If, on the other hand, you're more interested in just getting out of the country, then don't faff about - get on a plane.
  5. Rabaelthazar

    The Dr is IN

    So that's why you've been so feisty lately, Meeka.
  6. Rabaelthazar

    any classical enthusiasts?

    ^^^ Different John Williams from the film composer, but also awesome. I pull out some John Williams (guitarist) if I really need to chill out. Another thing I do dig a lot is Jazz interpretations of classical music. Our own Joe Chindamo recently released an album of Chopin interpretations that are amazing. Milt Jackson's Modern Jazz Quartet did an album of Bach interpretations and baroque inspired originals. Jacques Loussier is probably the most well known artist who has done this sort of thing. Um... here's a vid. ...and one more (audio only) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7_fCWCixDk&feature=related
  7. Rabaelthazar

    trespassing on victrack property

    You'll get a fine, Frank. Their spiel about submitting info to a higher authority is just a way of avoiding having you protest a fine. I think Metcops are disgusting (the roles, not necessarily the individuals). I've seen some atrocious behaviour by them on public transport - far worse than the behaviour of the "perpetrators" they are harassing. That the security officers of a private company can be given the powers that have been bestowed upon Metcops is a sad reflection of current society.
  8. Rabaelthazar

    The Dr is IN

    Dear Doc, I have waited until the end of today before posting again, to give you the benefit of the doubt and an opportunity to respond to my situation. I feel a little sorry for you cos you've received quite a few snide remarks in this thread (some of them from me) but, really, you set yourself right up for it. You've come into an established forum touting your amazing new philosophy and inviting people here to discuss it with you. You've failed miserably in contributing anything of worth to the conversation you started and now you seem to have abandoned your thread. Not only that, but within two days of becoming a member you have earned yourself the nickname "Dr Sham" (which I kinda like... if you stick around, please consider changing your display name so we can all look back from the future and have a giggle). Your first post here (in another thread) was borderline self-incriminating and I do hope that your delusions of grandeur are just a result of the DMT you've recently tried and have been amazed by and not a result of an underlying mental imbalance. Either way, I do hope you find your way back to the ground without hurting yourself too much while up above the rest of the inhabitants of the planet. Anyway, Doc, best of luck. . . . . just while we're on the topic of delusions of grandeur, here's a guy from Qld going all the way. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWnSoGSgq98&feature=related
  9. Rabaelthazar

    The Dr is IN

    Haven't heard anything new so far. I'm not writing you off just yet, but seriously.... you have the solution to all life's problems and your advice to Thelema in regards to alcohol abuse is "Stop drinking"? I'm still keen to hear your take on my situation, but from what I've read so far I'm not convinced that you'll have anything interesting to say.
  10. Rabaelthazar

    The Dr is IN

    Personally, doc, I'd rather have you offer a little overview of your philosophy so we can discuss it from there. As it stands, you've come to the forums and made 5 posts (4 of which are in this thread and the other which was resurrecting an oldish thread) and told us you have a theory which will cure all human problems (I might be misquoting you there) without actually giving us any info about it. If we must play this game, then here's my situation: When I start to fall asleep, I often have visions of an erotic nature. That's fine when I'm in bed, as I can fondle myself as I fall to sleep without any problems. The issue comes when I'm in work meetings that involve powerpoint presentations as I tend to nod off due to the utterly boring nature of listening to somebody talk over a slide show. When I nod off, I often get the erotic visions and start to harden up. Knowing I can't fondle myself, I snap to attention but then spend the whole of the rest of the meeting day dreaming about kissing vaginas. I remain somewhat hard and don't take in any of the work information I'm supposed to. Now... share a couple of key points from your theory, please.
  11. Rabaelthazar

    i should be able to plus one my own posts

    Or straight to degenerated threads.
  12. Rabaelthazar

    i should be able to plus one my own posts

    Seems a bit harsh to get two negatizes for that. I'd even it up with a +1, but I'd rather sit it out and see how many negs you get.
  13. Rabaelthazar

    would anyone translate a little hebrew?

    I think Indiana Jones is definitely at the centre of all this.
  14. Rabaelthazar

    would anyone translate a little hebrew?

  15. Rabaelthazar

    would anyone translate a little hebrew?

