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    The thread seems to have been deleted. I heard numerous people including Torsten received related legal threats from Tania/MMA. Wile E. was scared off the forum. RIP.
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    I got my seeds two or so weeks ago - I put them into a modified takeaway tek and here is the progress.
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    Sorry cant find the Tania unappreciation thread?? Four corners report 8:30 tonight. The hope and hype of psychedelic therapy https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-07-25/psychadelic-therapy-mind-medicine-australia-four-corners/101210326
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    r/shroomers r/druggardening r/activecacti r/AcaciaTrees r/peyote r/salvia r/ausents r/ausgrow r/AustralianPlantSwap r/doommetal () r/CannabisScholar r/CannabisExtracts r/composting r/earthporn r/homesteading r/microgroweryAustralia r/greenhouses r/permaculture r/HotPeppers r/hammockcamping r/spacebuckets Lol.. Might give you a few places to link off from mate. Won't put up my prepper, porno and bizarre reddits.
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    Who'z up for some Acid Crunk
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    The funny thing is a 1/4 of the staff are drug/alcohol dependent and we have had two suicides in the last 4 years. Several staff members use cannabis/MDMA/LSD/heroin regularly. But they hide their problems well so fly under the department’s radar. Interesting to hear the sort of rhetoric I hear from the "drugs are bad" lobby... Does using drugs like cannabis/MDMA/LSD regularly mean you have a "problem"? I agree that regular Heroin use is likely to lead to problems, yet I do know people who have managed their use for 30+ years and led productive lives but that's probably an exception to the rule. However, I myself have used the other substances mentioned for 30+ years and I certainly don't consider it to be a problem. Language is a trap, words can form realities. Be careful of the language you use...
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    Interesting, I've found that 1/4 of the staff are drug/alcohol dependent no matter where Im working. Anyway, one step at a time, but make the legal prescription a top priority. Just tell the doctor that you tried a friend's oil and it was a life changing moment for your sleep and anxiety. You have to sell your case a bit, and make sure he realises it's medicinal all the way, and you're 100% serious, no funny business. Anyway acceptance of medicinal cannabis is getting better by the month, people can't discriminate against you over a legal medication. How dare they!
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    I've been busy man and haven't had a chance. Dunno if I'll get the chance this weekend either...
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    Not yet sure where I’ll be staying, but I’m planning on attending. Be there or be a four-sided shape!
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    The main actives are normally considered to be withanolides which are steroidal lactones ie more fat soluble so it's likely to primarily be the ethanol that extracts them. For a very crude extraction: Drying and powdering the root first helps. I'd do alcohol first as that's likely to be the best solvent and maybe the only one needed? Sit the dry, powdered root (weigh it first) in sufficient warm ethanol and leave to extract. As for how much, depends how much you have to spare! Pour off the ethanol filtering through something - I use a hop brew straining bag to filter it, if you fold it over itself a few times you get a good filter for bulk herbs -saving the filtrate and repeat again, extracting the root material, if possible with a second lot of alcohol. Wash the material in the filter with some alcohol too. Carefully evaporate it and dry to resin/powder. You could repeat using boiling water to extract (boil it in water, filter, evaporate to leave resin, dehydrate to powder) Filter bag: That said, it seems the best solvent is 50:50 alcohol:water as a single extraction solvent: "The maximum extract yield and the total withanolide and phenolic content were obtained from aqueous alcoholic compositions at 50:50 (v/v), 70:30 (v/v), and 100:0 (v/v), respectively" so maybe a single extraction with 50% ethanol is better than doing two separate extractions! On Ashwagandha, if you're not averse to alcohol, you could also try an ashwagandharishtha-style preparation [1]. It's a really pleasant way to take the medicine, if you don't mind the interesting flavour. "Emerging evidence suggests the ability of fermentation to enhance the bioactivity and therapeutic potential of traditional medicines. Indeed, the fermentation was shown to increase the availability of the active molecules and to eliminate the undesired compounds." Ashwagandharishtha is a liquid polyherbal formulation traditionally prepared by fermentation process using the flowers of Woodfordia fruticosa. It contains roots of Withania somnifera as a major crude drug. Alcohol generated during the fermentation causes the extraction of water insoluble phytoconstituents. Yeasts present on the flowers are responsible for this fermentation. I simply fermented ashwagandha root etc with added yeast and sugar. [1] https://doi.org/10.1016/j.imr.2013.04.002 [2] https://www.ayurmedinfo.com/2011/06/27/ashwagandharishta-uses-ingredients-dose-and-side-effects/
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    Home distillation is ILLEGAL in OZ - However, the law is grey because the criminal law does not cover distillation it is under the excise act. As long as you do not trade or sell products the ATO and the police do not seem to care. Do not talk about it do not promote it not even to friends or family. Distillation is HUGE in Australia. This is why homebrew shops can sell stills and boilers and the police do not care. Walk into any homebrew shop and see the shelves and shelves of flavours that you can add to neutral spirits. No one is adding this stuff to commercial vodka. Then you will see the 25kg bags of dextrose sugar. Mountains of the stuff. They are used to make sugar wash turning it into neutral spirits. Not sweetening coffee. However, I fear a change in community attitudes and government could force a crackdown. Police raiding people's homes, smashing down your grandfather's door. Australian drug law is broken. Australia has become a boring conservative dystopian nation of bureaucrats. Remember the Australian Larrikin. They no longer exist. They were deemed "inappropriate" lacking "data". I am not against science and reason I am vaccinated and covid is not fake news. Just drug laws that are anti-scientific and a war that has failed. It is not as good as full proper still but it works - See https://www.youtube.com/c/StillIt/videos for some great examples of what you can do. Here are two videos Sorry, this is incorrect distillation cuts aka heads/hearts/tails is physics no technology or product can get around the fact that acetone, methanol and ethanol have different boiling points. You should always make cuts if you want a quality product. Suggest people read Firewater on Reddit - there is an Australian Home Distillers forum.
