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  1. illogicalBrew

    What kind of Loph?

    Thanks for your reply. Very observant with the 3rd pup. Will another pup form where there is a small split at the front (pictured original post), or is this just a case of overwater/fertilising?
  2. illogicalBrew

    Takeaway Tek

    Thanks all
  3. illogicalBrew

    Takeaway Tek

    Right, I thought opening the containers was too much of a humidity shock?
  4. illogicalBrew

    Prune Khat

    Thanks PH and others. I'll wait a little longer before pruning. Out of curiosity, how is pruning best done? Admittedly, it's been dry for a while when I took the photo. Lots of rain recently so will look for a colour change. I do have a red which is obviously more candy red. Evident in the suckers I pulled a couple months back. Foreground: narrow leaf in question sucker, mother in original picture above Background: red sucker
  5. illogicalBrew

    Prune Khat

    Thanks for that. Will growing tall or bushy produce more yield?
  6. illogicalBrew

    Plant suggestions ...

  7. illogicalBrew

    Prune Khat

    Thanks for that. Yes sold to me as a narrow. Took it at face value initially, now sceptica seeing it growl. I did pull four suckers from the base, none of which I have managed to kill yet.
  8. illogicalBrew

    Prune Khat

  9. illogicalBrew

    Are they lost?

    Many thanks for your prompt replies. My brother in his Fly in Fly out routine put them under cover 2 weeks ago before cyclone (no rain but not much sun either: Min 20, max 30 degs temp). Mix is just searles cactus mix with some added perlite (the tall Panachoi has survived a few Brisbane rain seasons (including floods) in this and thought it would be okay for the others, although now they are in Airlie Beach). The white/black stuff is just a slight layer of pebbles (layer on bottom of pot as well). My understanding is that they could survive wet, provided drainage and heat. For comparison when I first got them 3 months ago:
  10. illogicalBrew

    acacia id