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  1. This is in regards with what is generally called black rot. I don't remember having seen or read any real treatment for this, I rather remember reading that it's kind of a mystery and that there's no real cure for it. I should be adding a photo or two later today... Now, I have 2 certain clones, a bridgesii and a backeberger pachanoi , they're both black rot positive- they both came from the same US vendor and all new clones I made from them also developed this. I noticed that the this black rot thing is revealed/activated when cuts/pups are taken. This behaviour has led me into believing that if this is a fungi that lives inside these cacti, and they come out/reveal when the cactus is hurt/cut, maybe because it knows it's time to find another host ... because it sure seems to understand when the plant is cut from its roots... So 1) These are the only cacti that have the rot, do my other cacti risk contamination? 2) Is there any cure?? Or I should live with them and / or find others without black rot? 3) I suppose that these positive to black rot clones would be less valued commercially, sold as ornamentals or for graftin purposes, what do you think? I also fear that a scion grafted on a black rot positive clones might be in danger or infected or the joint point / graft might be at risk? What do you think? I am really willing to read about what you people think about this stuff...
  2. This section seriously needs a non- ID "show of your wild finds" thread, pinned I would say oh yes it started Macrolepiota procera
  3. Mandragora Hey anyone growing or having any experience or cool link for mandrake cultivation, especially of established plants ? (only saying this because i dont have any seeds yet, so I cannot talk about growing from seed) mistakes I made so far *needn't more free draining soil, more perlite, f.e. *hurried them a bit in the begining, lost a few to rot, combined with heavy rich soil I would like to discuss how you rest, at the dormancy period I was reading that some times the plants stop growing if they reach the bottom of the pot (therefore they need big pots) , but its difficult to understand if its resting for dormancy (depending on hemisphere and species) or just stopped for a while (dried current rozette) and will continue / sprout a bit later again. So seeing the majority of my plants driying out, and only one having flowered ( well they were transplanted from the wild so they're had a stressful year), I decided to carefully uproot them after I read a while, in case they were already dormant and I was still watering. On the other hand, some that had dried earlier, started throwing leaves again!, so I left some in their pots too. Thankfully they are ok, indeed they all had reached the bottom of the pot, the new roots are satisfyingly fatty given the circumstances - also TWO of them are starting a rozete (leaves) , and I think another too. http://postimage.org/'> so my questions.... 1. what about those broken rootlets and also that tiny little plant? will in survive dormancy till september or its too thin and it will dry up? What about planting them now (supposely, a month or less before their nomral dormancy) ? Can they loose their circle? What about planting them, but leaving a piece above... What about planting rootlets of mandrake to propagate horizontaly? anyone done it? 2. I am thinking of taking also some fatter root cuttings - tstarted hinking about them like underground cacti. Is it a good idea? and if I take them, I should better let them rest , then re pot in september (begining of season) ? 3. Can they be hurried up? and if yes, then I suppose the critical period which one should not push them but rather let them rest is the resting/dormancy after each years flowering? 4. How do you let it dormant (plant or root without soil) ? like bulbs? (f.e. bulbous flowers) dry and cool place, away from sunlight and so? Cheers and hopefully there are a couple opinions on these matters grow on
  4. I am a fan of extreme cinema horror / weird you name it ... I will only name one film for now, that I have stated that it is probably (and so far!) the most disturbing of the most disturbing films of all time, "A Serbian film" (2010) Dont rush to watch it if you havent seen Saw, hostel and other extreme horror films of the so called "torture/revenge" subgenre or in generally not having been prepared. This is perhaps related with the subject: what other films are like Saw/Hostel/Cube etc .... === will definately come back with some recommendations if there is interest
  5. m.bombycina m.bosacana mammi sumthing Stenocactus lamelosus Rebutia sp rebutia sp astrophytum myriostigma
  6. Alright, I got sent those acacia seeds from a fabulously generous SAB member, I thank him a lot! A. acuminata [two strains] A. neurophylla subsp. neurophylla A. neurophylla subsp. erugata A. obtusifolia A. phlebophylla So having had not so much success with xerophytic plants any tips on how to germ these seeds [nicking, burn, soaking in warm water] and how to handle the seedling [what kind of medium, rich~poor, freedraining or what? do they tolarate root disturbance, do they need humidity tent at first?] will be very appreciated. Of course I would and will experiement until I get something that works, but some tips beforehand will sure help PS: I recently got a mini greenhouse to use as a large tent for grafts and stuff, you think it's a nice spot for seedlings to grow?
  7. I a sagittarius / archer I fit in the characteristics of sags a lot I cannot stand oppression, I am a free spirit, I cope with lots of things/hobbies/interests, like to explore, I am social and 'lucky', even though I never believed in luck, but in free will. Sometimes I annoy people with my enthousiasm and over-talkative-ness [read: break their balls because i talk too much overenthusiastically about something].
  8. It seems bridgesii is one of the funkiest cacti ever in the monstrosity sense, in that they tend to have many forms, many strains, many types of weirdness. we even have two "melted wax" clones, the infamous slow growing crest and the columnar melted wax Most say there are 2 types of penis, TBM, the rarer type A which does larger dicks (I dont own it, buying or trading it though, PM me) and the more common type B. I remember some dude mentioning a third type of penis but dont remember.. I also remember a discussion about how the bridgesii crest now and then throws out a penis and M Smith saying something like "you're supposed to cut the dicks so as the crest prevails" or something like that.. I dont remember where this discussion happened... If you remember / find anything, throw the link in the thread. What nobody said or reported ,as far as I remember , is: 1) what happens if you root the cut penises from a meltedwax crest ? how does it evolve? 2) what happens if you root a penis cutting with no areoles? I doubt type B TBM would do anything interesting, but I havent tried this out.. what I got is both a couple penises from melty crest mothers and a large areole-less cutting of the same clone for rooting. So apart from the dicks and the one (?) type of crest we also got a couple named clones from around the world most ethnobotanically advanced societies of today.. we got "melted wax" columnar monstrosa , this is the most monster of other less weird specimens I had grown in the past.. there is also lotusland , I assume these two come from USA, then there is also the ozzie Bruce, I think, I remember its a semi-monstrosa bridgesii as welll... maybe there are a couple other ozzie clones / names I miss? throw them in! Me I had met with semi-monstrosities in bridgesii before, first it was that "praktiker" strain I had, which shifted rib count a lot , later it was a very blue, "bridgesii of the 4 winds" that went 4-rib often, now this too plays a lot with rib count. I have grown for relatively little time both melted wax mosntrosa and lotusland and these two seem a pretty interesting, with melted wax being the most wild. PS: will comeback with photos , but it will take time to grow more of these. PS2: pictures of two different columnar strains , side by side, or the two TBMS, type A and type B, are greatly wanted in discussing the phenotypes, so I offer a freebie to anyone who offers such a photo here in the thread. I can make at least one such photo, with melted wax and what I think is lotusland, as I lost the labels...
  9. mutant

