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Coleus Blumei [2 Strains]



Recently planted Coleus Blumei seeds from two different sources, I've separated them by made-up strain names, Aztec and Mutant. Germination was quick taking a few days to pop up, lighting is indirect so some colour loss is expected.

A couple of weeks in and they are already showing their differences in pattern and colour, the Aztec strain developed it almost immediately after the first true set of leaves appeared, whereas the mutant strain took a fair while longer.

Snapshots will be taken at approximately 2 weeks apart,

Aztec Strain, Coleus Blumei


Mutant Strain, Coleus Blumei


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I have this coleus growing wild in my garden in queensland, but it does not like the recent drought

and has shrivelled a lot. I believe it has interesting chemical properties but the lack of extensive/reputable information reguarding this plant and it's uses has me still curious. Anyone know how to use it and what for?

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harvest the leaves in Summer when the leaves are at their most potent.

If you want to, extract them, e.g, use 10 g of dried leaves, extract with your choice of agent & infuse into 1 g of dry carrier leaves. Suitable for smoking.

Chewing: roll into a quid & smoke.

The Mazatecs use them as they do Salvia 'd' leaves.

Also can be used to make tinctures, tea.

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