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  1. This is how we comend each other round these traps starling. Further reading of your contributions to this site so far has made me think of you as a bit of a twat really. I never asked for the help you offered, and I dont think woodwoman did either. You can't just jump into a crowd thats dancing to a rhythm and start pogo-ing in the middle all out of time n shit.
  2. Yeah starling. Thanks for replying to PM. And I told you I wouldn't be changing it anyways. Btw my father died at a young age. I didn't really get to learn alot from him. I don't have any sons. It just a poem that I wrote a few years ago. Before I even had kids. I think I prefer my own revision of my own works that way it stays original and not capitalized or whatever. So you can call it horse shit in its current state.
  3. wert

    Human Grace poem

    Nice work. Glad to have inspired you woodwoman. Be happy. Wert.
  4. wert

    Tax toke

    One brand name should be dark thunder. Think of tourists merchandise. "Came to the land down under smoked it up in a cloud of dark thunder" t shirts.
  5. If this little shit isn't here in the morning I'm gunna lose my fucking shit. Slugs are eating everything. Farrrrk meee!
  6. Pain and suffering. People weaker than I, thats pretty weak. The augmentation religion has on separating people. Edited to remove vulgar language and expressions of deep deep mental illness.
  7. wert

    don't cha hate it when..

    Dchiw your up at 5:15 am even though you had 3 valiums and a temazipam at 11:30 cause your back is just agonizingly fuckin painfull. And you only have access to one fucking panadeine extra! So now your outside freezing, smoking ciggys having a winge to a bunch of people, some who you know, majority not, like they actually give a shit. Cause there snug as a bug sleeping in dreamtime having a good nights rest for the day ahead.
  8. Thanks starling. Alot of that went over my head. I'm not big into poetry just wrote one I thought was clever. I might just put it on here for sabbers to read, critique or tell me it's horse shit. I don't think in its current state I want to condence it. It doesn't necessarily follow some rules though rhyme is the constant within. I will send you a copy to read and see what you think but bear in mind I'm not willing to change it. I made copys of it a couple of years ago and sent them through the post shady little copyright. Lol. Thanks for your intence help. Wert.
  9. Hi starling. Thank you for your reply. Could you be so kind as to provide links to the submission sections of the mentioned. I can't find blue dog... am not sure if there legit or not what I have found and meanjin I found but could not work out where to submit? Any help is much appreciated. Thank you again. Wert.
  10. wert

    The Cool Tripper Toys Thread

    I would definitely be captivated by the bear if it looked at me and spoke. I woulf definitely try and converse with it more. I love freaked out shit on cid I'de lmoa with it for sure. Awesome idea. This thread isa' rockin' already! Maybe theres a way to turn siri on perminantly so you could actually have a conversation with the bear and have him triggered to move when siri speaks. When my missus first got her Iphone I fucked around with siri that much she asked me if I had ADHD lol. (Siri not the missus)
  11. What sort of cacti is it stu? It looks like it's snowing outside.
  12. wert

    New members unable to sign up...

    IT'S PINNED UNDER "FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS." The first thing you should read really? that simple.
  13. wert

    The Random Thread.

    Awesome!!! Does it have a paddle shifters or a sequential gearbox you can hammer on the stick? Haven't really looked into them but I've spent a shitload of time looking at em' well, the hatchback anyway. First wagon I've seen. Our rex is a wagon too. Just for lugging shit around. Its really amazing how much you can fit in these cars with the rear seats down. Awesome!!! And its not a fucking prius. Thank fuck for that.
  14. wert

    The Random Thread.

    So we have a bit more in common than initially thought. I have an vzss and a very neat and loud (gets bikies excited) wrx that eats the fucking shit out of the v8. Lol muhahahaha!
  15. This big fella is up for grabs!!!. I would like a 2-2&1/2ft bridgesii melted wax cutting. A proper wax not semi wax. As you can see the loph is bloody huge and will only be degrafted once a good deal is settled. Please pm me pics of your melted wax if your keen on a trade. NOTE! Just to avoid confusion the button shown with the lighter is up for grabs degrafted... not the entire plant. And no you don't get the lighter. Be happy. wert himself.
  16. wert

    Happy birthday Evil Genius

    happy birthday mate. have a jolly old good one. if I was drinking id7 have one for you bud.
  17. wert

    The Cool Tripper Toys Thread

    if your lucky enough to own a sampler with pads you can load up weird sounds to say 6 pads... sounds like mario grabing a coin or a mushroom, random sounds from vintage vidio games and pinball machine noises (the best) then you hook up your sampler to your stereo, boombox , sound system whatever. heres where it gets fun. for each sound played from the sampler each friend not on the sampler must come up with a movement... the sillier the movement the more entertaining. now for each 6 samples have a ridicules movement and let the sampler jockey treat you or all of you like a robot. I fucking garentee this will have everyone involved having a fucking awesome time. but remember if your on acid or some shit keep the samples to a maximum of 6 to avoid confusion. I done this with my missus in surfers paradise on a nice high building with wicked view's. we just used a dim light to dress the setting and away I went vibrating like a dildo, gyrating up against an external corner on a wall and spreading my legs shaking my bits n bobs back n forth. mostly because lsd makes me perverted and also because my missus was in hysterics. admittedly I enjoyed it thoroughly and was thinking of myself as an adult entertainer being externally controlled. I'm sure you could do this with a phone app. just a matter of finding the right one. its all about the sounds... the more quirky the better. my fav acid game to date.
  18. wert

    The Cool Tripper Toys Thread

    there are glow in the dark an uv reactive version of the high bounce balls that you can get in this shape. I'd imagine chasing it's trajectory around a dance floor or in a big box could be slighly amusing due to the random outcomes of each throw/jump. I'll add the link here. there.there called 32mm 12 sided dice something balls. can't remember or find links. ebay will have em but. my cat used to love the sphere bouncys... then I introduced this and she was like wtf! so I imagine it would have a similar effect on humans under the influence in the dark. just to get started.
  19. if it wasn't for that bloody bong when I was 15 I could have been anything I wanted instead of a bong head for the next half of my life...
  20. wert

    sorted. thanks guys n gals.

    that didn't take long. to plants to be re homed. another success story. beutifull.
  21. hi guys here's a lonely loph degraft waiting for a new home. he has been rejected on sales thread, overlooked on ebay and just want someone to care for him. trade. 1.) 6 inch cutting of any melted wax bridgesii. 2.) 2&1/2 to 3ft genuine bridgesii. no x's please. prefer wax if anyone has a cut they can offload. cheers guys. send me a pm with a pic of what you want to trade and I'll get back to you. be happy. wert himself.