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  1. chilli

    u dance & u get a cosmic power ball

    don't freak out, it's just you
  2. chilli

    WTB/Trade Khat

    thank you for clarifying, very informative. I didn't know there was a market for it, i am quite out of touch with things like that
  3. chilli

    New to SAB and New Zealand

    welcome to the forums my friend
  4. lol, no shit, sherlock! are videos of your interactions with people being made? floating a few interesting discussions around youtube and other social media sites might help create a buzz and get your message out
  5. chilli

    u dance & u get a cosmic power ball

    Damn, from the title I thought this was going to be a dance competition!
  6. chilli

    New to SAB and New Zealand

    i just want one so i can make glo in the dark sex toys
  7. chilli

    Moving country failure/ rant

    What a ghastly idea! Your suggestion is paternal, totalitarian, misanthropist, juvenile, simplistic, perverse and just plain silly. it is unbelievable and I think you must just be doing a little facetious trolling (giving you the benefit of the doubt by saying this, because I really hope you don't believe that creepy orwellian garbage). to reproduce is your only verifiable reason for existing, btw. get with the program it's called evolution Why should Australians deny their own biological urges to reproduce and have a family of their own in order to play foster parent to badly traumatized kids from broken societies? Yeah, that will fix everything, can't see any way such a simple plan could go wrong really. certain genes should no doubt be kept out of the gene pool where it can be acheived in humane and ethical ways, what we need is more education, and especially of women, because there is a high correlation between women's education and reduced rates of reproduction. Eventually all humanity will grow up and create a super race of genetically enginereed gods, but until then let's all just take a chill pill and drop the mass sterilization and deportation scenarious hey? it's been done and it failed spectacularly if someone does not want to reproduce they actually are by definition not fit to pass thier genes to future generations, as it is a maladaptive survival trait (ie would lead to the extermination of the species.) Logically then, we should clearly euthanaze all such unfit specimens and replace them with better ones from somewhere else No way, you get much more here in every respect.. it's because of this thing called the economy. I reckon the best bet is to work hard and invest here where the living is easy and the economy is strong, then buy land there and retire there at 50 lol
  8. chilli

    Moving country failure/ rant

    they are trying to do something similar here: piss tests if you receive benefits. i think it's just so fucking dehumanizing, it's unbelievable that it is actually happening there wtf?
  9. chilli


    So cool! I want to get pretty shamany things now.
  10. jeez you two are just in love
  11. chilli

    Moving state sale

    yeah but what do you think of sharxx sale?
  12. lol! first ethno meme?
  13. I would still give them a week or two... as far as I'm aware, with cacti when the roots are exposed the outer part that draws up the water dies back and does not grow back until they have been safely underground again for a while, so giving them water straight away is pointless and can also lead to root rot. there's some posts here about it, not sure where though. tbh, with a lot of trichs chances are whatever you do it will be fine
  14. chilli

    Moving country failure/ rant

    I moved to chch for similar reasons. We became homesick and wanted to go back after a short time, but we decided to stay and give it a go. Like most things in life, it was a mix of highs and lows, but I had some of the most amazing and transformative experiences of my life there, and am so glad we moved there. Seeds were sown in my mind that are now only beginning to bloom and bear beautiful fruit. glad we moved back before the quakes!
  15. chilli

    crazy looking, labeled loph sp

    oh jesus that is fucking surreal... wtf is it a monstrose stapelioides?
  16. cheers bigred i'll grab those.. vvvvvvvvvvvvvv 22 seeds of each: mixed Lophophora, Nuytsia floribunda, A. acuminata, A. cyclops and A. floribunda vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv plus 1 mystery seed to make 111 seeds in total
  17. chilli

    WTB/Trade Khat

    I thought cathinone broke down very quickly and only fresh leaves were used?
  18. Generally with trichs, if they have calloused and been sitting in the soil for some time, then a bit of moisture and dark (you are right not to pull them up to check) will help to stimulate root growth. My usual schedule is to wait to callous for a week or four, put in 'bag moist' soil on a warm day and leave for a couple of weeks, which gives some time in the dark for roots to begin forming. Then, on a hot day I give them a thorough watering and do the same thing again a week or so later, and gradually adjust until they are on the same watering schedule as most of the other trichs (ie watered when the soil is dry, or most days in summer). This gives moisture for the incipient roots to reach out for.
  19. chilli

    FREE spore print/live culture trading thread

    That is very generous mate! But how will the trades continue? At least one of the five that accepts your offer needs to offer a print to keep the thread going. Also, I am confused about whether you accepted incognito's offer?
  20. exactly, that's what i was speculating as the reason the votes have gone so far in the favour of rationality today
  21. Haha yeah exactly. It's Sunday, so the people voting No are mostly at church lol 63%!
  22. chilli

    Mycorrhizal fungi for Acacias?

    Haha oops.. I just went to Native Plants looking for this thread and couldn't find it, so I was like 'I didn't say anything illegal did I?' I will ask a mod to move to the right forum. Thanks for the information, both posts have been very helpful.
  23. chilli

    free Loph seeds

    Very cool!
  24. chilli

    Perthians... And maybe others interstate.

    pfffffft, seen bigger