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    Where To Find Free Spore Swabs?

    Right here, Cos Ive got a couple left over swabs up for grabs. 3 singular swabs all up. All Ps. cubensis Got: • x2 Jack Frost (tat x ape) swabs (All Gone!) • x1 PE#6 (PE x Texas) swab (All Gone!) x1 swab per mycological homeboy Take your pick Post here to claim so people know what has been claimed, then PM me where you want it sent. Do not PM me before you post here. These are strictly for microscopic/research/study purposes only. Cheers! Q
  2. Quantum_Reality

    Where To Find Free Spore Swabs?

    All mailed out. Enjoy that study guys!
  3. Quantum_Reality

    Where To Find Free Spore Swabs?

    Sure thing Voakanga, the last swab is all yours *All done for now*
  4. Quantum_Reality

    Where To Find Free Spore Swabs?

    saguaro absolutely mate! The last JF is all yours! ____________________ x1 PE6 swab left
  5. Quantum_Reality

    Spore swabs?

    Couple up for grabs that have been linnngering...
  6. Quantum_Reality

    What’s new?

    Yeah gotta start the ball rolling somewhere ay
  7. Quantum_Reality

    Where To Find Free Spore Swabs?

    rottenjohnny absolutely my good man, the 1st JF swab is all yours to look at up as close.
  8. Quantum_Reality

    What’s new?

    Welcome back mate. Think I remember you. I recently returned also after a bit of a hiatus. Definitely a much quieter community than it once was, which is a shame. Will be doing some giveaways every now n again, in hope to further build back some community
  9. Quantum_Reality

    Some Lophs, trade curiosity :)

    Hopefully the old ret finds his way then!
  10. Quantum_Reality

    Some Lophs, trade curiosity :)

    Except that this thread is from the year 2020
  11. Quantum_Reality

    Where To Find Free Spore Swabs?

  12. Quantum_Reality

    I.d please

    No not galerina. Possibly an Agrocybe.
  13. Hey all! I've got some extra Astrophytum capricorne seed leftover that I'm not going to sow for the year. So I've got x7 packets of x25 seeds for anyone who will sow & enjoy them. To claim a pack, just number off from 1 to 7 (so others know who's claimed a pack) and then drop me a PM with your postage deets. Cheers, Q
  14. Quantum_Reality

    Free Astrophytum capricorne seed giveaway (CLOSED)

    I got you mate! That's a wrap. Thanks to all for participating.
  15. Quantum_Reality

    Free Astrophytum capricorne seed giveaway (CLOSED)

    1 pack left if anyone wants the claims!
  16. Quantum_Reality

    Free Astrophytum capricorne seed giveaway (CLOSED)

    You got it trippaj. 2 packs left
  17. Quantum_Reality

    Free Astrophytum capricorne seed giveaway (CLOSED)

    Lovely work, Ishmael!
  18. Quantum_Reality

    Aio grafts onto pere keep failing (troubleshooting help)

    Have you tried stab grafting them?
  19. Quantum_Reality

    Tree vandalism

    Karma is a 'patient bitch'.
  20. Quantum_Reality

    A little light reading ...

    Wow thanks. And great site!
  21. Quantum_Reality

    Pronouncing 'pachanoi'

    I used to say 'patch-annoy' and then someone told me "no, its actually pronounced 'pack-annoy'. Then years later an older Chilean cactiphile said to me "no, its pronounced 'pack-a-know-y". So that's how I now pronounce it.
  22. Quantum_Reality

    Site offline?

    Apparently it was just a problem with the DNS server that was fixed and took a cpl of days to re-route.
  23. Quantum_Reality

    Spores to Syringe

    If its spore print, scrape spores carefully into a shot glass/egg cup or of the likes using the tip of a clean blade. Using a sterile syringe full of sterile water, shoot some water into the shot glass. Suck up the spores. You want to empty the whole syringe into the shot glass and suck the water back up trying to get it all back in. It's best done in 'one fell swoop'. It takes some practice to get the hand of it. If print is on foil, glass slide, or a petri dish you can shoot some of the fluid from the syringe back on to the print and into the shot glass, to get to the last of the spores. Once you're happy with the amount of spores you've captured in the syringe, you can empty it back into the shot glass, and then suck the multispore (MS) solution back into the syringe, do this a few times. 2 or 3 times will suffice. This helps to separate the spores as they love to clump together. You now have a multispore syringe Just keep in mind that MS syringes usually do carry a few contaminants with them.
  24. Quantum_Reality

    Spore prints for microscopy study

    Might be able to help. PM'd
  25. Quantum_Reality

    Panaeolus cyanescens Spore Print

    Hey r0v3r, Did you sort it?