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    psychedelic woodcraft

    i made some candelabras! the boab tree on the right is made out of red cedar. the goddes is made out of camphor. the dodecaeder is made up out of pentagon shapes which are bevelled with the right angle to allowe for a nice fit... inside is a cube, inside the cube is a shere....
  2. hi! I went for a long walk today, and spotted this tree, to my great delight, which is said to have been used, by the aboriginal people, as a sedative! I am looking forward, to do some research with this plant! something like, traditional vs modern extraction. for the traditional method, I have in mind to use: water, the part of a native palm which, protects the flowers (as a vessel), fire, stones, and the herb of this coral tree.
  3. planthelper

    heimia salicifolia preparation

    hi! i'm trying to work out a tek on how to ferment heimia. i can't exactly remeber what i did last time with the material, so this time i will writte it down here. so far, i have harverested the material, and i plan to do as followes. remove the thicker stems, than place the material, into a glassbowl and pour a little bit of boiling hot water over it. than it's placed into the full sun, and sealed with some glad wrap. after a few day's (one might add more water over time, but just a little) the whole thing has turned into a soup, which now can get filtered thru a sieve. than you pour this "goo" onto a plate and let it dry a bit, now it's ready for use. sometimes, after drying out the goo for a long time, white crystalls will percipitate out of the resin. i have only very little personel experience with heimia, but yeah maybe, a negative side effect of heimia is to loose your musical pitch for a while??! here is a pic of my last heimia extraction:
  4. planthelper

    catha edulis "planthelper strain"

    though i might get your mouth watery, haha. took me a few years to achive this, but i am happy as larry about it!! plants will be available in one or two years. http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/inde...&cmd=si&img=680 http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/inde...&cmd=si&img=681
  5. hi! i wonder if the politicians again jump to, too early to conclusions. let's think this through logicly, although maybe logic was not involved. 1st possibility, it was the regime. motive could be, to scare off, the civillians so they don't join the freedom fighters. 2nd possibility, it was the freedom fighters, motive could be, to create an outcry all over the world, with the hope that, the western world, will get involved in this war, or better said, so others will win the war for them which they could not win so far. my believe it, it was the freedom fighters themselves, some of them are belonging to terror troops, and religious fanatics, would have no problem sacrificing there own, as long as they, can get control, over this state.
  6. planthelper

    catha edulis panorama shot

    I have retired from Catha, this is a farewell picture! from the (bottom) left to the right: Catha edulis red, Catha edulis vienna white, aka green (on top of the red), Catha edulis narrow leaved, Catha edulis planthelper (back round), Catha edulis planthelper red narrow leaved, Catha edulis red narrow leaved.
  7. i thought a thread on this could be usefull. i hope to expand this thread with more details, in given time. first all three different viridis in one shot, all the plants are of similar age, but the moon aka la luna was a bit bigger when i recieved those beauties from tort.
  8. planthelper

    the learned the hard way thread

    hi! the idea to this thread, jumped at me just minutes ago, when i did my morning inspection, in my garden. post, if you know a story, where you learned something the hard way, maybe something where, it took you a long time to change you convictions. i'm sure we could learn a lot, of those stories, and one does learn better, if there is a good story attached to it! here is two of mine: one year ago i noticed some sunburn on one of my lophs. this year, i noticed, that other lophs aswell showed signs of sunburn, but i took no further action, because, the loph in question, in my mind had to "just toughen up", and aswell, for most of the year, the aspect where my lophs are kept, is save, and will not cause sun burn. but yesterday, IT SUDDENLY CLICKED, i mistakenly thought that what, is in fact mite damage, was sunburn aswell. from the right, almost healthy, with mite damage, sunburn. so my ignorance did hurt my plants! i treated 3 of my lophs effected with the mites, with pyrethrum yesterday, and if they show no damage, i will treat the others aswell. note, i rinsed the pyrethrum, off after 3minutes, hopefully it was long enough. one has to repeat treatment anyway, i saw one mite running down the outside of the pot for example, i get you next time, you bastard. another thing is, we humans hardly want to change our teks, (even worse if, you have ocd, hehehe) so i would always obsess, about the perfect look of any given plant cutting. sure how you prepare a cutting is paramount, but obsessing about it, is not. i would sometimes re cut cuttings, to make them "perfect", or worse i threw away, quite few cuttings, because they did not look perfect to me. now, i just stick them into the soil, even if they are not perfect, and YES THEY BLOODY GREW ASWELL! maybe you have a similar story, you could share, we sure could learn from it.
  9. gotta nice pic, which was taken in nature? gotta bloody, upload it here. the uploader with the pic with the most likes gets 50 ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus seeds!! here is mine, taken at the Carnarvon national park.
  10. planthelper

