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What did you do in your sacred garden today?

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Thanks Bullit.

Can't tell you how many nights i have spent tripping balls in my garden with my nose buried in these flowers intoxicated with the scent and in awe of their beauty.

And mate a pic of Zeke at 9 months old. You'll appreciate that.























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Thanks Bullit.

Can't tell you how many nights i have spent tripping balls in my garden with my nose buried in these flowers intoxicated with the scent and in awe of their beauty.

And mate a pic of Zeke at 9 months old. You'll appreciate that.


attachicon.gifPhone Pics 221.jpg

attachicon.gifPhone Pics 222.jpg

attachicon.gifPhone Pics 223.jpg

attachicon.gifPhone Pics 224.jpg

attachicon.gifPhone Pics 225.jpg

attachicon.gifPhone Pics 226.jpg

attachicon.gifPhone Pics 227.jpg

attachicon.gifPhone Pics 228.jpg

attachicon.gifPhone Pics 229.jpg

attachicon.gifPhone Pics 231.jpg

attachicon.gifPhone Pics 232.jpg

attachicon.gifPhone Pics 233.jpg

attachicon.gifPhone Pics 234.jpg

attachicon.gifPhone Pics 235.jpg

attachicon.gifPhone Pics 236.jpg

attachicon.gifPhone Pics 248.jpg

attachicon.gifPhone Pics 249.jpg

attachicon.gifPhone Pics 250.jpg

attachicon.gifPhone Pics 252.jpg

attachicon.gifPhone Pics 253.jpg

attachicon.gifPhone Pics 218.jpg

thanks m8 love the pics and i have spent many of nites looking @ these beauties also your hound is looking like a checky lil man lol

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The petal and i went down the coast on the weekend to unplug................remember that mangs......everybody needs abit of time sometimes to unplug, rejuvenate and refocus the centre.

Walked the beach, breathed the air and went for a goosy gander.................a captain Cook -if you will - at a local nursery.

We found some funny exhibits and some very interesting ones. So not strictly MY sacred garden but with the amount of food and aesthetic plants to ogle , it was a splendid arvo nonetheless.

post-4664-0-32313400-1432027281_thumb.jppost-4664-0-08232600-1432027316_thumb.jp cool huh

post-4664-0-96104800-1432027379_thumb.jp engrish at it's best


post-4664-0-03615300-1432027505_thumb.jp :shroomer:


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showered and left to humidify: some phaelenopsis hybrids a local plant shop let me have 5 for a bargain a couple a months ago..

ones been gifted away but two of them have suffered quite badly in all the scorching sun at my last mate's pad they were staying at.


i guess thats the annoying thing , the (guessing) hybrids sold here seem to have slightly different parameter requirements to eachother?

and a one size fits all treatment must have like ...., not much overlap room for error - type thing...?

anyhoo ..

back to their original lighting arrangements..post-14443-0-75242000-1432298347_thumb.j

and in the mean time ..

off i fk

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Found a warm spot for my caapi to spend the winter.

Cross fingers it makes it through its first melbourne winter.


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Hey it seems m automnalis has indeed reverse season there..

up potted couple chillies , among them red habaneros (going up in the scoville rate)

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enjoyed seeing maidenii and dealbata subalpina had pulled through thanks to mother nature, ,,


tried to work out if i was looking at mapacho or "new to me latua pubiflora"


fed the rfb

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must've really done my homework and worked my little fingers to the bone for years for a good reason...

coming back to this yesterday was like being hugged by my kitty or something ..













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pruned the tunkunaka and added the clips to the aeroponic pod ..

did the same with voacanga africana as planned about 3 quarters of a year ago or something...

decided to prune the alba and just gave water today with no feed..


also added 1.5litres of distilled water to a my dealbata wattle

and about the same of rain to my dealbata subsp alpina..

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lightly fed the RFB[yesterday]

and dealbata started producing beautiful phyllodes and the damaged tip from being folded into a box just slightly too small [maybe 9-10" too small] is starting to wake back up thankfully..








