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  1. tassiejd

    anyone been to peru lately?

    when i was there i asked for 90 days and ended up overstaying, when i left the country i knew it was $1 us a day for every day you go over so for me it was like $15 for the extra fortnight i stayed, the guy at the border told me i could have got 180 days rather than 90, when i came back over the border i was just passing back through and only had a month anyhow so just got the 90 again so didnt test it, but from what i know 180 is cool, or like fenris said just go over the border for a day and come back.
  2. tassiejd

    check out this $800 ebay cacti

    haha know that feeling all to well, but yeah im in the same boat, trying to save some money and not grow the collection and im sort of failing at both at the moment.
  3. just looking through ebay and found this, dont think it will sell for the price they want, well pretty sure it wont but check her out http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Super-RARE-COLLECTORS-CACTUS-Button-Cactus_W0QQitemZ170470585568QQcmdZViewItemQQptZAU_Plants_Seeds_Bulbs?hash=item27b0d6b4e0#ht_500wt_1182 oh and check out this persons list, Grown wild outdoors they say but some interesting growth on their cacti so they might well be http://shop.ebay.com.au/cactus188/m.html?_nkw=cacti&_sacat=0&_trksid=p3911.m270.l1313&_odkw=cactgi&_osacat=0&bkBtn=
  4. hey all, not long back from 5 months overseas and been checking out my cacti garden, some amazing growth it cool to not see somthing for 6 months then see them again, any how i have a couple of questions, but a few pics first the one on the right in this pic is not looking the best but not to worried nothing serious this one was unwell when i was given it, looking better on 2 of the heads now but the other has gone backwards whats up with this one, was fine when i left and now looks like this, quite confused by this one, has grown heaps but like this?? this was an accident involving a fire staff, very disappointed, 4 ribbed bridgesii, never mind though it lives on and this one what could have taken a bite from here, a bit confused again. and one more any one know which of the clones the penis plants are. all the best and cheers
  5. http://www.news.com.au/breaking-news/almost-260m-worth-of-drugs-seized-in-2009-say-nsw-police/story-e6frfku0-1225827395466 Almost $260m worth of drugs seized in 2009, say NSW Police From: AAP February 06, 2010 ALMOST $260 million worth of illicit drugs were seized by New South Wales Police in 2009, including enough heroin for 24 million hits, new figures show. NSW Police Minister Michael Daley said the latest crime statistics showed police seized more than $191 million of cannabis and cannabis plants, $17.8 million worth of heroin, $14 million worth of cocaine and almost $32 million worth of amphetamines. The amount of heroin seized equated to more than 24 million hits, Mr Daley said. "Hauls such as this also hamper crime syndicates and help keep would-be drug users out of our hospitals," he said in a statement. "The fight against drugs isn't just one for law enforcement agencies to undertake - everyone in the community has a part to play. "If you know of any drug activity happening in your area, I strongly encourage you to alert your local police."
  6. no more safrole from china or cambodia, i think we will see more of this in the coming years
  7. tassiejd

    Bongs ban proposed

    they have been banned for about a year in tassie now, and what did it achive, more people getting their garden hoses stolen and chopped and people going back to using plastic bottles, garden hose, and foil cones, nice harm minisiation there folks, have to love pollies looking out for our health.
  8. tassiejd

    some brugs

    i have a couple of brugs in my garden and both my mun and my nan where like they are great, i want one, so i got some more for my mum and my nan, my nan has 3 now. i have seen some great btugs while ive been in peru and have taken a few pics, will post them at some stage. oh and the Brugmansia aurea fma. 'Culebra'. is amazing, my friend has one and i cant wait to get some cuttings
  9. tassiejd

    Surfin bird

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4htQy51gEJU classic
  10. tassiejd

    Pupping monstrosity

    seeing these pics makes me excited to get home and check on my cactus, its been almost 5 months since ive seen them, i have my mum looking after them for me and she says that one of my grafts is pupping like crazy, one good reason to come home, but that one looks great, in tassie they dont tend to grow that quick but i can only hope.
  11. tassiejd

    Cajon drum

    im in peru now and these drums are great, im going to go back to boliva before i go home just to buy one, great sound and great fun to play with
  12. tassiejd

    Stitches' Psychedelic Artworks

    great stuff, have you ever had a play with zbrush if not grab a copy and have a look, you can do some aswome stuff with it
  13. tassiejd

    Pablo Amaringo Dies

    i was in Pulcallpa a couple of months ago and didnt manage to meet him but met a spent some time with some of his students and saw some of his works, very sad news
  14. hey all just a few pics i told a couple of people i would put up on here, i have some more just not on me now so i will upload some more some time soon these are all from a shipbo community called san francisco near pucallpa in peru, I spent a few days staying with a family there and bought a couple of paintings from them, here are some pics of some of their aya inspired artwork
  15. tassiejd

    Tasmania - Drug dealer told to pay.

    mad im from burnie, i dont think i know her though, tassie cops and courts are a joke copared to the mainland they see small things as huge. again this is not the first person ive hard of in the area selling to undercover cops more than once either, they eem to be doing that at the moment, they come back multiple times some what scary realy