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  1. Your eyes and a star chart are the sources of information I actually don't care just saying to look up and see for your self instead of getting spoon fed and eating up somebody's opinion all I'm saying the stars line up with what is in revelations read it. Couldn't care less what people think it's there.
  2. Look up learn the stars it's as plain as the nose on your face. I don't need help you people that are asleep do. Look at the sky tonight if you can prove me wrong I will delete my account from this forum. Look up the value of 0 in ancient times it didn't exist they just add them as they see fit to make things fit together I'm not nuts my mind is blown from what the heavens are saying look at revelations read that right now then walk outside with a star chart and wow it's there. You need help fucking dumb people holding the rest of us back. I dont think the MAHAVA is going to give two shit about what you think he's coming. Look up please. The last time this happened it was christs birth it's in every ancient text you just need to know where to look.
  3. I can't stop checking the data it's all there. the wrathful form of Christ is the great MAHAVA.
  4. Please I ain't crazy look up at the stars learn the constellations it's fucking there I'm sorry to bring bad news shit is going to happen Christ aka the MAHAVA fights for his bride we get to see his power we have seen him suffer now we marvel at the son of god and his holy bride battle the final battle. I can't wait till he shows us what we are all capable of.
  5. I'm keeping this brief I love astronomy and observing the stars vergo is about to go up the arse of Leo look at the Sky the sun disks and tablets in left behind by the ancients point to this event it's in Australia and it's right south Australia We have been lied to when they say the Sumerian tablets are 35000 yo they lie there was no value for zero look it the fuck up. We are in end times may god have mercy on your soul look at the stars not the made up dates we are fucked please prepare. The Christ gets his bride this time holy shit.
  6. I listened to over half of it while I was on my break then ran out of time I'll listen to the rest later. The flute and didgeridoo are hypnotic when played togethe. I think it was really nice but the didgeridoo I believe it should always take centre stage (be the loudest). sounded good thanks
  7. Flat earth billboards going up and people doing their own independent research. This is great even if the flat earth theory gets proven wrong this level of critical thinking and questioning of what's around us is great I can't see any negatives here. What's everybody's take on that batshit thing called gravity. I beleive we have density and buoyancy at play here.
  8. The only way you can seperate two zones of pressure is with a solid space e.g the firmament aka the dome. Like a light bulb.
  9. vacuum refers to any space in which the pressure is lower than atmospheric pressure. How does a vacuume become incomplete in the solar system and defy what we class as a vacuume here on earth.
  10. You can't push flat earth theory onto people it hurts to much realise you are being deceived. Ask yourself questions and try to find answers. like this one. How is it possible for the non vacuume of earth to meat the vacuume of space.
  11. satalite navigation lol
  12. https://www.google.com.au/amp/www.newsweek.com/undersea-cables-transport-99-percent-international-communications-319072%3Famp%3D1 The 150ft mobile phone tower 20m from my house that the government pays me to have on my land and all the other ones placed 45km in line with each other produce your cell phone coverage not some devil box supposedly dangling in space.
  13. siks3

    Road side drug testing

    Yea I browsed over that thread awile back I'll check it out again. I could have posted this there. The point I was really trying to get at is that we are ingesting this chemical so it should be fit for human consumption I am unable to find any Information that supports this. What's the ld50 on this reagent for instance. I would just like to know if this reagent is actually approved to be ingested and is safe to do so.
  14. siks3

    Road side drug testing

    Hey does anybody know the name of the chemical reagent used in those roadside drug test devices that the police are using these days. Im just really paranoid about the chemical we are all potentially being forced to ingest. The chemical reagent is on the lick test strip I have concerns this is not approved or designed for human ingestion and could be potentially harmful it could even potentially react with other medications being taken. I think we all have the right to know what we are potentially ingesting. This can't be played down it's an untested chemical.