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well independence day came nicely with a view at my next paddock...

which will need a damn good spruce up and some serious adjustments,,,

looks like the wallpaper has been being re-papered over rather than replaced each time...since the fkn 70s!

dnno what it is lately but since that rooftop pad... I seem to be scoring tall windows to grow the planties in.. along with windowsills that are actually big enough to hold a decent plant pot ..

so i planned out some LED lighting and some expansion of the rainforest box...

planned on meshing the windows for bug-free ventilation..

the place is a wind trap so I don't think fans will be required..

still working at it now..




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spent a couple of hours dismantling and scrubbing 6 months

of algae build up on the rainforest box Yukutlan..

packed it all up and plasti-tubbed the plants for transit ...

shifted them across the meadows and through the coppices...

and set it back up.

-did a bit of pruning and maintenance and sang into my planties box too and gave them my energy.

used the plasti-tub for my orchids that kept me going all this time an hopefully they will appreciate the warmth and humidity : ]

































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Major freak out allergic reaction today-

was taking care of my plants, a wasp jumped right out and stung my hand I am allergic.

took the snakebite kit drew out venom, it was yesterday but hand is very swollen today it is going up my arm.

We have no healthcare here, doc is far aweay and costs too much.

current prez of USA is #@%*!! and did not really get us healthcare as lies indicated he would before.

Stings are highly alkaline, good to put vinegar on them then later add baking soda/oatmeal or combination

helps neutralize and draw out venom, do not use vinegar and baking soda at the same time or they neutralize.

sorry if I seem freaked out fear and panic are one of the reactions to bee venom allergy not because I am afraid it is chemical

I must stay out of the heat and keep still will knock myself out a while so I don't try to work more now.

have to keep cool'

does anyone know a good preparation of belladonna for wasp sting, internal or external?

Not for psycho effects, , just relief from swelling

and etc tropane alks often have been used for this (swelling, sting)

does anyone have a recipe suggestion or preparation

I will be ok just have to rest and stay out of heat not sweat thx

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mate, I havent a clue myself but dived into goog to try help

i know arnica is used for wasp stings ... but that it can also be an allergen too ..

this is what i just came up with after filtering through the "homeopathic kits for sale" results

I will paste what it says and add a link

Nature 86, 312-312 (04 May 1911) | doi:10.1038/086312c0

Belladonna Plaister for Bee-Stings


Top of page


SOME years ago it occurred to me to try the experiment of treating bee-stings with belladonna plaister;

and, as this remedy is remarkably efficacious, and as I have met no one who was aware of the cure,

I have intended for a long time to ask you to put the fact on record in your columns.

If the sting is but slight, there are no unpleasant effects at all when belladonna is at once applied, and the plaister may be removed after a comparatively short time;

if the sting is severe—i.e., as I suppose, if it has entered a vein—it may be necessary to retain the plaister for several days;

and in such case, although there will be swelling and some irritation,

both these unpleasant effects will be very notably less than in cases where no belladonna has been used.

Of course, as some people are extremely susceptible to bee-poison, it is quite possible that they may not find a belladonna-treated sting so small a matter as I find it; but I presume that they will find at least a proportionate alleviation.

In the summer-time my children run about the garden bare-footed, and not unfrequently they step upon a bee and get stung.

At once there is a shout for “belladonna”; it is put on; and we never hear another word about the sting.

I have also found belladonna give great relief from a wasp-sting.

I should be very glad to hear the result if anyone living in a “mosquito”—;ridden part of the country would try the experiment of applying belladonna to mosquito-bites. It might well be quite useless; but, on the other hand, it might serve.


As far as I gather from the above, it seems some belladonna plant material (i should imagine crushed leaves?) are held to the sting

like a poultice but it's pretty non-specific

I sure hope you get some relief and please let us know that you're ok soon as you are cuz I've seen peanut allergies b4 so pining for ya buddy and wishing you healed/healing as soon as possible...

one thing though, it seems this is one of the threads less folk post in so I hope more folk will see it

maybe make a thread and copy n paste your post to it?

or post it in the cactus today thread?

or perhaps the pharmacology threas?

