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    More Blueys

    blue bridgesii
  2. PD.

    RIP andyamine

    T, after my initial emotion drive post in the meet thread, my thoughts are with you, honestly, everyone else that feels this, you know, i dont need to say it. Bee good
  3. ,, ...... Uncommonly browsing fb and i see andys face which i had not seen for some time.... But the post, couldnt be, it is but, nah. SAB, surely it is another old raver lookalike..... This is the fucken shit part. I left here after a few years and not having the understanding and experience the people i chatted with most and who accepted my ummmm, how shall i put it torsten? Extremely poor lifestyle choices exacerbated by heavy substance abuse, or, yes i use everything and daily but mostly 3 to 5 times daily, my body, cunts fucked dont care. Well leaving that left me to battle alone daily but still keep in touch. Fucken dc, he was a mate, that fuked me up and fuckn jew still makes me cry now, cunt. Andy was from the 90s though, had carried the bitch on his back as long and knew what i meant, carried each other thru some fucked out times and honestly i felt he was one of the ones that get out ya know. That part was only a small bit of the man though its where i met him head to head and appreciated it. Honestly out of all the people, youd think to be fair the prick with no hope and no respect for much could take a place fuck sake. Sorry being an old junkie to see every close mate or one that accepted and knew you is the one pain worse than the ungodly WDs. Sorry to all who knew and loved Christian, and i for once apologise about the language Tbird, i dont deal well at all with memories. Whats your drug of choice? Well what have you got. Later.
  4. Only a year late to answer this one, hopefully someone gets use from this. The plants I have been growing for almost ten years now and undoubtedly the most widespread clone that carries the name Bendigo were originally sourced from this plant  The clone is from a private garden not associated with the historical gardens of the same locale.
  5. PD.


    After seeing the pic of the lil greenhood orchid in zen peddlers thread i realised it is that time of year again and the morels should be fruiting soon. So off i went out to the patch to have a look for some early fruit. As soon as i opened the car door there they were, gonna be a hell of a season for them this spring by the looks of things, plenty of moisture for once and hundreds upon hundreds of tiny ones. Picked enuff for a feed, checked out the greenhoods which were also everywhere and legged it before the rain set in. So there ya have it, if ya lucky enuff to know of an area where these lil babies fruit i suggest headn out for a look see. Ill take a camera next time if i can get one good enuff!
  6. Ok, i should have done this some time ago as it would have saved many a deleted posts or threads and me sending polite PMs. It isnt hard really, the basic rule that flows throughout the WHOLE forum DONT INCRIMINATE YOURSELF OR OTHERS, pretty easy to follow and self explanatory. There is however a lil extra that was added to the cactus forum a few years ago and has been in a pinned thread called "Important legal info ; PLEASE READ". It seems most ppl forgo reading this lil tidbit of important information or if they have read it in the past seem to forget it quiet easily so i will put it here and pin it so it is a lil easier for people to find and hopefully people will read it and hold fast to the content! In light of recent legal propasals we should all be well aware of, i think it is time everyone took these rules seriously please, its a very easy to follow and there are NO exceptions! Thank you PD.
  7. Too all those waiting on me for anything, im sorry but have had sfa net access due to being with a "service" provider called dodo. Fuckin useless and in no way shape or form a provider of service as my experience goes. Ill get to the all of you soon and the seeds will start floating around in the post soon :)
  8. PD.

    Pelecyphora questions

    Slowest growing lil bastids there is. I have only the one asseli with four heads, bout 3cms tall and seed was put down 2002 or 2003. tiny. I would trade but its one plant i dont tink i could ever cut into due to the ridiculously slow speed of growth. I have no idea why lophs command greater prices because peles are much better looking plants and far harder in all respects from seed to grafting imo.
  9. PD.

    Need help with black spots

    Dont cut into it, leave it alone. If its into the core and its a small plant then turf it. If its a big plant then then let it dry out and lay off the ferts. Bridgies get spots all the time and generally heal up as soon as you stop worrying about them
  10. I dare to say that if the hybrid of the two were a hardier plant then obviously it would be much more abundant than it is. I have only ever seen the one and have looked specifically for them though im sure if i went futher more could be found. I was with a botanist at the time that takes an interest in acacia so im sure we werent mistaken as to the ID of the individual plant we found. Pictures in gallery somewhere here. As for the alk profile of alpina, its something i have never put to the test yet considered many times, as like you, im curious to know as iam about many of the acacia family. Good question mimz and hopefully someone here can give some insight. On the subject of acacia cuttings, i heard from a grower that using a weak solution of rooting hormone as a spray on hardwood cuttings was very effective though the sp is difficult to prop in any fashion and for a lazy SOB such as myself i leave the project to more dedicated folk.
  11. PD.

    Been some time.......