    awesome greek music

    Genia tou Chaous = Chaos generation - legendary greek hc-punk band TA LOGIA = THE WORDS (CHAOS GENERATION) http://www.discogs.com/artist/578802-%CE%93%CE%B5%CE%BD%CE%B9%CE%AC-%CE%A4%CE%BF%CF%85-%CE%A7%CE%AC%CE%BF%CF%85%CF%82 live 2009 studio LP 2012 *** live 2009 studio 2012 these are two for the lastest songs of what perhaps is the single most important greek hardcore-punk band of the 80s, which came back in 2009 to play live and also give us 3 more songs.. , 2 of which I present you here...
  10. In seeing how my "taqaquirensis" seedlings looklike taquimbalensis, and noting that some people's werdermanianus also look taquimbalensis, I am pretty thrilled to compare all of them. Well we got some mature ones to show, again, compare with the last photo if ya like to judge the growth speed. 1. taquimbalensis plain, came with a kk number from sab. Mostly straight spines 2. taquimbalensis var wilka, seed grown, love this clone because it's still a 7-ribber and its probably my darkest-green coloured tricho. It's definately NOT as fast as "Efi" , but EFI spent 1 year on a pereskiopsis... 3. taquimbalensis var wilka forma EFI . This clone has earned its name in my opinion for a number of reasons. It got named after my ex, which was a pretty curvy girl, and so is this clone. Note that this EFI specimen was taken from the mother plant, was rooted and eventually got to be bigger than the seed grown wilka (2) that is of the same age like the EFI motherplant. Efi and the awesome 7-rib wilka (2) are coming from the same seed batch. I got another two of them outside , in the ground, but I should probably take them out to grow in a proper containter. Efi is pretty willing to increase her rib number and has the most awesome ribs - also this my only female trichocereus ! , oh, there's Eileen too!
  11. traces of mealy was not in the spot which pupped, it was in the previous 'branch'
  12. I wonder what would be the main characteristics of these fatty trichs, as well as other similar trichs of the fatty 'family'... They grow more slowly than the fast growing trichs, I know that. They have more dense and long spination than pachanoi family. What else? I am supposedly growing both species, so it should be fun
  13. mutant