I will keep scouring for what else I can find but it is out of my knowledge base unfortunately

so I cant say I've used it myself or that what I can find from the net will work..

-but i will be sure to try it next sting..

also found a source saying that turning it into an ointment of cream is good but its not as if you got time for that cuz it has no recipe and says nothing else.... so still hunting...

here's the best homeopathic one i can find with relevance


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I seem to have survived.

fear and 'impending doom' are one of the big effects of wasp allergies.

Tropane alkaloids are tricky, hard to gauge how much might be absorbed through the skin

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:) flying ointment lol

the only thing even close nightshades Ive known of before is juice of thorn apple and..

(ive only grown datura metel of the daturas and haven't had an opportunity to put the "heal with no scars" to use with it yet)

... and tepezcohuite ..

for stings n burns ..

those wasps be bastages though and glad you're pulling through me olde' china

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today in my sacred garden I reunited with a very kindred spirit brought to awaken by the hands of a another... post-14443-0-88421600-1437522637_thumb.jpost-14443-0-81115400-1437522640_thumb.j

prepared some new tall pots for the Yukutlan RFB..


my backs fucked big time so I only managed to repot one of the plants .. long tall sally

and Im up all night anyway after a good round of busting since my cycle started

(no not my fkn menstrual cycle b4 anyone cracks that joke , that comes later ;) )

so the morning might come round with a repotted chocolate tree, cielo aya and psychotria alba..


the new pots are the same volume as the largest pots already in the RFB; so I don't need any extra soil to repot the above plants..

and that's rather fortunate since for the last 2 weeks my fave soil has been sold out...

performed acupuncture on a few pots by adding some barbeque skewers for support

[after giving up on tryna track down venetian blinds wands for a "cane" that won't grow fungus in 100% humidity ..


so I took a couple of pics while I was doing it..






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my noncactoid collection of sacred plants going bigger


Cagha edulis PH2


Psychotria alba, colorata, viridis 'Shipibo'


P. alba var.tonsa, Brasil + Peru


Catha edulis Narrow Leaf + Dimma


Salvia divinorum Roots


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:) mmm there's a little rootling happening in the aeropod to add to them soon Huachu'

Today I found some ericaceous and repotted all but the 5 smallest cells in the RFB ..

left a gap for the next round of viridis cuttings ...


and added my Paqarena (aeroponic pod[magick waterfall])


..to my new paddock which I haven't decided on what to name ...

maybe 'the tropic of horsia #2' ? ... or how about 'Equestria' :3

...and dared myself to take an Ibogan cutting to add..


finally got my sprayer here too so gave the chinese elm a spray down which was nice..post-14443-0-98285000-1437691823_thumb.j

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how do you keep fungus out of the rainforest chamber?
small fans?

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it only shows it's self on bamboo canes so far .. as white myc'... and haven't needed to control any fungus in there ever ..

although the olde miracle gro compost i started out with fruited a few mushrooms; I haven't seen them since

(i thnk RFB is about 3yrs old now)

they're all plants that thrive in 100% humidity so I assume their immune systems keep any non-beneficial fungus at bay,

speaking of which.. i just came back to add another pic : 3


and oh yeah, .. the grafx card fans are for air circulation and even heat distribution after having the idea of having them blow on the LEDs to prolong their life a smidge.., that's all..

Alicia anisopetala seems to prefer them the most in there.. ,2nd; theobroma cacao..

the last 2 days showed me that the fans being on constantly was beneficial for strengthening the Iboga shoots that were flopping all over the place prior..

and hope you're feeling better, did you try the belladonna leaf on the sting? how'd it go?

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Put the bigger fan on/in the Yukutlan al night to give the plants a little stem strengthening mini-'storm'


re-added a rooted plantlet of Psychotria nervosa back to the Yukutlan [RFB] after losing one in there but having kept it going via a cutting in the Paqarena [aero pod] luckily ..

took a cutting again just in case too..


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