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    Recently planted Coleus Blumei seeds from two different sources, I've separated them by made-up strain names, Aztec and Mutant. Germination was quick taking a few days to pop up, lighting is indirect so some colour loss is expected. A couple of weeks in and they are already showing their differences in pattern and colour, the Aztec strain developed it almost immediately after the first true set of leaves appeared, whereas the mutant strain took a fair while longer. Snapshots will be taken at approximately 2 weeks apart, Aztec Strain, Coleus Blumei Mutant Strain, Coleus Blumei
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    So the purpose of this blog is to keep a running list of cacti in my collection and who they were sourced from. seed or cutting grown Peru x 'los gentiles' seed, grafted on peres x 3 (interbeing) L.B x SS2 seed, grafted on spacianus (interbeing) Peruvian 'Dawsons Bendigo' cutting (interbeing) knuthianus cutting bridgesii (collectors corner) macrogonus cutting (interbeing) bridgesii 'Ben' cutting (interbeing) icaro x super pedro seed (george_667) Super Pedro 'open pollinated' seed (Pinion) psycho0 x yowie seed (interbeing) psycho0 x J2 seed (interbeing) Trichocereus 'WK' (cacti show) Scop x short spinned peruvian seed grafted on peres (interbeing) Scop x short spinned peruvian seed (interbeing) Super Pedro cutting (Egad) Roseii 'open pollinated' seed (Pinion) mystery pachanoi? seed (Shameless) Psycho0? cutting (niggles) bridgesii clumping variety (collectors corner) fields pacanoi x psycho0 seed (interbeing) psycho0 x pach? OR fields pach x psycho0 seed (Interbeing) psycho0 x pachanoi seed Yowie cutting (niggles) eileen? cutting (niggles) TBM grafted on spachianus Scop x Juuls green giant seed (interbeing) terscheckii x psycho0 seed (interbeing) Scop Scop x psycho0 OR psycho0 x scop seed (interbeing) Peruvian x ? seed (cacti show) Peruvian x ? seed (cacti show) T. gladiatus seed (cacti show) T. pasacana seed (cacti show) p.c pachanoi non p.c pachanoi several bridgesii potent (shameless) bridgessi 'skinny' (sharxx) pachanoi monstrose x huancamamba seed (interbeing) pachanoi monstrose x huancamamba grafted on pachanoi, seed, (interbeing) mystery seedlings from bendigo? garden (interbeing) Whiora x pachanoi seed (interbeing) pachanoi x psycho0 seed x 4 (Getafix) Unidentified Sharxx cuts
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    Seed/trade list available on request, too hard to keep it up to date here.
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    I will be updating this as I find time. WIP. This is hard bloody work to be honest and going to take a lot longer than expected. I will complete it offline as time permits and update the complete list when finished. Thank you everyone!
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    I couldn't find anywhere on this site where people could post a photo of a cactus and members could Identify it. so here is a cactus I'm not sure about, good luck.
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    OmSource's Trade List Fungi Cultures -L. Edodes-cold weather -L. Edodes- 75 -L. Edodes- 44 -P. Nameko -H. Ulmarius -P. Pulmonarius -P. D'jamor -P. Nebrodensis -P. Ostreatus -P. Columbinus -G. Frondosa -G. Frondosa- Thai -G. Lucidium -G. Australe -G. Resinaceum -C. Comatos -C. Militaris -S. Rugoso-annulata- Starweed Wanted -T. Versicolor (decent strain) -L. sulphureus -Cacti cuttings and seeds
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    t. spachianus rooted plants or cuts dragon fruit aloe vera wormwood coleus lots of non ethno cacti a few types of trich ask if u want to trade some trichos all sizes of pots to give to anyone that needs them in perth styrofoam boxs
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    pictures taken in Peru...wonderful plant teacher...
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    Just some links I thought were handy as you go... http://www.shroomery.org/6257/Magic-Mushro...sage-Calculator http://www.erowid.org/plants/mushrooms/mus...ation_az1.shtml Amorphophallus bulbifer...goodi9e
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    A human test of high purity Honokiol (approx 80 - 90% Honokiol content) consumed via capsule ---- personally conducted by the creator of this site --- suggests that for a person of average weight (160 lbs), a dose of 3-4 grams is well-tolerated. At a dose as high as 8 grams, the side effect is limited to nausea ... which is frequently the case with cancer drugs. .... The administrator of this site (160 lbs), who does not have cancer, has already established that 3-4 grams of high purity Honokiol (80-90%) taken orally once weekly is non-toxic, and that 8 grams caused nausea at worst. ...... It would seem logical, based on the lab test-results with mice, that if a solution of Honokiol were to be injected directly into cancer-infected tissue in a human being via a long needle, it might kill large areas of cancer cells locally. This approach would be similar to that taken with direct injection into tissue of rabies victims, though with a cancer patient several different areas may require this approach at the same time. Whether this would ultimately slow metastasis is unknown, at it has never been tried. .... 2004 also saw the release of a study from the Institute of Medical Sciences at Tzi Chi University demonstrating that Honokiol acted as an anti-seizure agent in lab animal tests, by acting as a "selective blocker of the NMDA receptor" in the brain. ....
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    I like to grow cacti and use a combination of compost and perlite in equal parts for my mixes. I also use other things like sand and gravel in the mixes, but only as minor parts.