    Erythroxylum australe

    just came home from a short 2 night bush holyday, and managed to spot some native coca .
  11. planthelper

    truffle & hosts

    I am looking for: quercus suber tuber melanosporum tuber lyonii (syn. texense)
  12. planthelper

    urmenetea atacamensis

    hi,tranlation... me own from c.raetsch enzyklopaedie der psychoaktiven pflanzen. ancient_men_at_tea... haha, lol... urmenetea atacamensis (compositae)[described aswell as retanilla ephedra(vent.)brogn.] coca del suri this up to 10 cm (4 inches) tall growing plant with violet flowers only exists in the north chilean atacma dessert- the dryest dessert in the world- and is called coquilla, "small coca", or coca del suri by the local oasis dwellers.the white-like fury leaves where chewed till recently on its own or with llipta (lime)as coca substitute. this unspectacular plant, is foodsorce of the ostrich like running bird suri. a tea brewed from its leaves is used as remedy against altitude sickness (puna)(ref aldunate 1981) chewing leaves produces a numb sensation in the mouth.as well a mild (coca like stimu= lation) could be observed. clearly psychoactive allthough narcotic, than acting as a stimulant are dryed leaves if smoked. (0.3 g is a good dosage)the effects are similar to those of smoking coca leaves. (erythroxylum coca) there are no reports of chemical investigations. i want one!
  13. I have not forgotten, that you still owe me, some money, I wait for this money now since years. we had a verbal handshake contract. but instead of trying to solve the issue, you just always just attacked me, via pm's. grow up, torsten don't treat me that bad. sorry for the side track people, but this issue bugs me since a long time.
  14. planthelper

    ne_xus plant for free!

    hi, people! I will discontinue growing this plant, so I would like to give it away for free, but you have to pay for postage. to save on postage, I would prune the plant a lot and than remove most of the potting mix. this offer would best be suited, for members living not to far away from me. note the secateurs to give you scale. pm me for more details, people without gardening skills, and the ability to say, thank you, don't need to apply!! I say this because, far too often, we (this happens to everybody here) give things away for free & pay postage, and the receiver doesn't even say thank you....
  15. planthelper

    proof or disproof this hypothesis

    nice extention to the the topic Cheshire! I do use your method sometimes, mostly if catching prawns and crayfish. insects can excite me far more than mammals, they can be so alien, and I guees, I like that a lot. did you know that the silver fish, goes through more metamorphosis stages than any other insect?
  16. planthelper

    proof or disproof this hypothesis

    this is an easy experiment, but it can only proofed one way or the other, with a large number of experiments. scenario: you spot a grasshopper or similar plant pest, and try to catch it, so it doesn't eat your beloved plant. the idea: many grasshoppers and alike, start to wiggle a bit once they seem to detect a thread. the idea is to in 50% of the cases, to try to catch the insect with a straight forward hand movement, but in the other 50%, to as well, wiggle or move your hand side to side or so forth, till you close enough to attempt the catch. maybe even wiggling the whole body would help as well. the hypothesis: the insect uses wiggling and side movements, to evade capture. it thinks wiggling is a cloaking device! maybe this strength, is also it's weakness and it does not notice (or see it as danger) if an object wiggles. I got a few results already... branches and leaves move often, it would be stress full for the insect to, take flight every time a branch moves or a leave(s) casts a shadow.
  17. planthelper

