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  1. PD.

    Noob mushroom guide...

    Damn straight. I have seen too many areas almost depleted of certain types of mushroom. All this because some people thought that everyone should know where they grow. Fair enough, some people want really, really, want to know where they are and i have shown a select few. This did not however stop them telling everyone they knew. Ten years later and you are lucky to get fifty or sixty. I understand that the patch still may produce alot of mushrooms, even if it does there is alot more people going there to harvest, that leaves alot less(sometimes none.) for you. IMO you are better off keeping your favorite spots to yourself. and for anyone that wants to know more about any species of mushroom, there is a plethora of information out there waiting for you to digest. they arent that hard to find.
  2. PD.

    It must be Autumn.

    Macrolepiota rachodes is recorded to have caused illness in some cases, although others report it as edible. Also, the ring on the afore mentioned mushroom is very moveable. Therefore, it could have quite easily detached whilst it was still coming out of the soil.
  3. PD.

    Got any bigger?

    I wouldnt call that problematic Archaea, i would call that ignorance.
  4. PD.

    I.D. Please

    I dont know much at all about NZ fungi and its always hard to id from a photo, but it may be a member of the Cortinarius family.
  5. PD.

    Got any bigger?

    This is what M_S_Smith had to say about this cactus: Wow! T. pachanoi, no boubt whatsoever.
  6. PD.

    Got any bigger?

    Sorry but i have no idea about that Archaea, but im sure there are more than a few people living in the good ol US of A competent enough to id a trichocereus pachanoi. Personally, I didnt think it looked like a pachanoi at first glance, but then again i dont know a hell of alot(yet). It is an awsome cactus regardless.
  7. PD.

    Got any bigger?

    Apparently the Trich. was properly identified as a Pachanoi. There was alot of disscusion on the forum about wether or not it was a pachanoi, so a piece was sent of and id'd. The cactus was grown in L.A. California.
  8. PD.

    Kissing a junky chick

    I dont think anyone should worry about catching hep c through the use of a pipe, cigarette, bottle or a glass. A good friend of mine that i have known for over ten years has hep c and in those years i have shared all of the above with him. Many counselors and other health professionals have told me that bongs are a the best way(other than iv) to catch hepatitis. I have also heard many different opinions on how the different strains are contracted, and more often than not they are different eg. Only a male can pass hep b during sex. hep c is only contractable through sex. Females are carriers of hep b not infectors. and so on. I have heard so many stories about hep its not funny. all i know is this, I have shared bongs,joints,cigarettes,glasses and drink bottles with a friend who has hepc for over ten years. My last blood test was nearly five months ago(i have one yearly) and it was clean, so if i was gonna get hep from using the same implements as my friend i dare to say i would have it by now.
  9. PD.

    locations of active mushroom species

    The panaeolus listed that is apparently active and found in Victoria, looks to be closer to Canberra judging by the map. I have seen heaps of panaeolus where i live, although i have never taken the time to have a GOOD look at them, i think this season i will.
  10. PD.

    Any finds in aussie yet?

    yeah, i agree, they look like some sort of psathyrella
  11. PD.

    It must be Autumn.

    Macrolepiota rachodes perhaps?
  12. PD.

    Phleb phyllode

    This was found on a branch that was slashed off a plant on the side of a path. Move the path, not the plant.
  13. PD.

    phleb love

    there is still mature specimens if you look hard enough.
  14. PD.

    cactus I.D.

    Thanks heaps everyone. The tag on the pot named it as bluey cereus, not much help really, then again i rarely see a tag that is.
  15. PD.

    cactus I.D.

    Just wondering if any of you cactophiles could identify this little baby for me.
  16. PD.

    Best tasting edibles?

    Yeah there is plenty, I guess once someone finds them they keep it to themselves. If you are ever in the Beechworth/Wodonga area PM me and i will see what i can do.
  17. PD.

    Best tasting edibles?

    On the last pick of the season, well, the last time myself and fellow gatherer picked. We got just over 2.3kg dried. We still have a few left, and i hope to make these last until next spring(that wont happen). I have been asked for directions to this spot, which is on public land, many many times. Its hard to give directions with a mouthfull of mushrooms.
  18. PD.

    Best tasting edibles?

    The best edible imo is Lactarius Deliciosus, although the Morchella sp. comes in a close second. I am fortunate enough to have acsess to an enourmous quantity of morels when in season.