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    Life between Lives

    Thanks Interbeing, I'll check out Destiny of Souls. Thanks Hamma too, I guess.... that was a pretty full on reply. I try to not take things quite so seriously, but I dig what you're saying. Something that I've learnt is that there's only one thing I know for sure... and that's that I don't know shit! I do, however, enjoy pondering various possible truths. Do we reincarnate? Do we just end up rotting in a hole in the ground? Am I an alien playing a super-realistic virtual reality video game and, if so..... why did I choose this character??? I could have been a dwarven warrior goddamnit!!
  2. Rabaelthazar

    Introducing Myself

    Thanks Spacemonk, LSDreamz, Blowng and Quilliam, I'll keep an eye for the smart-arses.
  3. Rabaelthazar

    Introducing Myself

    Hi all, I've been hanging around the forums a while and before I start commenting on other posts, I wanted to formally introduce myself. I've just started a little indoor garden, a few south american plants, a few cacti, a few good old fashioned cooking herbs. I consider myself well schooled (in both theory and practice) in terms of shamanistic relationships with plants, however, I am a Noob in terms of actually growing them... I've gathered some good propagating info from these forums, so thank you to everyone for their knowledge. The forums I'll most often frequent are the mycology forum, the cacti forum and the Ethnobotany forum. I have a deep respect for plants (and fungi) and the relationship we humans have with them, from fruit and vegetables, to medicinal plants to entheogenic beauties. I've got a young family and I don't partake very often these days, but these plants will always be important in my life. I'm looking forward to getting my garden established and I'm sure I'll be asking advice along the way. Anyhoo, see you all around the place. Thanks again. Rabaelthazar
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    I love the eco-friendliness of this, but I do wonder what the mycelium thinks of it all. ???
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    Introducing Myself

    Thanks GingaNinja, Gerbil, Mr Me, Evil Genius and Mac for the warm welcome.