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    [Question] Identifying Gourmet/Medicinal Mushroom cultures

    just my 2c but generally the agaricus varieties etc will be a lot fresher at the supermarket so your success rates will be higher. As far as the gourmet varieties they don't have as high a turnover rate and are in plastic with glad wrap on top so it's a bit of a hotbox in there for contamination. if you have a local mushroom place or farmers market you may get fresher stuff.
  2. rottenjonny

    RARE SEEDS - $15 Diploglottis campbellii

    A lot of sources say that a drink can be made from this. I'm currently growing diploglotis australis. Does anyone have a recipe/method?
  3. rottenjonny

    Does someone legally have to have an identity?

    the sovereign citizen thing doesn't hold up in court unfortunately. You can't as far as I know opt out of the system you can only control how much involvement you have in it.
  4. rottenjonny

    Indoor Ethnobotanical Plants

    I've got a psychotria thriving in the bathroom. loves it in there
  5. rottenjonny

    Edible Cultures for Sale Australia

  6. rottenjonny

    Paul Stamets and the stoned ape theory

    because they have high levels of Agaritine and it's supposed to be a secret. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agaritine really upset the missus when i brought this up, we eat a lot of mushrooms. You should thoroughly cook all agaricus spp Now i wait for the man to turn up in his helicopters and take me away?
  7. Bravo. The world of mycology continues to amaze
  8. rottenjonny

    Vigorous Climber

    Done. Passiflora's incoming. Has ticked both the medicinal and gastronomic boxes. win win
  9. rottenjonny

    Vigorous Climber

    Hey everyone! Can someone recommend a vigorous climber that I could use to block out a neighbour. I'm looking for something that also has some use be it medicinal or simply gastronomic?
  10. rottenjonny

    Vigorous Climber

    Lower Hunter I have a caapi indoors that is going well. the leaves are a long way apart though so I'm not sure of it will be too sparse for using as a blockout. Also this side of the house gets blinding full afternoon sun all year. caapi edit: wow just looked up passiflora that's amazing flower
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    Free energy

    There's some holes in this theory...
  12. rottenjonny

    Is it ethical to shoot someone in the face with a crossbow to prevent/parry a breach of the peace?

    I'm with halcyon, small poison dart, CIA style https://www.google.com.au/search?q=heart+attack+poison+dart&rlz=1C1NOOH_enAU532AU532&oq=heart+attack+poison+dart&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i60.9351j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 gave the google ref because they're all shitty sources. Ethical though....probably not.
  13. rottenjonny

    Looking for fellow mushroom hunters

    The you will have to share@! Haha you'll do well though it is a great area for hunting.
  14. 15 although I'm not sure will grow in my area, recently got to try this plant in Indonesia.
  15. rottenjonny

    Lion's Mane

    they "say" a lot of things
  16. rottenjonny

    Lion's Mane

    Off the back of the stamets - Joe Rogan interviews I think there's a bunch of us that would be interested in some lions mane.
  17. rottenjonny

    ice cream bean

    Ice cream bean, how could I resist. Will pm
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    I am also, let me know how you go
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    That was deep man.
  20. rottenjonny

    Found growing off roots of tree

    Gymnopilus ventricosus maybe?
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  22. rottenjonny

    few pics of some fungi in Laos

    Ha I did the same thing last time I was overseas trekking through the Bush looking at fungus
  23. rottenjonny

    Random Berries

    ID please. Let's play what are these berries and can I eat them?