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    eBay/Gumtree finds

    Micromega what makes u say that
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    Ferret bridgesii

    Funky! Im not sure if its Bruce or melted wax at this point hehe
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    Woweee,, what fruits are these from ?
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    six years later and i'm back

    Welcome back man
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    My Trichocereus collection

    Oof i gotta admit i struggle seeing varis used as graft stock, ouch!
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    Lophophora seed allowed thru customs or not?

    Torsten that story is Hilarious, quarantine done stuffed up bigtime, i bet someone got fired over that, a gold streak of luck for you however!
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    Eileen spination 1

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    Beautiful, huasca?
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    bondi blue

    Fantastic. Where can i get some lol
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    Rural NSW Tip find. In the landfill section. Came of a old stump that had been tossed away, i returned for the stump later to find it bulldozed. Is a very beautiful pure bridgesii that i feel neds to be shared.
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    Is There a Market for Colonised Spawn Bags

    i dare say a market would exist for even pre steralized spawn bags that havnt been innoculated yet. Alot of home growers would love them i know this =]
  16. These really are beautiful native flora , who agree's =]
  17. Thanks for the heads up,What was i thinking
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    Alkaloids present in Acacia baileyana?

    Yes i have,And it had achieved success to a extent. whether the alkaloids where Specifically DMT or one of the various other 20 alkaloids that belong to the same family is unknown.
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    Please help me ID this Acacia

    You may be right,It shares all the characteristics of dealbata, I should of thought more before i made my last comment,Its definitely Acacia dealbata .
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    Guess what? Another acacia ID request!

    Acacia longifolia sub genus, I would say its acacia longfolia Maidenii. http://www.bushfood.net/gallery/albums/userpics/10003/normal_acacia_maidenii1.jpg or like previously mentioned it could be another acacia longfolia strain obtusifolia. picture here http://media.photobucket.com/image/acacia%20Maidenii/nyseleven/Acacia_obtusifolia_0.jpg I would say its more likely obtusifolia. or a very close relative.
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    Please help me ID this Acacia

