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    hey guys just a heads up that old mate wont be at the market this weekend either. he has a gumtree ad that he updates weekly n you can check availability that way. its way too hot at the moment n hes staying home to tend to things. i sell plants as well but have been taking a break the past few months due to a death in the family, but am gearing up again. if you msg me with what youre after ill let you know. ive got all the usual suspects plus a few other guys like ginger, white sapote, aji chillies. oh n ive got a heap of cactus needing new homes. some bigger guys plus a bunch of year-old seedlings in tubs. this heat is doing my head in by now n i need to thin out the collection again so im not running around watering all day
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    Bring it, all you haters of plant medicine.
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    Loving this version of Going up the Country by Kitty, Daisy & Lewis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxW3Ed7GrhQ The harmonica is so good
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    Update from the package I got from - @Alchemica I now have so many plants that I have lost count both from cuttings and from seed. I have taken dozens of cuttings from the Mesembryanthemum (Aptenia) cordifolium so much so I recently helped a friend plant out her garden for her new house. Giving her cuttings from all of these and they have been thriving in the ground. I have given other cuttings to another friend. I have got 100s of seeds from Delosperma bosseranum and from Sceletium emarcidum - I have planted them out in seed raising mix in mini green houses. I will see how they germinate But I think that it should not be a problem. Because I had a few cuttings that had seed pods on them, the pods burst open and out came a 100 seedlings. These things are almost weedy. The following have been growing well but slowly the occasional flowers Trichodiadema stellatum Delosperma echinatum Sceletium tortuosum Lampranthus spectabilis The Sceletium tortuosum has been the slowest grower just holding on during summer. I hope that in winter it will pick up in growth. I hope that next year I will have seedlings to share with people on here. I have been sampling green leaves and I have found them to modulate my moods - when ever I am feeling stressed or down I sample a pinch and find it beneficial. Tried fermenting a harvest of Mesembryanthemum (Aptenia) cordifolium but was not happy with the product. Might try to do an extraction. But doing a plant extraction using solvents i not something I am not familiar with.
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    In this(https://www.youtube.com/@coredor) youtube channel you will find most(edit: if not all) of the episodes of an old kids show called Plasmo, it seems to be the channel of the creator of the show so should be no copywrite issues.
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    Where do I start? (and I just mean my kids)
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    Omg I heard this in Officeworks the other day and it blew my mind
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    Lactobacilli with Amanita muscaria is meant to be the good way to convert Ibotenic acid to Muscimol. I only know people that has used milk but there could be a vegetable route also.
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    Be cool to do a joint SAB-APS meet-up/ picnic of sorts sometime … or a mushroom ID workshop/bush walk/camp when Sub season starts
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    Don’t think any of those vendors have a good bridgesii seed. You’re on the right track. You’ll find more carefully created seed on the fb auction group if you’re on there. I have a heap of seed, will make things easier for me sharing them with you. Send us a pm.
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    The IDLH ( immediately dangerous to life or health) for Xylene is 900 ppm. The IDLH for toluene is 500 ppm, and 1100 n-hexane naphtha isn't much better. So yeah i agree inhaling solvents is bad. However xylene and toulene are aromatic hydrocarbon consisting of a methyl group and a benzene ring, basically they are metabolized from a benzyl alcohol to benzoic acid in the body and then hippuric acid for urine excretion. n-Hexane is eventually metabolised in 2,5-hexanedione, which is neurotoxic causing polyneuropathy. Of course large amounts of just about any solvent in the system will cause health issues from organ damage to CNS issues etc but theses are different compounds that are metabolized differently and therefore have different/ more severe health effects than one another. Which is why n-hexane should be treated with extra caution, especially it's vapours as it is metabolized directly into a neurotoxin. I think from a safety POV the amount of n-hexane in shellite and the potential neurotoxic effects should be more widespread and known.
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    Check my stepdaughters animations she did last year. She's 16 yo and just gets better everytime I see her work.
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    boob cactus is most def in Perth. I am on a mission to track it down now
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    Yes this is in Aus! I have seen this at the old cactus shop at my local markets. They have retired and dont go there anymore. I will try and get in touch with them EDIT; has anyone got the other boob cactus??? ie.. Eulychnia castanea? It has a spiral form as well
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    Nah. Gotta have a bit of danger to keep it realistic. Fondling uncharted boobies is only for the brave.
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    Cold Treatment or stratification is a way to improve the germination rate of difficult seed because many of them tend to have some kind of built-in protection against germinating at a time when they wouldnt survive the climate. Many plants in nature germinate in spring so all you need to do is simulate a winter to your seeds. Make sure the seeds or the soil you keep the seeds in are moist and store them in the fridge or a freezer for 1-2 months. Then just start germinating them like before. You could also try a little bit of direct sunlight a day to wake the older seeds up. But depending on how old the seed is, you might need a lot of patience. Ariocarpus seed is a type of seed that stays viable for a very long time and i´ve heard of cases where even 80 year old seed still produced some seedlings.