    Its been a long time since i have been any part of these forums and now have finally got internets again so as to harass any members here iam familiar with by any means available. First off, i must offer my apologies to T, i left here on not all too pleasant terms and was in no doubt rash and rude to many ppl in particular but more importantly waved the finger at the whole collective for which i do apologise. That said, im sure most of you have nfi what im on about but that isnt the point. Also to EG, i must also say sorry to you, the times you tried to contact me via FB you were not being ignored, ive been through a few profiles since then but i made little effort to get in touch when i read of this. All in all, i moved my life in a pretty big way since that time period, lost an awesome mate that some of you knew, shifted house, started a new relationship, neglected my life, family, plants and future to a disgusting degree and then realised where i was at. In a time when i was thinkn of the losses i was forgetting what i had. Im diggn in my nails and starting the slow climb out of the hole. Be good to catch up and chew the fat with those of you i know well, that and get some action goin on in the cactus forum peow peow. Talk soon, PD.
  12. Forgive me for not reading the above first but id thought id just throw in my 2c. I graft buttons @ 15 to 25mm and always try to use pre rooted etoliated tips to do so. Pc pach obviously being the most commonly used but for rapid growth, i use psycho0 tips though splitting of the scion can be an issue at times due to the speed of growth
  13. PD.

    Psycho0 x T spachianus

    I got a few plants that showed closer to standard psycho0 traits with this cross, the one stilly showed is the closest i got to a 50/50 cross and is still going strong with spach like basal pupping. I got a few others that look similar to the plant from the first pics in this thread. One on my favourites.
  14. Send me your addy the pair of ya! Please make sure you got a good grasp on acacia prop, Im sure you got the know Sally.
  15. PD.

    Cannabis Australis ?

    sorry its such a small pic, its been awhile! Apparently ABC strain, ended up being male and my mate did nothing with it, no X breeding despite my efforts to persuade him, Was a small plant and never grew the typical serrated leaf, looked more like basil than cannabis.
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    Happy Birthday Ballzac

    Happy birthday Ballzy
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    Looks good man. Im glad you just got the flower and not the whole pic you first showed which looks like a tracing of a cereus in flower haha. Who in their right mind get a dirty cereus flower Just shittn ya man Is there gon be any fill at all, light wash? Light coloured skin is the best for white so you picked a good spot if thats ya thigh, best practice spot ;) Look like blood lines on some of the petals so i assume it may have a light wash thru it? Id fill some white, will push in and shade well on that spot, will come out really nice. Shading with black and making highlights vivid give heaps of depth to pics ya just gotta know where to stop especially with the black. Is that on ya thigh or calf? hard to tell sometimes wit pics
  19. PD.

    TBM crest

    Lookn forward to seeing this plant myco! Zelly, as always, you sir are nothing more than a whore.
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    Spined your peruvi is vari for sure, nice plant! Slice the yellowing on your lil baby ime is usually caused by sucking insects and will, as alrady stated, generally have slight indentations where the yellowing is. Youll know vari when ya see it
  21. PD.

    Been some time.......

    Sure thing Stily, im pretty sure that most of the pics have the names with them. If you cant find any that you need gimme a yell and ill find some for ya. That goes for any info on clones too mate, more than happy to give you the info ya need. Ive seen some strange stories online associated with the nameing of aussie clones lol.
  22. PD.

    Been some time.......

    T the issue was resolved but flared up again when a post was made about some plants that perished due to a complete lack of care or maybe understanding. I had originally sold the lophs which were ex grafts and they were in perfect health when I sent them. The lack of care they recieved and the ultimate deaths of the plants was in no way any fault of mine. None the less, I forwarded 15 more lophs to replace the mistake the buyer had made. That was the last time the issues with that certaian buyer were raised. Hopefully he looked after the second lot and learned something. Im more than happy to stick with trading until my rep is up there or whatever the case may be. Niggles, will buz ya next time im headn down bro. Jwert, alice and pdox, will talk soon :-)
  23. PD.

    found some pills

    Soon as I read the op I was on the same train as sonny jim. Dots. Have seen em in a lot of diff shapes. The tiny lil red hearts that fell in my hand once were like plastic and if ya didnt know ya wouldnt guess. Seems strange to put desi or fert in a baggie in such a small amount. Dont have one, eat em all. That is obviously a joke. Send em to me and ill flash em up the ol warrick and send u a detailed review.
  24. PD.

    Been some time.......

    Thanks for the welcome home everyone. EG, thanks for accepting my apology, it was a shitty situation and I know the crap it caused was all my doing so I understand that a no sales condition is something I must abide by. I didnt take your post the wrong way at all, I ruined my rep for myself and am just glad im even allowed back in the door. Incog, myco, the prez, stillman, gilly, GOT, mv, me, najee and andy, good to be back amongst u all, hopefully I can contribute something helpful here this time round. BM, feel free to use whatever pics u need. Btw, found a lil envelope whilst cleaning recently, label reads - dung lover. It never did get fully looked into so if ya interested/got time/curious I can send what samples I have. Put the kettle on and turn up the heater, my shoes are off and so are my pants, im stayn for a while.