    Best way to grow Anadenanthera C. from seed?

    hmm, the seeds you mention, can't have come from an inmature tree... because flowering and setting fruits, are what defines, a plant to have become mature. it's said that with some plants the first seeds produced might not be viable, but I highly doubt this is the case here. most likely the seedpod itself was picked too early and as such was I n ma t u r e. colubrina seeds (and peregrina most likely as well) will change there color from brown to almost black, once they mature, as well fully ripe seeds, will display a certain shiny gloss. only use fat heavy, glossy seeds for probagation. I never observed fungus issues ever, maybe the seeds came already with the fungus, and were not dried proper after harveresting.
  18. planthelper

    Is my vine of the dead dead?

    ^I don't agree, caapi plants which have been neglected, do loose there leaves, this plant obviously has not. your leaves look like the plant experience a big shock on top of the neglect. but as mentioned, the fatter the stems and branches the more, she will be able to survive.
  19. planthelper

    Best way to grow Anadenanthera C. from seed?

    I don't remember where I got my seeds from originaly, but one tree displayed warty lumps, but the other one elevated fissures!! maybe the seeds were collected from various trees. nope, they should germinate just all the same, the only thing is, peregrina (so it's said), is far more frost sensitive, so she needs it much warmer over winter, than colubrina...
  20. planthelper

    Best way to grow Anadenanthera C. from seed?

    yt, I found the timber as well amazing, as well I used to coppice the trees and as such was rewarded, with straight strong, but flexible walking sticks. if you loved sticks as a lil boy, you will love those sticks!
  21. planthelper

    dragon fruit seeds

    yeah matt, they are out of season. unless you are one of those people who always likes to grow everything from seed, I would suggest to you, to rather seek cuttings. it's the easiest cutting in the world, and you will get fruits much, much sooner. I probably gave hundreds of cuttings away over the years, but the last frost has damaged my plant a lot. there are heaps of super cool threads about this lovely succulent (super flowers) around on this forum, so try to find them. one of my mates, with bowel cancer, said it was the best treat ever for him! the red fleshed, is a self pollinator, and said to be the tastiest, but I prefer the yello fleshed ones.
  22. planthelper

    i want more pinkies

    i don't seem to get as many pinkies as i used to get, i even tried ye ole small paint brush, but i didn't seem to get more pinkies. i remeber a post of ms saying that the time from pollination to seed set can vary greatly, but i remeber getting seeds soon after flowering. but that was in the hottest parts of the year, so maybe heat is a major factor, timewise regarding seedproduction. i think when my lophs where younger they produced lot's of seeds, whilst being kept indoors behind the windows. now they are outdoors. so i ask, do you get more pinkies idoors or outdooors? why doe handpollination not seem to work for me? and is it true that, once the pinky has arrived, you can pick them already and the seeds inside will be fully develped already? i love pinky, how can we get more pinky?
  23. planthelper

    Prune Khat

    i never took notes, but i guess your estimate is correct. i found out, that it totally depends on the weather, to get flowers and fruits. without rain, no fruits will be produced, but if the plant is happy, it produces an abundance of seeds.
  24. planthelper

    Best way to grow Anadenanthera C. from seed?

    as toast say's those buggers self seed, with ease (I have erraticated my trees now). I would wait till the pod is brown and dry, and just starts to open up. some borers destroyed 85% of my seeds. no soaking needed if seed fresh, older or poorly stored seeds, will benefit from soaking in water, but make sure, this happens in a very warm place. this is the fastest germinating seed, I ever observed, the root came out after only a few hours!!!
  25. planthelper

    i want more pinkies

    yep! allow me to go into more detail, arios can produce several flowers at the same time, but form flowers only when the day's are short. whilst the loph flowering season is much much longer, let's say, they almost flower all year. this ario had 4 or 5 shrivelled up flower heads, and 3 of them had around 50 seeds each, the other two were empty. this is a fantastic record, I assume, it had lot's of other lophs flowering around it, did ya hand pollinate?