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    Not missing this for the world Is the one chance I have every few years to catch up with so many lovely old friends and colleagues all at once, talk plants and nobody gets bored, and hang out with Kaz at the bookstore Caine, Jess and I will be running practical workshops, which is always a lovely synergy If you've never been to an EGA before they are *famously* welcoming. No need worry about feeling shy. There's room for everyone<3
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    If its spore print, scrape spores carefully into a shot glass/egg cup or of the likes using the tip of a clean blade. Using a sterile syringe full of sterile water, shoot some water into the shot glass. Suck up the spores. You want to empty the whole syringe into the shot glass and suck the water back up trying to get it all back in. It's best done in 'one fell swoop'. It takes some practice to get the hand of it. If print is on foil, glass slide, or a petri dish you can shoot some of the fluid from the syringe back on to the print and into the shot glass, to get to the last of the spores. Once you're happy with the amount of spores you've captured in the syringe, you can empty it back into the shot glass, and then suck the multispore (MS) solution back into the syringe, do this a few times. 2 or 3 times will suffice. This helps to separate the spores as they love to clump together. You now have a multispore syringe Just keep in mind that MS syringes usually do carry a few contaminants with them.
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    Something a bit different...
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    Some photos wot I took. Only 2, 3, and 4 were edited.
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    Thanks Ton, I have dreamed about this for so many years it is so awesome it is now finally coming to life. I have taken a bit of a break the last few weeks, I am up to leveling out the area and digging pipework in where it needs to be, and wet weather is not helping the motivation, but it is a big project and I want it done right so I don’t mind waiting a little more. The salt I will order from a business that runs float tanks, they import direct from germany and have given me a good price to start with when I eventually order some, since I need about half a tonne of it. The water temperature is a bit tricky. Once it reaches temp and I add the salt it sort of has to stay warm forever because it is at saturation point at temp, so when it cools the salt crashes out of solution, causing issues with pumps and filters. This is my biggest concern. I think I will use a hydroponics waterbed heater for the most part, and turn it off while I float, hopefully the insulation will keep it at temp for the duration, but this will be one of those things that I will have to adjust as I use it and work the kinks out. An old farm I lived on had a firebath, light a fire underneath and an hour later human soup! I did think about trying to use a rocket stove somehow for this, but I will keep that for another project, or maybe the next one? This is only a prototype after all...