    Mandrake cultivation discussion

    pretty clear they dont exactly like and support demonic plants around here... I would love to be reading the info I am giving! probably some bad datura experience of everyone of the old sab crowd , typical with every early old hippy. I used to read datura reports in erowid and be amzed by the motive I saw in all experiences... amazing, just amazing how these medicinal plants got so involved in and around the evil the devil... and how idiots around the world were so eager to get stoned that they went through the datura delirium, sometimes is could go really bad... respect devil plants have to grow to understand.... mandragora belladona hyoscyamus datura UTD
  14. taratatzum-tzum tzum! I said this somewhere, here it comes, only here and now seed givaway (nitrogen original seed) PM me europe prefered, US too no problem and anywhere as sending to oz is both formally illegal and thus risky (could make and exception or two though) its so nice having been here all these years thank you all I should and will give away these seed as a last(?) thank you I havent decided the creterion to which I should send and why, so you could improvise... in yr PMz you could as well write or think: ".... you cunt, you received them as a freebie , gifted with them, as an actual cactus grower, and actually didn't do anything with them !!! ...." well, you're right, only got a couple smallie ones.... from mostly one strain.... well thats why I am giving the rest of seed away, because this kind of seed should not be wasted on my hands and my lazy sowing style OK I got a rule (by which you write to me and I decide If you get seed ) : if there are 3 replies, and 1 is bold and enthousiastic and 2 are lukewarm the enthousiastic guy get all the seed... lukewarms get nuthing... people who are willing to further spread the seed / seedlings off it to other people will be definately prefered... extras like zelly's ariocarpus seed I never sowed and generic (?) lophophora seed should be expected for those who get the seed packs plus, I know I am cunt cunt is a word... hippies real word / life warriors will never be afraid of words, because human life was and is still based on words...
  15. mutant

    Mandrake cultivation discussion

    yeah but are you asking about outside conditions, both here and in the island I first got it? island is zone 9 or zone 10 I am in zone 8+ zone 9 or something modern shaman> I think officinarium has a different (reverse?) cycle than automnalis and I expect it grow better in colder zones shonman I hope you are not trying with the wrong species I already told about the periods that plant acts but here's it once again CYCLE
  16. mutant

    Show off your freaks

    havent noticed this on mine at all.. but mine are full sun year long alomst how long has it been grafted? have you seen real myrti-geometrizans spines? I still have two strains of it i assumed they're the same, but they could well not be.
  17. mutant

    Mammillaria ID

    sab turning up to be quite the cactus forum for IDs even! maybe it was called monstrosa because it seems indeed to be an "inermis" (spineless) form of some "proper" species..
  18. zelly, re>> lophos, I would say non caespitosas really like deep pots, so I would really recommend deep and narrow pots for the tap root of the real l. williamsi when seedling width is not really needed, but depth yeah, not unlike, say mandrake or other plants with fatty roots so like zelly said for a 5mm lopho you would like a 10-12 cm deep pot, with narrow margin and when it gets 2 cm, you put in in even deeper pot, narrow margin again. because for this cactus, its optimal for it to have the most depth to develop the carrot root same for other carrot root cacti
  19. depends on many parameters, mainly in what you're growing and its root habits but also the type of pot (clay, plastic, how many holes etc) most of all, it all has to do with growing style trial and error following the "rules" or not make your own style! some times it even has to do with whether you want the plant to get really big, or you want to control its girth and growth gradually
  20. mutant

