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  1. mauve

    Posting Khat Suckers and a Potted Button

    I have found moist sphagnum moss to be perfect for shipping plants, absorbs shocks, keep the roots healthy, it keeps everything aerated, insulated and evenly moist. Put the plant cocooned in moss in a halved plastic bottle, tape. Perfect and very light.
  2. mauve

    Cactus of the month year day thread? Which cactus is really shining for you right now?

    Pachanoi "huarazensis" basking in the sun.
  3. mauve

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    I just marveled at the amazonian goddesses and gave the mosquitoes their daily meal.
  4. mauve

    Post a random picture thread

    Sainte Chapelle in Paris.
  5. mauve

    Wim Hof Method

    Just wanted to remind everyone to not attempt any "hyperventilating activities" near water nor dangerous places/situations. For example, check the wiki page on shallow water blackout
  6. mauve

    Wim Hof Method

    I get better results (so far) if I hyperventilate; I use the upper chest opposed the diaphragm breathing. When breathing with the diaphragm (like in yoga or playing wind instrument) it is impossible to hyperventilate (in my case). I am not sure what the best way to do the breathing so I try to balance between dynamic and full inspiration (feeling the chest really expanding) and then letting go the expiration without too much precipitation nor constriction. I think that the important part is to not pause between breaths. In Japan they have onsen (hot springs) and usually you can find a very cold bath next to the scalding hot ones. It is quite a shock to the system at first (from very hot to cold) but then you feel like on a floating cloud of endorphins. It is maybe a similar mechanism in the Wim Hof method ?
  7. mauve

    Wim Hof Method

    Hey Niggles, I wanted to thank you for this interesting thread ! I started the free video "exercices" as soon as you posted about it because it intrigued me and I remembered some interesting reads from Stanislav Grof but never achieved any special state with hyperventilation, holotropic breath etc. The Wim Hof breathing cycle works well, I indeed achieved some spectacular (for me lol) feats, but what I find priceless are the experiences and feelings: I am naturally high ! It is a bit post-ayahuasca like. Maybe because of a physical process or maybe because when focusing on breathing you sometimes achieve internal silence which, as I found before, may kickstart bliss states. I am of course interested in trying more ...but as it is summer in my subtropical corner, the "cold" water that comes out of my shower reaches 30 to 40°C...I guess that I have to wait for Winter. By the way, maybe I am crazy, something amazes me every time I complete a "breathing cycle": during and after the 15 seconds that close the cycle and even a little further after, I can actually taste co2 (or 02 whatever) it is exactly like inhaling the gas in a soda bottle ! Is it just me or...?
  8. mauve

    Carlos Castaneda thread

    Don Juan to Carlos: "Your mind takes prisoners".
  9. mauve

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    Wow, Kykeion, your garden is honestly as beautiful as Horus garden ! It is very different but beautiful nonetheless ! You should be thankful to have such a nice view...the rest of humanity lives in little boxes ...
  10. mauve

    psychotria viridis identification

    @Pinkoyd, sorry for answering so late ! I found differences in leaves shapes but since that is a trait that changes a lot with growing parameters (especially light) I do not think that it is a reliable way to compare. However I do find that your peruvian chacruna outperforms the "common australian" in speed of growth and vigor and resistance...actually I am concentrating my cultivation efforts on this cultivar now !
  11. mauve

    Loph pollen wanted

    Some are self fertile some are not; it depends of the locality-strain. Usually the mexican southern forms are self sterile and the northern, east Texans (like "texana") are self fertile.
  12. mauve

    clone one

    This "clone one" pachanoi is looking very similar to the "matucana/lima" clone you posted before...interesting !
  13. mauve

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    I just checked where the Calea's native area is and indeed it is quite humid ! Maybe the difference is with the lighting ? My plant was in the Sun. There is no place in Europe for Psychotria viridis...except greenhouses !
  14. mauve

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    I don't think Calea needs any humidity, it grew very fine on a terrace in Paris so it should be ok at your location...