    A lot of cultural traditions seem moronic when looked at with reason and logic, but those traditions mean something to the people who perform them. My wife is Thai, and we have a statue of a lady who sits in a bowl of water looking over our front door from a shelf about seven feet off the ground. We have to make sure that her water is refreshed regularly and we put some fruit up there for a day or two before we eat it for the statue to enjoy. My wife went away once for four weeks and I forgot to do anything for the statue because in my mind it's just a statue, but my wife was quite upset when she got back and found the water had all evaporated out of the bowl. My wife actually places quite a lot of emphasis on reason in most other areas of her life, so it's kind of odd that she places so much in a ritual, but that's her thing and I accept that. I wouldn't be surprised if this thing of yours turned out to be someone's ritual. They might come back, find the paper gone and think that god has taken it.
  16. Rabaelthazar

    would anyone translate a little hebrew?

    Probably someone's prayer tucked into a tree. ... and you've gone and nicked it.
  17. Rabaelthazar

    would anyone translate a little hebrew?

    YHVH would be Jehova, no?
  18. Rabaelthazar

    Back in oz and looking for seeds!

    Welcome back, Sethomopod. PM'd
  19. Rabaelthazar

    Free Energy

    Actually, in the first clip (or at least another one about the same engine) it states that they need to give it a jump start from a regular electric current but that it will run off that jump start for a very long time outputting more energy than was required to jump start it. I don't know whether the first clip is about a machine that is possible or not, but just had point out that I think you've missed a crucial point in regard to that machine. <edit - just went and re-watched. In the introduction it states "using magnets and a battery". <edit>
  20. Rabaelthazar

    So I make these bubbles...

    That looks so awesome when they pop. The clip on the beach showed it best, I think. Before they pop, they're like giant rainbow slugs crawling through the air. Again, awesome.
  21. Rabaelthazar

    any classical enthusiasts?

    Qualia, that piano in the vid you posted is quite possibly Yamaha's most hideous design. I've spent a fair bit of time with it up close and, while it's interesting you gotta ask the question, "What on earth were they thinking?" There are some far out designs out there, some of them quite beautiful like this, some of them super imposing like thisand some of them just plain weird like this one. Anyway.... I digress. In response to the Bogfrog's OP, I agree that getting some good recordings is a great thing to do. Don't buy ten dollar bargain bin "Best of Classical" CDs - they will end up at the bottom of your CD collection after a while, never to be played again. As someone mentioned above, get recommendations (either online or from someone you trust in a shop) and buy recordings of really good quality performances. The other thing to do is head out and actually listen to some live performance. There's plenty of good, free live classical music all around Australia. There's nothing like being in the room with the musicians as they play and watching how they bring such amazing sounds out of inanimate objects. In terms of style, you'll find out what you like and don't like. As with any genre, each period of classical music has some amazing work and some absolute bog. I think the further back you go, the greater the ratio of good to bog is (and please, bogfrog, no offence by my use of the word bog... ah, maybe I should have used a different word. I could always backspace, but...) possibly for the reasons that the best has survived while the crap (ah, there's the word I was after) has been forgotten and left to rot in the depths of time. Maybe in 300 years the same will be able to be said about music of today. Time will filter out all the Justin Bieber and leave our future descendants with the cream. Also, 300 years ago not everyone could play music. Only the best prodigies would be patronised and be given a thorough musical education creating great composers whereas now everyone has garage band and even the greats of today probably only do formal study for a few years. If you took a musically gifted child today and gave them a full time musical education from the time they were four until the time they were 18 you might create another genius equal to somebody like Bach. <end grumpy old man mode>
  22. Rabaelthazar

    occupy wall st

  23. Rabaelthazar

    Erich von Däniken & Ancient Astronauts

    This sentence just made my night.
  24. Rabaelthazar

    Spring is erotic

    Jeez, is it just me or do other people get incredibly horny at this time of year? Every year without fail, once spring has really sprung and the flowers are in bloom I'm thinking about sex all the time. Is it just our natural mating season? Anyone else feeling the urge to spread their seed? What about the ladies here? What are your takes on it? . . . (I'd better clarify that I'm not trying to use the Corroboree as a hook up site - just curious)
  25. Rabaelthazar

    A walk through my garden.

    Yeah, the fractal broccoli is what I'm talking about. Assumed it was an earlier snap of the cauliflower which elevated its status enormously in my books. Sorry, cauliflower... you're back at slightly boring level now.