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    Hey all, Just thought I'd bring to the community's attention that Mardi Grass is going ahead this year, 30th April to 2nd May. Old mate RC might even make a guest appearance in the Healer's Tent on Saturday to have a yarn about psilocybin mushrooms and that. Plenty of other cool talks and what not about the place too. Check out the lineup and find other info here: https://nimbinmardigrass.com/ Peace, RC
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    Coupla well rooted TBMs, nice fat mother segments needing up potting. Asking $5/segment + post if on the hunt. Will post bare rooted.
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    Thought y’all might enjoy this interesting conversation that James W. Jesso hosted with a few of us about where the Australian psychoactive Acacia species fit into the local psychedelic scene here, and how our interactions with these species connect us to a deeper connection with the spirit of the land: https://www.jameswjesso.com/drinking-the-psychedelic-acacia-trees-of-australia-psychedelic-cafe-5/?fbclid=IwAR1goTSu03e3fP0QGs_DjGLAL3fC62K8nBkYv3Pu4MgmfLJV6CA5RqG2uv0
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    My favourite cannabis covid moment was when this; https://youtu.be/MFzW5Zjxbl4 Turned into this; https://youtu.be/UshEeyv8YZM
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    Ok I think we have 5 winners. I'll message you all in the coming days and get these out asap. It's a shame you can't sow them, because this would be the perfect time of year!
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    Utter bargain. Get onto it.
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    Hope you have an excellent day in the sunshine and let your troubles fall away. https://youtu.be/svoSSdsNhtA
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    i'm not a fan of buried rootstocks It sounds like you will probably have to cut deeply or along a plane higher than the roots on the ario, because the pere will have grown up into the scion. I'd probably cut off the pere and wait until the ario was well calloused before placing it onto dry media. You're right that you can't give the ario anywhere near as much water as the pere or it will likely rot.
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    5 lots of pap seeds to give away for active members. Each lot will include: -Izmir earlybird -Turkish commercial -Orange chiffon - Pink peoniflorum - Large lush lilac - cottage mix (purple shredded, red/black, flags etc) And whatever else I have on hand. To claim a pack, you must have posted within the last month. Comment below and I'll message the first 5 responders.
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    Where do I begin and end? An interesting exercise I like to go through is to think about where I start and end. From a purely physical point of view, is my body a part of me? If I answer "yes", where does my body begin? What are my physical boundaries? I suppose it is obvious to some that my body has a torso, head, arms, legs etc. What about my hair and nails? They are part of my body and grow from my body, but what about after I have shed them? Are they still part of me then? What about the food I eat? Is it a part of me before I eat it? Is it a part of me while I am digesting it? What about my waste? Is it a part of me while I carry it inside my body? If so, is it still part of me after I have expelled it? Is my boundary defined as my skin edges? What about the warmth my body generates that surrounds me? Is that part of me? My breath? What about my senses? What are my senses? Are they also bound to the perception of the "external"? If I see and hear and taste and smell, are the sensations part of me? Does that extend to the source of the perception? I can see the Sun, where does the sun end and "me" begin? I can hear a long way into the distance, does the sound I perceive exist without me perceiving it? If not, does that make it part of me? What of my memories? What of others' memories of me? Are memories of me part of me? If I existed at all and memories are part of me, can I ever be non existent? When did I begin as a body? I was born, but I grew into a body before I was born. The parts that came together to create my body existed before I was created in my parents, and their parents before them... When does my body stop being part of me? When I die? If so, is my body like my hair and nails and waste? Part of me until I shed it? If so, is my body me at all if I can shed it and still exist? I don't have any answers.
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    Hi bonecud. Never heard of this before so had a bit of a Google on what people use it for, and a quick look at some of the literature. So saying that, take everything below with a grain of salt, as I clearly don't know much about it. What are you planning on using it for? The main thing I see is heavy metal detox? As a supplement like that it seems pretty dodgy. Maybe not harmful, but unlikely to be of any benefit. There's very little chance the average person has anywhere near enough heavy metals in their system to warrant a detox in any case. And to be honest, that applies to any form of detox, you're just wasting your time and cash. Of course there's the exceptions, such as naltrexone for opiate addiction, and things of that nature. Most supplements are really a complete waste of money from a therapeutic point of view. But there's no shortage of people that would totally disagree with that, so whatever floats your boat I guess. From a pharmacology point of view it seems quite promising as a scaffold for delivering other drugs, so maybe that's what your interested in? But that would mean it's already in the scaffold, so most likely real medicine right? So then as far as MAOIs, next questions would be what is the other drug, does it even have use of zeolite as a scaffold, and how and why? If you or your friend are on MAOIs, I wouldn't be taking anything your unsure of. Best bet would be to ask your/their doctor. Certainly don't listen to me for medical advice, or anyone else online. That's what doctors are for after all. And you know the old saying, alternative medicine that works is called medicine, not alternative medicine. If you are happy to say why you/they want to take it it would help I guess. But maybe that's personal so none of my business. I'd just finish with if MAOIs are working for you/them then why fuck with it? There's more important things than tripping or whatever else (and especially not some detox supplements). But these are the ramblings of someone who didn't even know you could take zeolite half an hour ago, so as I said at the start, take it all with a grain of salt, I could be entirely wrong. Am interested to see what anyone else has to say about it though.
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    If you wanted to see the San Pedro video, it is now public
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    i got peres grafts, onto lophs and ario, which are healthy since 15 years. most importantly, don't repot with a potting mix which holds moisture much better, than the potting mix already used!! the worst, for many plants (catha ephedra & co) is a water line. water line is a term used, to describe, a soil which retains moisture, much better than another soil (in this case the soil the plant came with) as well in the pot, or even in the garden. i use searls seed rising mix, and like when it turns hydrophobic. most commercial potting mix is designed to, retain moisture, something you don't want for ario and co. saguaro, gave very good advice, regarding some issues! just water, once a 14 night and nothing much over winter, if the graft fails, cut the peres out, let the ario dry for weeks and than re root, onto searls seed rising mix, or cacti mix.
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    Turnbull likens the Murdoch empire's attack on democracy to the actions of Russia in a fascinating new interview.
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    I just got altissima hard Good work Sagi
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    that sinica plant is ~ 5 years old from seed. here it is today , it always comes back strong when doing new vegetative growth
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    diatomaceous earth is your friend......cover the entire plant & soil in DE for a few days or a week. yrs ago i had a serious bug infection in my arios....plants with many crevices for critters to hide in.....DE to the rescue
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    i have posted 5 letters with 10 seeds each, enjoy. i have dried the seeds for maybe 3 weeks, but noticed the coating was still sticky, so to be save (and avoid any fungus issues) place the seeds (for storage) in the fridge, with zip bag opend.
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    Yeah, still some of us old-timers lurking here, our shapely skulls replete with forbidden knowledge.
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    I'm thinking about building a wheelie bin worm farm, anyone got one or ever built one? It's basically a bin with a tap, false bottom, holes for aeration and a porthole for easy collection of castings. You can buy them for >$400, but I'm more inclined to repurpose a clean, second hand bin if I can.
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    The photos don’t really do it any justice. Here is a YouTube clip for those interested in the process and the results that can be achieved. https://youtu.be/1HVAS4gA_lc
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    'Whiora' is a Echinopsis, Trichocereus hybrid that originates from Fields that has a pink flower. 'Whiora' was crossed with a pachanoi a few years ago by PD, mine flowered for the first time this summer.