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Cacti Collection



So the purpose of this blog is to keep a running list of cacti in my collection and who they were sourced from. seed or cutting grown

Peru x 'los gentiles' seed, grafted on peres x 3 (interbeing)

L.B x SS2 seed, grafted on spacianus (interbeing)

Peruvian 'Dawsons Bendigo' cutting (interbeing)

knuthianus cutting

bridgesii (collectors corner)

macrogonus cutting (interbeing)

bridgesii 'Ben' cutting (interbeing)

icaro x super pedro seed (george_667)

Super Pedro 'open pollinated' seed (Pinion)

psycho0 x yowie seed (interbeing)

psycho0 x J2 seed (interbeing)

Trichocereus 'WK' (cacti show)

Scop x short spinned peruvian seed grafted on peres (interbeing)

Scop x short spinned peruvian seed (interbeing)

Super Pedro cutting (Egad)

Roseii 'open pollinated' seed (Pinion)

mystery pachanoi? seed (Shameless)

Psycho0? cutting (niggles)

bridgesii clumping variety (collectors corner)

fields pacanoi x psycho0 seed (interbeing)

psycho0 x pach? OR fields pach x psycho0 seed (Interbeing)

psycho0 x pachanoi seed

Yowie cutting (niggles)

eileen? cutting (niggles)

TBM grafted on spachianus

Scop x Juuls green giant seed (interbeing)

terscheckii x psycho0 seed (interbeing)


Scop x psycho0 OR psycho0 x scop seed (interbeing)

Peruvian x ? seed (cacti show)

Peruvian x ? seed (cacti show)

T. gladiatus seed (cacti show)

T. pasacana seed (cacti show)

p.c pachanoi

non p.c pachanoi several

bridgesii potent (shameless)

bridgessi 'skinny' (sharxx)

pachanoi monstrose x huancamamba seed (interbeing)

pachanoi monstrose x huancamamba grafted on pachanoi, seed, (interbeing)

mystery seedlings from bendigo? garden (interbeing)

Whiora x pachanoi seed (interbeing)

pachanoi x psycho0 seed x 4 (Getafix)

Unidentified Sharxx cuts

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