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The Corroboree
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Looking for some crested variant cutting.

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I don't know a lot about cacti or this defection but am looking for some that will maintain the trait with cutting propagation.

trich,loph,whatever, etc, just looking to add some verity to collection.

Don't really have much worthy of trade so am just looking to buy.

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There's no guarantee a crest will stay a crest. I've had Hamilton's Peru crest for about 6 years, got it as a crest, but it reverted and has never gone back.

Many crests will produce sports, or pups of normal columnar growth. Its usually a good idea to remove these, as the plant will mostly put it's energy into these at the expense of the fasciated part.

I've got some crests I could part with, send me a msg if you like.

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Posted (edited)

I second everything glaukus said, but even if you loose the crest with one cutting, an other cutting will maybe even look better than the mother plant!

when my crest, went "normal" again, they produced a single column at the base and than, branched into three columns.

in short something which looks very cool as well.


as well you can pm me for some crested material, I want to reduce my collection.

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