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  1. Peyofox


    Good job raising them, they look healthy.
  2. Peyofox


    Nice plant. Looks familiar.
  3. Peyofox

    Upside down Lophophora grafting

    Nice work mate. Young seedling tails can also be grafted to pereskiopsis. Here are a couple of pics of the same seedling I did quite a few years ago. You can see the tiny root still hanging there.
  4. Peyofox

    ID Please.

    Thanks EG.
  5. Peyofox

    Removing spines

    Trim 'em. They only get in the way.
  6. Peyofox

    Fruit fly incursion Tasmania

    Let's hope they don't poison themselves again in the process this time..... https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-02-18/fruit-fly-chemicals-blamed-for-sickness/9459634
  7. Peyofox

    ID Please.

    I've had this specimen in the ground for over 10 years now and it has only flowered twice during that time, the second time being just recently. If anyone could provide an ID, I would be grateful. Unlike the other cacti around it, this plant hasn't really grown much, but the pink flowers it produces are almost as large as a Trich flower and are super speccy.
  8. Peyofox

    Peruvians sourced from QLD

    Looks like T. knuthianus.
  9. I like your thinking. Yeah, a caespitosa would go absolutely nuts! I have plenty to experiment with too. Maybe one day.
  10. They mainly split from the top. It could have been that they were simply impaled a little too deep when grafted. It wasn't major and they still kept growing. The main button just stalled, but produced a heap of off-sets.
  11. Cheers. I've grafted countless trichs on Peres and they grow fast enough on a single stock, although you're probably right, in that they would be less likey to split. I choose a Loph because, well, they are way cooler plants to grow.