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  1. rottenjonny

    Cactus heat stress

    Ah ok l stop panicking then. Yeah one party of it did snap but the rest is just having a lay down.
  2. rottenjonny

    Banisteriopsis caapi cultivation notes and discussion

    They never do what they're told in my experience. If I go to train the new shoots it will die off
  3. Awesome grouping of fungus nonetheless with bonus someone getting done double demerits
  4. rottenjonny

    Oyster's on straw

  5. rottenjonny

    Acacia acuminata seed giveaway 2019/2020

    My proudest achievement
  6. rottenjonny

    Starting out as a real dummy

    I've been seeing a bit lately in relation to using store bought pre cooked rice that you put spores or liquid culture into. It's already sterile and hydrated so you get to skip the whole pressure cooking part. I've never tried it but it could be a good place for a beginner to start also.
  7. rottenjonny

    They're taking over! Possible Gyms?

    Never got a 100% ID, they're most likely a gymnopilus sp. However not sure which. There's only a few genus out there I'm seriously confident identifying
  8. A previous job of mine involved dealings with the taiwanese people who are prone to the giving of gifts. Luckily for me these gifts would often involve highly specialised and expensive teas. As someone who had only had black cafeteria tea before I was blown away by the range of subtle flavours and styles they had. a real eye opener.
  9. rottenjonny

    Coloured oyster cultures

    Hi guys looking for pink or blue or otherwise oyster cultures
  10. rottenjonny

    Psychotria nexus, Mimosa ophthalmocentra

    I've got some nexus leaf cuttings that should hopefully be rooted in the next few weeks I can send
  11. rottenjonny

    Where to look/find/aquire mushrooms

    Steve might be better off commuting from Newcastle or Maitland.
  12. rottenjonny

    Where to look/find/aquire mushrooms

    Strong words from ethnoob and not entirely incorrect. Made me laugh though.
  13. rottenjonny

    Where to look/find/aquire mushrooms

    Hi Steve, I actually have some spots in that area. It's a great region and coming into a great time of year for your search. If you want to play with some though there's also a mushroom farm on Medowie road where they sell a few varieties. They're called navia I think.
  14. rottenjonny


    i've got a tray of pach that goes black in full sun but etoliates everywhere else. what am i doing wrong!
  15. rottenjonny

    It's been to long advice on spores

    People are generally helpful. I'm not familiar with the Reddit though
  16. rottenjonny

    Pressure cooker

    .Hmm my current one is 8l and is just really restrictive. Definitely can't get a bag in there. I'll be considering the 12 just concerned I'll be shopping again in a month or 2. The presto is over $200 though so it's a big step up.
  17. Brilliant I just embarked on my own journey with this plant. Ordered one yesterday before even seeing this post.
  18. forgive my poor cactus knowledge I'm still learning. The question relates to the attached photo which is of Eileen. She was root bound and had a funky top when she was very nicely gifted to me. Since then I have been looking for happy places around the yard and she has since taken off with new growth. I want to know if I can cut that part off so that I have 2 or I should wait till she is much bigger. total height maybe 60cm the new growth i'd say about 20cm. I then started thinking about some of the pachanoi I have that have come from seed. They are maybe just over a year old and only 5 - 10cm tall. Can they be cut? when is too young etc.
  19. rottenjonny

    FOR SALE - Passiflora Foetida (Love-In-A-Mist)

    I'll get on this! best time of year to be a member the fruits are plentiful
  20. rottenjonny

    For Sale: Black kava plants

    thanks to climate change the temperate zone is moving south at 10km/year so pretty soon I'll be right...
  21. rottenjonny

    How old can a cactus be to take a cutting?

    well basically the idea was to take the healthy new 20cm or so off the top and hope that they both kept growing. the small cuts were just a shower thought. It this a good time of year to be doing that? Next photo right way up I swear ahha I think stripping the exif is what made it sideways
  22. rottenjonny

    How old can a cactus be to take a cutting?

    I just wish I could get the photo to be up the right way haha
  23. rottenjonny

    I need a teacher.

    You should do a grow log! we'll all help out.