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    EGA's new guide documents a simple, innovative and recyclable technique that anyone can use to easily grow plants from seed. Coke bottle tek is a modification of the famous 'take-away tek', which uses plastic bottles for raising cacti and succulents from seed. Coke bottle tek is a set-and-forget technique, allowing plants to become more established with less human intervention, better preparing them for outdoor, in-ground environment and reducing the need for up-potting. Coke bottle tek also represents a more recyclable and environmentally friendly alternative to take-away tek. This technique being used to successfully cultivate Trichocereus spp., Lophophora spp., Hylocereus spp., Gymnocalycium spp., Astrophytum spp., Ariocarpus spp., Ferocactus spp., and of course many different trees and herbs. Halcyon and Dr Liam Engel are passionate ethnobotanists and longstanding members of The Corroboree forum. If you find this resource helpful, please support EGA so we can make more! Download the tutorial here: https://gardenstates.entheogenesis.org/coke-bottle-tek-a-terrarium-technique/
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    Nice attempt at Trojan Horsing your anti vaxx bullshit into a completely unrelated thread. Contribute something worthwhile and vaguely on-topic or do us all a favour and just don't post anything at all.
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    Dude you're seriously underestimating the scientific knowledge of many of the members here. Just because don't give a shit, or can't be bothered responding, doesn't mean people don't understand. There are members here that are extremely scientifically literate and some are even leaders in their field, gaining them a great deal of respect both nationally and globally.
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    this question reminds me of the coastline paradox (From Wikipedia:) "The coastline paradox is the counterintuitive observation that the coastline of a landmass does not have a well-defined length. This results from the fractal curve-like properties of coastlines, i.e., the fact that a coastline typically has a fractal dimension (which in fact makes the notion of length inapplicable)." my take: the answer is constrained by the yard-stick you're using
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    Report released today. Available here: https://www.tga.gov.au/independent-expert-panel-mdma-and-psilocybin
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    Still after pere? I have heaps
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    I'd love to see the ANMF (nursing union) come and stand up to them. Protesting against fuckwits who make everyones life harder.
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    Hey all, After 4 lovely years in Melbourne (where I was made to feel truly welcome & loved by @etherealdrifter and @Amazonian), I’ve relocated to the mid north coast of NSW (Forster-Tuncurry). So, once we’ve settled in (and assuming we don’t all end up in lockdown), it would be cool to catch up with any peeps that might be around this neck of the woods.
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    Yeah bro im in. Thanks to everyone that came today was an absolute treat. Thanks all for bringing food and some drinks, the kombucha varities we're impressive. Looking forward to the next one already
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    Meet at the gas BBQ's on Milford Street.
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    I can bring a box of solid pach tips. How many are you after? And what length? Also are there BBQ's at the spot or do we need to bring our own portable?
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    In summary: By combining the effects of small and possibly underpowered studies, meta-analyses can help to establish the relative efficacy of interventions such as MDMA and psilocybin where large studies may be impractical. Although we were only able to combine results from 9 studies for either beneficial or adverse effects, we did demonstrate statistically significant differences of the two psychedelic agents between both inactive and active treatments for either continuous scores or dichotomous responses. However, it is important to note that this was in highly supportive and structured environments including intense psychotherapy sessions in many cases. Both agents were well-tolerated in supervised trials with or without additional use of psychotherapy. However, trial quality including blinding and follow-up was variable and only a small proportion of potential participants were included in the randomised phase. We conclude that MDMA and psilocybin may show promise in highly selected populations but only where these medicines are administered in closely clinically supervised settings and with intensive professional support.
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    sept 29 2021 wintering move half done.. enough for one day
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    https://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/2021-09-27/illegal-cactus-sales-in-nsw-warning/100493522 Biosecurity alert for prickly pears ...
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    I think the other is Chinese Mugwort (A. argyi), the other 'Moxa' plant.