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    It's a risky one. Personally I love a few drops in soy milk but I'm taking an informed risk Love Acorus spiced soy milk acutely. A few drops in the milk. Tasty and 'grounding/centreing'. As it's rich in asarones, it should only be seen as a short term addition and a low dose thing, just wanted to connect and appreciate the essence of the plant. Longer term it's potentially carcinogenic [https://examine.com/supplements/acorus-calamus/]. Calamus is used as a symbol of love, lust, and affection. For acute ingestion, β-asarone and Acorus calamus appear to be quite beneficial and protective. Over the long term, it is potentially carcinogenic and causes organ damage. Remember it shouldn't be used therapeutically and is sometimes sensitising... "I probably know calamus more deeply than any other plant I’ve worked with, yet in spite of that (or perhaps because of it…) I find it most difficult to capture what I know of it in a way that adequately conveys its essential nature; its medicine. Perhaps this is because calamus is not a plant that facilitates “capturing” on any level, but rather teaches us to yield to the flow of things and let go of our needs for stark outlines and delineations. Still, this plant has clearly offered itself to me not only to learn from, but to share, and so that I’ll try to do here… ...some words to describe the effect of Sweet Flag: Calming. Centering. Perspective. Joyce Wardwell once used the word “Resolution”… that’s a good one. It’s tempting to say that it instills “focus”, but focus isn’t quite the right word. “Focus” implies fixing the perception on a certain aspect of something, and Sweet Flag tends to open one’s awareness so that they’re able to take in what’s going on around them (or within them) with great clarity, without singling out any one aspect. So perhaps saying it instills clarity of perception is more accurate. I like to use borrow the concept of "depth of field" from photography... a narrow depth of field implies a narrower range of focus; broad depth of field a broader, more inclusive focus... this isn't meant to imply a purely or predominantly visual effect; I think of calamus as increasing one's perceptual depth of field. Sweet flag also seems to put your energy into balance, and get you energetically resonating as a whole. I like to say it "unscatters" energy. For this reason it excels as a treatment for panic and anxiety attacks, not only for full-fledged episodes, but for the "little daily anxiety attacks" that most of us can relate to. It is especially good when an intense/traumatic situation occurs, and you handle it excellently, but after its over you're all strung out and a nervous basketcase. I find it works best when a bit is chewed as soon as the onset of an attack is perceived... often I've heard that once the attack starts, it's not that it doesn't work as well, but that it's hard to remember to use it. Again, I think of that shuddering bitter quality; I visualize the shudder as the "freaking out" person getting a good shake: "Get a hold of yourself! Come back here, into your body!". (Incidentally, I feel this affect on anxiety is the reason why it was used for quitting smoking: not just because it causes a "distaste for Tobacco" (it has been smoked with Tobacco for treating headaches; although I personally don't think the two blend together that well... like chocolate and tomatoes, if you had one, would you really want the other?). The intense anxiety associated with "Nicotine fixes" is very much like the anxiety picture that Sweet Flag is good for. However, it should not be assumed to be a magic bullet for the Tobacco habit, but rather an effective tool to supplement and enhance determination and will power. Quitting smoking requires… well, a long write up of its own.) I've used the plant quite a bit with people suffering from trauma, including post traumatic stress disorder, chewed to push away the flashbacks, quell the panic, and return to the present moment. Feelings of dizziness, nervous queasy stomach, "leaving the body", panic, looks like a scared animal in the headlights, doesn't know which way to go, frozen by fear, wants to run, but which way?, disassociated... all these are good indications. Have the person chew on Calamus and breathe deeply, fully and slowly and often the anxiety and panic will fade. It's an another option to consider alongside excellent remedies such as anemone, or indian pipe. In Ayurvedic medicine, calamus is called vacha, which means "to speak"... not only a restorer of the voice in a strictly auditory manner, it is said to connect the heart to the voice, to allow people to speak clearly, to speak truth. One client with PTSD would chew on it before or bring it with her to therapy sessions, as she felt it helped her let out things she felt she was holding in, fearing to speak aloud, to have "out there". Herbalist and Naturopath Anne Hill offers some eloquent insights: "Intuitively and thru some playing around with calamus I have come to regard it as an herb for when people are in stuck mental states, like spiritual emergence type of situations where a layer of fear becomes prominent and inflamed almost and is ready to unfurl itself and fall away so that the person can move to another working level. I think calamus helps by thinning the veil between ego and spirit as well as spirit and Universe (or ____________ please insert deity name of choice here). When one has a glimpse or feeling of universal love, that fear can be more easily released... My understanding of being in fear is that it is so all inclusive that it barricades itself in so that no new or different perspectives or information can be obtained to help one move outside of that fear." K.P. Khalsa tells a very moving story in a presentation he offered on herbal remedies for autism (that link goes to a recorded presentation; calamus is discussed at 45:45) that illustrates the immense potential of vacha: "I was talking to someone the other day whose child [is] 16... he's been essentially nonverbal his entire life. He's said a couple of things here and there, but really he doesn't communicate verbally. She was telling me that recently they were sitting in their living room watching TV and mom and dad were sitting on the sofa behind the child... he was sitting a few feet from the TV on the floor watching his favorite TV show... and he'd never said a word to them in their entire life. He had started taking calamus from their therapist about 2 weeks previously, and in the middle of his favorite TV show, he turned around, looked at both of them on the couch, and said "Mom and dad, I love you." http://www.herbcraft.org/calamus.html
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    the old stem section will not die, roots will form eventually. but take the pups off and root them straight away. the new pups will form roots fast and you are off the mark, whilst waiting for the big old section to get its own roots, would be time consuming, and the pups will not grow much in the mean time, because they get all there energie from a section without roots and absorbe moisture only via its skin and calluse.