    it's not acacia dealbata aka silver wattle, it isnt grey enough and it flowers alot differently
  22. i agree , The scent excreted from a acacia longfolia strain i am currently analyzing reminds my a lot of LPG ( liquid petroleum Gas ) to be honest, Ive learn't to gauge the expected alkaloid yield and if it will yield anything by this strong almost foul LPG smell. I had to wrap my bark samples in wet waste bags to mask the smell in the car after i obtained the samples. I have been conducting research into all the acacia's (native and introduced ) in the bushland of nsw, And have had ranging success with every strain i have tested so far ( i believe the reason of my success ranging from Different end crystal formations,Colour of compound & effects etc) was due to different alkaloids present in different strains and because im still perfecting and learning my technique. I have long been familiar with entheogenic plants,And have a intermediate level of organic chemistry knowledge and experience also with physcopharmacology ( ie the study of substances and there effects on the human physcology and mentality) Alex shulgin is one of my few influences in continuing my feild of research. He is a physcopharmacologist . Any way back to the subject, I have analyzed in the last month the following strains and identified similiar patterns of results from over 3-5+ strains of acacias in nsw, The following Acacia's: (A) Acacia baileyana = 250grams - 500grams of bark from tree base (my first research into DMT presence in acacia's,) END COMPOUND: Yield was orangery more light yellow gooey freebase 1st evap [polar solvent layer][over heat source under 40 mins of 40-60c degrees] 2nd evap of smaller drops of solution over 2-3 day period yield almost dry translucent green tinged slightly spiky crystals.But still compound retained the oily appearance due to being in freebase form,to my knowledge i have always just thought freebase's occur in oil form only .. But keep in mind i am still learning and prior experience with any freebase's always required them in anhydrous form anyway. So im unsure but from the crystallization pattern i observed the freebase following i generally accepted that there must be tryptamine alkaloids present in the solution i was working with. I then proceeded to make a solution of 5-15mls of hydrochloric acid and 300mls of purified water. i then proceded to drop it over the greenish tinged freebase crystals after i scraped them from one evap dish to a fresh pyrex dish. ( approx 1gram of freebase) i used only enough Hydrochloric acid/water solution to dissolve the freebase,Immediatly a reaction occured which kind of looked like just fresh carbonated soda drink when u shake it[the bubbles ontop of the drink] i proceded to evap the solution until it evaporated completed,The precipated compound starting to come out when the solution reach the 1-2mlevel,And it was the appearence of fine slightly yellowish sand grains. I heated the compound slighty further after the solution evaporated off to continue provoking the hydrocholic acid to evap of the compound, As hydrchloric acid is hydrogen gas and chlorine , It changes back into a gas once exposed to a reaction/open air,And even tho u evap the solution of it will still remain in the end product after initial first evap. I noticed heating via flame or heat source isnt nessacary(unsure if cold surround temp played any factors) but i witness the gas evaporating naturally itself just by placing my hands underneath the pyrex dish firmly for 10 mins, My body heat ( around 37 degrees) seemed sufficient to provoke it out of the compound,After i observed the gas had stoped evaporating, I took approx 20mls of methylated spirit and heated it in a glass measuring cylinder until it started to boil,Allow it to bubble just for 2 -3 seconds,And instantly pouring it onto my evaporated compounded, Shaking the dish side to side,and back and fourth and all over combinations to ensure it washes all surface areas of the compound and dish. I then shaked the compound to one corner of the dish,And allowed the methylated spirit to collect in another,Ensure all DMT HCL was left behind,And i retried that solvent solution with a modified 10ml syringe,This solution aquired a yellowish tinge,And contains the impurities carried over from bark and extraction ( undesirable alkoloids in bark,Sodium hydroxide,Methanol,isopropyl etc) I initialy tried the compound b4 washing it,it was orangish and slightly wet in appearence from traces of solvent impurities,i will discuss the effect shortly. back to the subject, i continued washing the compound 3-4 times using more polar solvent each wash, raising the level 0.50ml each time. And the compound became white and more sand like each time considerably. I confess i only experemented considerably with my first few 1-3 gram yeilds of the yellowish orange product with a mate,Using a typical crack pipe . And bic lighter, I noticed a effect that was short lasting and really natural in its effects, The first time i tried it alone after converting a 1 gram of freebase to the HCL salt i noticed a effect of 200-300mgs smoked that was really orgasmic feeling,starting at my lower back and finish at the top of my neck just bellow the starting of my hair in the back of my kneck,This felt extremely good and lasted 8 seconds approx,It also felt like hairs were standing on end,However i dont have any body hair on my back or neck, I rule out solvent impuritys acounting for the effect allthough agree my product was impure,but mostly from impurities carried over from the bark,And perhaps small amounts of caustic, ( testing PH with litmus yeilded a instant heavy orange shade indicating PH 1-3 acidic. Acount off the hydrochloric acid convering the freebase into a hydrochloric salt. Here is the strain i analysed to obtain those results Acacia baileyana http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Acacia_baileyana.jpg i have confirmed 10+ more acacias in a 200km radius of my location consisting mostly of Acacia baileyana and Acacia dealbata. Also have found rarer strains of the acacia longfolia strains, Particular Acacia maidenii http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Acacia_maidenii.jpg and Acacia-longifolia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Acacia-longifolia-branch.jpg , and im currently working with a longifolia strain now which is proving to be the most primising yet, A a/b extraction yeilded a yellowish freebase. And i converted it the HCL with hydrochlic acid and water and left it to naturally evap over a few days a few days ago,i will be checking in on it today. The last observation i notice a considerable amount of squarish translucent crystal with alot of yellowish impurites ive yet to was off,wil keep results posted.