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  1. Sad to hear about your health and eventual dignified death waterboy.  I for one will miss your presence.  Ive heard of advanced directive which was explained simply as your closest people gather at the hospital and can all tell the doctor your wishes, because you explained them in advance.  If the doctor says "im a doctor God damnitt.  NO.  My job is to sustain the suffering, to infinity if I could" then your people can ask for a more reasonable doctor.

    1. waterboy 2.0

      waterboy 2.0

      systemic fuckedness is fucked...lol...I am really concerned it will touch my brain up (or other essential) and leave me unable to do shit or worse -  trapped in my shell. I am not gunna have some quack think he can keep me ticking if in reality its game over.


      You still may have me running amuck for a while yet mate:wink: but yes I am seriously planning ahead....


      *nods head at thunderbro*