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  1. panda

    spores cityyy

    can refer to my other post not sure how long it will be till i need some for my university exam. never studied mushrooms before but just starting anyone that can offer advice would be greatly appreciated already started searching online just to many tutorials to choose from feel free to comment the your tops do's and dont's!! .
  2. panda

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    interesting the guy above my post deleted it.
  3. panda

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    mate its Going to Rain in a few days Zedo im looking for some myself but to much of a noob to go picking by myself theres a few locations around my actual street / house would be happy to disclose but i would assume brisbane has a bigger collection no?
  4. panda

    Pressure cooker

    Quick Question there a heaps of second hand pressure cookers for sale ? does it matter there second hand will it affect anything? and what they have cooked in it or any pressure cooker is fine even if it is old and stained?
  5. Hi there thanks for taking the time to read my noob post so ive been looking for this forum for a few months now haven't been on this the site in a good 3 years. my question to everyone reading the post is how is it looking for spore trading these days? i was in contact with a few people of this forum Skellum/drildo but obviously they cant wait a few years for me to reply ill be looking for some soon to study for my university project ofcourse at the moment i have 1 option which is a subreddit {sporetraders} can anyone tell me how reputable this place is or if anyone has had any experiences. if i have no luck anywhere online ill be walking down to my neighbours cow paddock to buy some milk with a few questions .
  6. panda

    Wanted spores

    After a few years of understanding,researching i think I'm ready to find some some spores for [email protected] purposes is there anyone still active that can guide me the right way.