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  1. George Simian

    Post your track of the day

  2. George Simian

    Zelly's trich crosses, got pics? post here please

    This is a great thread. Here is my fav pic. Praises to zelly.
  3. George Simian

    Grafting as a coping mechanism GIVEAWAY!

    3 left!
  4. George Simian

    Grafting as a coping mechanism GIVEAWAY!

    Humboldt nice work! Yes it's been a real game changer at our place! Yes removal can be tricky! I usually wait till they really start to firm up 10/15 days sometimes then hold the 50mm tubes I have with my legs and rip it off like a magic table cloth. I'm waiting on a new camera but this kind of reckless behaviour will be documented soon for your nail biting pleasure.
  5. George Simian

    Grafting as a coping mechanism GIVEAWAY!

    Hey Tøn for sure I'm seeing lots of perskiopsis in my future! Just send me a Message and that way we can keep track of things a little easier
  6. George Simian

    Post your track of the day

    This is Drexciyan Cruise Control Bubble 1 to Lardossan Cruiser 8 dash 203 X. Please decrease your speed to 1 point 788 point 4 kilobahn. Thank you. Lardossan Cruiser 8 dash 203 X please use extra caution as you pass the aqua construction site on the side of the aquabahn. I repeat: Proceed with Caution. These dudes were busy creating a universe to escape the suffering of 80's detroit. The universe that this electro takes place is one where a race of underwater African techno people are born from slave traders throwing pregnant woman overboard on their trading voyages. Gets crazy if you wana look into it highly recommend the trip
  7. George Simian

    Grafting as a coping mechanism GIVEAWAY!

    or if anyone want's to check out parafilm and has the rest of the kit hit me up. will mail ya some with Melbourne lockdown licked stamps
  8. George Simian

    Grafting as a coping mechanism GIVEAWAY!

    Should be good! I certainly can't take all the credit - though I couldn't find a guide when I was learning. I have already sent sheets of it around to some grafting genies so lets see what they do! Works well for tricho grafts too ;) you don't have to rubber band around to secure panties/bands/tape whatever. It sticks to itself! I don't cover mine as completely as he does and I run a band of film around the stock so the top layer can stick straight to that.
  9. George Simian

    Grafting as a coping mechanism GIVEAWAY!

    Yeah I went off a little half cocked here as you can probably tell... Planning to have this published by the end of the week as I think I've got enough material to make it nice and nice with the pictures. Yes spot on, you achieve a mini breathable greenhouse that also serves to put downward pressure. Cut tip, Defoliate 2CM, Wrap the stock, slice through the wrap, pop on scion and apply a layer over the top securing to the wrapped peres. They start cranking within the week and have been known to bust through the parafilm in ten days or so :) you want in?
  10. Hey how are ya? Past couple months been tough on lots of folks, to take my mind off things I've been doing whooooole heap of grafting. I'd like to share the love with the community that has often given so much and asked for little in return. I have five beginners grafting packs to give away AUS only I'll pay shipping just comment here and agree to post follow up pics ITT good or bad all part of the learning process and lord knows I've killed a few... Pack will include: 2 x 10 Cm rooted pereskiopsis No. 21 Swann-Morten scalpel blade Length of 'Parafilm' 20 Seeds of my first eva set fruit Yowie x Bridgesii Parafilm is what is used to seal petri dishes in pool smelling lab coat kebab shops where the latex flows like wine. The fancy film is a very breathable - incredibly stretchy - super duper amazing version of gladwrap that sticks to itself when stretched even when it's wet!!! It allows the home grafter to set grafts without the need for a humidity chamber and also ensures a better vascular connection and faster growth through the use of downward pressure. I will post a parafilm tek before your beanz pop so just focus ppl, cmon ok? Get the pack first! geezQ!! George Sass Op (interbeing) 2 Month progression from grafting with pfilm tek.
  11. George Simian

    Post your track of the day

    Heres some more freshly charged batteris doing the VHS thing for your party LIVING IN THE CITY IS TUFFFF-F-F-F-F-F
  12. George Simian

    Post your track of the day

    This is how you film a music video I'm in your dungeon baby - and it's cold
  13. George Simian

    Post your track of the day

    Get that up ya'
  14. George Simian

    Lophophora any variety

    So the weekend got away from me Looking at the videos again I think prioritise these : sowing , mix and the last one he's going to town on some young seedlings roots. There's a few of his videos on the last subject but in this one I feel like he is maybe explaining the process? -
  15. George Simian

    Lophophora any variety

    Omg amazing! I've already reached out to him to get him to turn community submissions on so people can add subtitles so hopefully he has done that Thanks for your help I'm enjoying the sun today and shoveling a half tonne of 7mm- will get back to you this eve.