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    Variegated Trichocereus terscheckii x T. scopulicola from seed on own roots
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    Perhaps so. I haven't had a chance to look into the fert side, but RoundUp is a fucking no-no when it comes to mycelium
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    why don't you go to the web store of the person, who created this hybreed. it's called herbalistics, but be warned he, renames many plants, so to create new excitement, and so that the people who sourced those plants originaly, don't get any recognition.
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    What a beauty. Is it yours? Good to see you 'round again mate
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    https://youtu.be/RhHkUg-QCwk Flim- Aphex Twin
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    Be-careful shellite is now (and maybe always has been) 30% n-hexane. Beware of the vapours, n-hexane is quite neurotoxic, ensure you have good ventilation (a mask would be a good idea too) and ensure you get a totally clean evap. Not to be confused with hexane.
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    Diggers brand shellite is a good non polar solvent, the trick is to warm it up as Glaukus said. You could use xylene and the yield would be larger containing more active alkaloids but this tends to create a much darker spice and a bit more mess.
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    I've heard it's totally fine. You could use something less selective like xylene but you'll end up with a lot of lipids in your final. Which can be cleaned up with shellite. I hear the pros use hot shellite for first pull, get relatively clean xtals, then do more pulls with xylene to catch the rest. Or so I read...
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    Can offer free cuttings of Lampranthus spectabilis (Red) if interested. I can't properly explore as my serotonin transporter is heavily occupied but as it's a rampant grower and a different colour for the garden, it might be a useful addition. Have dried research material if needed too. Let me know in this thread if interested and I'll get back to you once the festive craziness has quietened down While it is claimed "...it would be almost impossible to achieve any pharmacological response from genera other than Sceletium" [1], recently Lampranthus species have been specifically marketed as "Chinese Kanna", alongside being used as an adulterant, one source stating Lampranthus spectabilis generally contains about 1–1.5% total alkaloids [2]. A high concentration of phenolics has been noted in Lampranthus [3], along with other phytoconstituents [4] "Of the five Lampranthus species tested, only L. aureus and L. spectabilis yielded mesembrenol, while all the other Lampranthus species investigated appeared to contain mesembrenone, but all at very low levels." Lampranthus aureus appears to contain other indolic alkaloids Mesembrine: SERT inhibition [other claims of 5-HT releasing activity], PDE-4 inhibition, Anti-inflammatory, Cytoprotective, Upregulates VMAT-2, Mild inhibition of AChE, Mild MAO inhibition, limited reuptake of NE and DA at high concentrations Mesembrenone/mesembrenol: SERT inhibition, PDE-4 inhibition [1] https://doi.org/10.1076/phbi. [2] https://botany.bio/product/chinese-kanna-1-25-powder/ [3] https://doi.org/10.15835/nbha47411617 [4] https://doi.org/10.1016/j.sajb.2018.07.014
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    hi, lou! the cathas in the pic, are what we call the red strain. i named the vienna white, the planthelper, and started calling some x pollinated strains pinks. the red strain originated from wa, and the property owner of one of those trees in wa, became even a member here for a while. he found sab, because he investigated why some people, tresspassed his garden and kept pruning his red catha. the vienna white, comes from the university botanical gardens in vienna, it was sourced originally, from yemen. the narrow leaved, comes from trees in the royal botanical gardens sydney, and a tree in tarango zoo. rumours say it was confiscated by the border patrol. the plant helper is a x cross between a narrow leaved and a vienna white, it displays good hybreed vigor. once all those plants got established, many cross polinated seeds got produced and traded. the pinks are one of those open pollinated breeds. there are as well, narrow leaved semi reds, and planthelper pinks and many intermidiates. yemen bosts, to have hundreds of different strains. we got as well at some stage seeds from south africa, but some description of his seeds were incorrect.... hope that helps. broad leaved qat makes an easy cutting, narrow leaved qat, does not strike well from cuttings, but produces suckers. those suckers can be used, to produce easy cuttings as well. but once the narrow leaved plant stops producing leaves in a spiral fashion, the abilety to take cuttings from those plants diminishes. if you start of with a nl sucker, and often take cuttigs from it, this action will slow down the aging process to some degree. madragora took cuttings of mature narroleaved plants, where a young side shoot is formed, and had good success, but she was an above average probagator. if you want manny nl's you might just propagate from seed. if there are many other cathas around, than some to all seedlings could be cross pollinated. so choose narrow leaved seeds from an isolated tree.
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    I've been in Lamiaceae land quite a bit lately, find they're really good healing plants. I'm actually happy if my potted colours are not blatantly psychoactive but instead provide the healing components I seek, flavonoids/rosmarinic acid etc. There's one overgrowing awaiting relationship, it's probably one of the fastest growing ones I've got. If I can use it for a good flavonoid/rosmarinic acid + source, even if it's not particularly psychonautic active, I'm happy. There are very mixed reports from people looking for mind-bending effect. I'm looking in another direction, it being medicinally beneficial... Anyone used it as a health tonic? Coleus blumei is an edible of flowering perennial plant in the family of Lamiaceae used for healing and shamanically. For centuries, the Mazatec Indians of southwestern Mexico have known and used El Ahijado in their religious healing ceremonies. In traditional Mazatec communities, Coleus blumei is considered ‘the male’ (El Ahijado) Sterol and triterpenoid compounds, including abietane type diterpenes, are found in the leaves of Coleus blumei Benth. Flavonoid compounds were also detected in high levels, along with rosmarinic acid. Another analysis found Coleus leaves consisted of flavonoid, steroid, tannin and saponin. Traditional healers use it for diarrhoea as an oral infusion. Coleus blumei has been used to treat many common ailments. Most commonly, the Mazatec used this magical herb to treat stomach pains, digestive problems, dysentery, and even elephantiasis. In other parts of the world the plant is used to treat headaches and ulcers and as a contraceptive to prevent pregnancy (Voogelbreinder 2009, 135) I just like high healing flavonoid etc plants, Coleus grows well and I have an abundance.
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    yay fucking yay. caught flowering today :D
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    Loving the cooler climate atm. First fatties to come thru 😃
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    IVe planted an accuminata and phleb hedge along the fence line between my neighbour and I, I alternated phleb, accum, phleb accum planted 50cm apart, I hear acacias hedge well so we will see how it goes!
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    Gem, I am sorry you have had such a bad experience with doctors and your medication. For what it's worth, I strongly oppose the advice of those suggesting you suddenly stop such a high dose of benzos, this is not a good idea and can be very dangerous. *Please do not go 'cold turkey' from such a high dose of Xanax, it could be life threatening!* I am disappointed and surprised you were given this advice and would have thought some of those suggesting it would know better. The best approach is to taper your dose very gradually, which I know is what you want to do. You can use other things to smooth the process if you feel you need to, but if you make the reduction gradual enough you shouldn't have many side effects, although the symptoms you were using the Xanax to treat may begin to reappear when you get to a low enough dose. Good luck, I hope you are able to find a compassionate and wise doctor and support to help you through this. Please do keep us informed of your progress, and feel free to get on here to debrief whenever you need to. Although there is some bad advice on this thread, I know everyone means well and wants to do their best to support you. *edit* If you haven't already, get in touch with your local community mental health team: Gold Coast Mental Health & ATODS www.health.qld.gov.au/goldcoasthealth/html/services/mhealth.asp (07) 5519 7871 They should be able to help! Good luck, let us know how you go.