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  1. anyone care to share there knolledge or belief in the origin of this plant. where it came from, where it was located any relevant information. pics? wert.
  2. Hi. Sorry. I fell over in the dirt and had a hard/ having a hard time picking myself back up! Thinking about coming back to the warmth of the community but feeling strong emotional connotations. Like I don't know? Being judged, being a failure, letting friends down, failing to contribute to the community fairly. All sorts of shit? Plus I fell over exactly when this stupid site upgrade took place so now I'm feeling even more alien? Does anyone even give a shit? I don't have my best foot forward at the moment but as always ima' fight like fuck to get it there. People. Wert.
  3. wert

    Post your word of the moment

    Sense As in; fiddy sense?
  4. wert

    Post your word of the moment

    Does. As in; does that make fucking sense?
  5. wert

    The Random Thread.

    Medium strips are like aroused parts of a road.
  6. Wert Kilp says WTF is with census this year (2016)? Its always a waist of your time n effort imo but theres a little more to it this time round. It had my partner and I arguing straight up. She wanted to fill it out and ommit our names... I wanted her to throw the fuckin thing on the bin immediately! Whats peeps thoughts on this rubbish? Is it an attempt to raise revenue through fines or somat simple or is it a deeper trick? Or are we paranoid? Apologies if this has been covered I searched and found sfa so chucked this crap in the days of our lives. Be happy. Wert.
  7. wert

    Meet up: Melbourne

    I saw very briefly from a distance with my head down in shame. I wouldn't recognize any of you. I just saw a peacefull looking crew chilling on the lawn by the bench... and shit myself. Actually for a moment I suffered with overwhelming agoraphobia. I'm happy to hear it was all a success though. Well done guys. And thanks to those who supported me through pm. Your encouragement got me there. Well out of the house anyway. Lol
  8. wert

    American election, what's your call

    Far out... I have been away a while guys.
  9. wert

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Um... came, saw... anxiety kicked my ass. Spent a hour n a half in the gardens with my girls. Apologies to all. Party on!!!
  10. wert

    Meet up: Melbourne

  11. wert

    Meet up: Melbourne

    I gotta pull out at the last minute. Sorry guys.
  12. wert

    How do people get through the day sober?

    I want to let go but I'm not ready. I guess we all face this at certain times but it's a tough stone to turn over. It took a long time and alot of hard work to get this stone to where it is. It's going to take some time and effort to move it back...
  13. wert

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Someone said something about rum? I didn't hear a single thing? Only echos on my mind!
  14. wert

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Yup. Tiz offish d00d. Wert kilp himself in the flesh!!! Botanical gardens between 12:30 and 2pm If you want autographs peeps... get there early. If you want to see me naked... stay late.
  15. wert

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Alright I'll make an appearance. Only this time I will approach the group, land and make contact. Lol baby steps.
  16. No no thats stu's religion up there.
  17. wert

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Can wert kilp come to.
  18. Perhaps "pop-entheogenist" would have been better. Hindsight aigh.
  19. Whats going on with the PM on site? It's not sending me email notifications when I recieve new messages and sometime the mail box don't show up new msg's but there are? Anyone else having issues with PM? Mods? Any ideas? Thank you. Wert.
  20. . One for the boys... I don't discriminate.
  21. wert

    Pachanoi snap in wind...replant?

    My personal experience suggests the log should be removed from the soil asap and left in a dry dark locale for at least two weeks to alow the wound to calous before submerging in soil. Best to have a good calouse on any cactus before planting it. Having said that. Whats been done might work but could be risky....
  22. wert

    F*ckers Who Curse a Lot Aren't Stupid, Says Science

    Scientist like to fine tune some fucking weird shit innit. Spain pain Dr himself.
  23. wert

    Show your failures (cacti)

    Ha ha. I done that zelly... totally regretted it.
  24. wert

    Post your word of the moment