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  1. trichsyhobbits


    hello cactus nerds! please have a look at this and tell me what you think. It started out looking like ario pup but now its like a big fat spineless pimple. Is this how chimeras are born? im not really sure hat to think of it all. Ive included pictures over in progress to give you a better idea. thx
  2. trichsyhobbits


  3. trichsyhobbits

    Grafts -Photos & Updates

    just rubber bands attached to some wire wrapped around the stock, sorry no early pics of the graft
  4. trichsyhobbits

    Grafts -Photos & Updates

    short spine tercheckii graft. Pix are 16 weeks apart
  5. trichsyhobbits

    terscheckii pup wanted medium large

    looking for terschy pup, medium size(fist size)... can do cash or have cool trichos for trade...thanks
  6. trichsyhobbits

    ariocarpus seeds wanted

    hey i know they are hard to find but does anyone have anything? thanks
  7. trichsyhobbits

    hendy & goliath clones to trade or buy

    hi folks, i am looking for these 2 clones to trade or buy i got lots of nice quality clones to trade thanks a million
  8. trichsyhobbits

    Cactus of the 4 winds

  9. trichsyhobbits

    Show off your freaks

  10. trichsyhobbits

    sale: peruvianus MG Red Spine tip cut [plants sales}

    sold on the sausage plant pmed
  11. trichsyhobbits

    Show off your freaks

    bruce getting his freak on
  12. trichsyhobbits

    gardenfriends 108811

    merry christmas my fellow cactiphiles
  13. trichsyhobbits

    gardenfriends 106081

    some of my boys in the green house
  14. trichsyhobbits

    wanted trichocereus "Sharx blue" clone

    if you do i bags the tip cut!! pmed
  15. trichsyhobbits

    wanted trichocereus "Sharx blue" clone

    anything will do me honestly I'd be happy with 30cm or 45cm but what ever makes it worth it for you to do it thanks for the reply mushroomman