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    Sometimes a potted khat bush will look like it needs water when in fact what it needs is the opposite: better drainage. That's the only problem I've (rarely) encountered. Beware of frosts, and native herbivores if you live in the bush. Khat easily withstands drought conditions, but in arid areas where it is grown as a cash crop, khat is notorious for its irrigation requirements. Seedlings may require extra care (mine get a sprinkling of water twice daily) until they're more established.
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    further debate is unnecessary then. (and foolhardy)
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    ^ they certainly don't intend to take it lying down.
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    SEASONAL / GENERAL UPDATE: Despite a great and lasting heat wave this summer, the plants were okey protected in a bright shady spot on my roof. Reaching september and the heat wave leaving, the distachyas started growing and as soon as a cool wave in mid september hit, the went full on veg mode and even went to start a second flowering session! So now I have brought them to more light The sinicas remain the most stubborn in their growth. Equisetina are similar with sinica in all their habit, a bit slower but with a taller pheno and noticeably bluer - the bluest of the species I have grown. nebrodensis with the appropriate pruning is the most handsome of the species I have grown as an ornamental plant and also its remarkably hardy in my climate
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    Glad to see you made it through the other side man
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    Hey Change - you know how much I love you mate but I think you might be oversimplifying things a bit here. I don't think HD and I are so much discussing the politics of the situation. Rather, we are against the blatant misinformation being bandied about - it's downright dangerous. There are still way too many people thinking the vaccines are injecting Bill Gates' microchips - I shit you not - old(er) people that should know better. They have totally discarded logical thought (like why do we need two shots? was the microchips missing components in the first shot? doh) and jump on any human mistake (like mask wearing or slips of the tongue) as proof that its all a scam. Others think its 5G. FFS. HD and I just want to dispel these myths and encourage vaccination - it will save lives and get us back to (the new) normal quicker. And Zedo - it's super tough out there at the moment. You are not alone - my single mates are all suffering big time - I do what I can to help but its not enough. Try and hang in there and, when its possible, get along to one of the SAB meets in your area. The people on this forum are uniquely special. Post more here - pics and random thoughts. Try and stay busy. It is a shitty time there is no doubt but I have seen this pandemic bring out the best in people (and sadly, the worst as well).
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    I recommend using the forum search engine and messaging people privately, this is a bit of a sketchy topic. Search terms like 'speciosa' are likely more handy than the K word. For this reason you might also have more luck if you edit that word out of the thread title and your post. If you don't find anyone it does seem like XXX often stocks it under the counter, but you might need to find someone on good terms with the vendor to ask. I've heard their XXX store only sells small quantities for people looking for OST, but I've also seen them selling huge bags of the stuff at a festival in XXX quite recently. Worth keeping in mind that as well as being illegal this plant still works on the opioid receptors, and withdrawal, dependence and tolerance are still real risks for everyday consumers. Could be a shitty situation if you ran out of supply, but if someone is on opioids anyway I can definitely see the appeal.
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    I'd suggest not trusting the claims on A. laetus made by Wade Davis. Or at least regarding them with caution. MAYBE his field data is based on what someone told him but when I asked him about the claim he had made about it undergoing testing, he said McKenna had found mescaline in it. He repeated this to me again, apparently after speaking with Dennis. Problem was I had also asked Dennis by then, who said he never analyzed any cactus beyond a Dragendorff field test and he had never found mescaline in a cactus. Davis responded to this revelation not by owning his bs but by saying I needed to try it. The most important element in that suggestion is Davis did not ingest it or see it being ingested and based his account on anecdote. I suspect someone was just being helpful towards an ethnobotanist wanting to be told about more plants. It would not be the first time this has occurred of course. A. laetus HAS been analyzed and reported to contain nothing of interest. A more detailed look would be nice but don't put too much weight in this area.
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    The OA It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Curb Your Enthusiasm Hamilton's Pharmacoepia Handmaid's Tale
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    American gods is good for couchlock - i fear it will peter out after the first serious though :( - no spoilers fellow travellors