    I am a better zodiac sign than you are

    I would change sagi to "happy cunt" leo to "proud cunt" and aquarium to "confused and confusing cunt" other than that I like! cancer, I would also say "sensitive cunt"
  21. after some attempts of me narcisus getting attention with astrology , with variable results , like http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?s=350626b4fa697ad20cb24474b382c34b&showtopic=28559&hl= and http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?s=350626b4fa697ad20cb24474b382c34b&showtopic=28840&hl= I had to do this, and I joyfully do/did/be doing this.. out ========== There has to be said that there no better zodiac positions than others, or at least this is the challenge of our lifes... but I cannot be really objective and us believers has all favourite signs! me I love fire signs, we are all awesome, especially us sagis... aries can be a a pain in in the ass with their hastiness, and tendency to injure everyone including them selves, but they nevertheless awesomely first to go and restart... all saggitarians, leos, aries , luv and how couldnt you love them? especially us sagis , the most supposedly irritating thing about is that we are enthousiastic and fucken children . leo are proud and creative and even if they're jealous and possesive, they dont show it... all are real, great egoists, in their own sense, which might ring some bells to real philosophers about what hapiness is about... ##### (sun in sagit, asc in sagit, moon in leo, sun in 1st house (Aries) #### lets go to water... well I dig some scorpio element, not for my girl though, I think, not second time and especially not with that scorpio asc X scorpio girl, which has her very nice elements though,,, shit, dunno , now that I am drunk enough.... I am more atttracted by her gemini friend.... This scorpio is most definately not for me .... needless to say, scorpio is deep and deep is nice exploring the truth and be able to transform ... I like that I have some scorpio in me, enough to think of revenge and stories in my mind, but not enough or not enough fucked up to feel it threatening my sanity.. on the contrary its liberating in a sense... anyways... scoprio is decent, is strong, dont really fuck with scorpio... I am all fire but respect scorpio for a couple things... pisces, like them, got some in me... esoterica, introvertion, the hidden, the untold, the unspoken... how could I tell you here about them? its lots of stuff I dig them... Drugs is also a piscean subject, like that too. Also find interesting that piscean people relate themselves better with hospital/institutional stuff better, like in keywords "prison" and "mental house" cancer ## now this zodiax sign is of some problem to me as I totallly dont seem to fit / match with those people even though I often find cancer women sexy and attractive.... what a bummer... I have many friends that are somewhat cancers, and my father is too.. I have to make friends with cancers and their mentality if I am to find peace in this world... or at least thats what I am thinking of the combination astrology experience with past shit.... cancers misunderstand everything and often miss what the fuck humour, sarcasm and all playing aroung is about ... get fucking real and stand up for your sensitivity you fucking softies... we need your sensitivity yuo fucken idiots dont mijsjudge every fucking thing one might think about you.. you got your home, your sense of security, we dont come to steal you that , just to see what the fuck you standing for... peace out
  22. mutant

    This section needs a "show wild finds" thread

    #258, consider Psathyrella... #260 nice big agaricus dont know which you mean? the Gumnopilus?
  23. potted a couple of the OZ cuzco-crest clone which seems be misspassing as a peruvian, lately, no need to do the mistakes the US scene did in the 90s also watered the newly rooted 2x bridgesii crests and 2x strange pachanoid/peruvian, also from oz .... I know I am a propagation freek, but I think that over propagation, especially from smaller cuttings is essential to knowing a monster phenotype - or maybe it gets you a certain knowledge, not allowing you to see how it would evolve, which is something I am trying to do (pachanoi crest is ideal for mealies and whatnot nests, especially in large plants, which are very curly and compress... ) and i hope I can see some flowers on crest/monsters pachanoi mother plants ... I dont entirely share the view of zelly for "trichocerei that go into the ground" - trichocerei can be very happy in pots too... for what its worth two more ozzie strains will be grown in my place... we will see if they are "peruvianus", even though its pretty obvious to be one of the strains is cuzcoid... I am thrilled, since i have been growing 2 strainsof pachanoi monster, one faster than the other, extensively - now I got 2 more tricho monster strains.....
  24. is gaining reputation and popularity - doing more "lame" raps to my ears