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  1. ok so in this thread I will try to pool all the data I go through whilst swattling up.. and add all the links I found useful to it so that they are readily accessible over the years-long path I am currently on. -and hopefully be of use to other beings with an interest in these amazing beings too.. in either entertainment, knowledge or passion.. but here's how the story goes... About 4 r 5 years[ish] ago, after I tripped into a mine of vast peaks and troughs in a forest of healing and spiritual awareness with freedom long sought to ride on the backs of large cats therever after...:- I had my first hot water tek success with mimosa tenuiflora. I then went on to hunt more hot water tek plant seed; full of the joys and novelty of boiling something to wake it up.... And just how fascinating, yet again, nature was ... I discovered that Acacias were right up my avenue , really pretty and had historical importance to my own childhood pre- age 4.. and the fragrances are deliciously immaculate! and that it would be really special to be able to grow some.. ...and that the Robinia and Gleditsia I had grown up around were the trees I had been trying to ID for years with no tools or help or much clue back then.. and were the false "Acacias" ...at the same time I discovered Acacias were responsible for my favourite fragrances that only appeared in january february time [and colourful sprays of sunshine in season at my ex's florists all those years ago] for myself through sniffing all the flowers whenever nobody was looking :- I also learned of mimosa scabrella from their resources too. And probably because of florists and their calling acacia flower: mimosa, and often calling mimosa flower; acacia - I had already seen the riddle tying the tongues of the unwitting but thunk nothing of it back then. So I managed to procure a pack of 20 or 30 Acacia podalyriifolia and Acacia mearnsii seeds from uk and some smalls of Acacia maidenii and very smalls of Acacia confusa and Acacia simplex seeds from the states,... So I set to work ... and cracked the Acacious nut with podalyriifolia first x3!! mearnsii had zero ... so i kept trying whilst hunting a diff supplier , ended up finding one in india.. so I bought 100 they still havent worked yet for me though even now but I'm going to try to source Aus ones to see if I can get em going.. but then scabrella fell into my hands from europe, which added a new dimension/twist and taught me deeper.. I finally sprouted scabrella after a 3rd attempt depleting the seed packet and lost it at 1.5 inches.. ..so later armed with some fresh scabrella nuts from another european.. I managed to get them germinating every try ! but they didnt like transferring out of the home built propogator I made for them. The largest scab I got one to, was 2 foot.. and didn't like the switch to the conservatory... unlike podalyriifolia and tenuiflora - podalyriifolia were lost a lot later in hardiness tests outdoors.. tenui's when I tried to bonsai them. but it was mid winter and i hadn't attuned into natures rythms here until about a year or two later. So it was at that point that I learned that there is a right time for everything , and that wasn't one of them x] ..next to sprout was maidenii and simplex which really made my whole year! and shortly after; confusa... thanks to priceless advice from the seed supplier in the states (WSS) so I started hunting more and finally hit gold in Aus' with some obtusifolia, acuminata(both kinds), and some floribunda!! I managed to get acuminata germinated first time I think , 3 of them again i forgot which phyllode type now but guessing narrow from how they got on. They loved uk outdoors all last year (2014) from spring until winter/something else thrashed them. This is where I learned that conservatories and greenhouses were not necessarily just for tomatoes and globuose cacti :3 and could be heated cheaply. so I put the Acacia path on hold because I really needed to study more .. and take more acacia and mimosa into my system of workings -especially about the possibility of using peanut or butterbean inoculants if I can't get ahold of any Wattle-gro ..and I went on to enjoy the temporary retirement in the joys of cactical ops and specimen hunting. So for now I only have limited access to the tropic of horsia until I can create a new one - since "the olde one" is definitely not conducive to growing mimosoids from seed again. or I would've dove in by now. And she stuck the beautiful bailyana purpurea I bought her out in winter in feb and I think it's a gonner perhaps my maidenii and dealbata subalpina have made it though which is awesome. I am planning and envisaging a lot of indoor/inhouse growing in smaller spaces with artificial growing conditions for the foreseeable, - my fave subject !! until i can get a garden again and start plans on a tunnel In my net-scourings I learned of phlebophylla and how it needs to flower and seed to become un-rare and that my current natural climate here may actually benefit it in some way.. sowing them and obtusifolia are on hold for now until I get back into the swing of things. but still hunting down things ready for them like granite sand and granite gravel, and of course - seed. Then the cactaceous period began with an invasion of trichosaurs... And then the previously sought permission promise rug was spitefully pulled out from underneath the tropic of horsia because it was getting too many compliments and about to take off as a small orchid and bonsai/ tropicals supply store... so not that I'm going to let dragons stand in my path... I decide to up the tempo whilst moving on to greener pastures and draw up a list of Acacia species that I will be having a bash at , that I'm aiming to collect 100 [or more] of each species' seed to have banked at all times ... -so as to have ample chance at success and backup if ever necessary... ....and all the other stuff I can do/collect in prep for now.. but any helpful input is gladly welcomed..., -as are folk who want to sell seeds to me or trade them with me -PM me by all means. ...http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=41438&hl= -and anyone wanting to post cool things to help or ask questions if I or another SAB'er can help them, -or their pics and stuffs if they don't want to make a thread on it themselves..., -or anyone elses' experiences whilst learning from growing with the Mimosoid plants..., -and any input on inoculation and perhaps if soil from olde Robinias would be good?, Fab-Ace-Yeah! Here's the planned list so far for seeds not live plants (that'll come when she's right too) I've managed to score so far.. Acacia acuminata broad phyllode -landed Acacia acuminata narrow phyllode -landed Acacia acuminata small seed -landed Acacia alpina -hunting Acacia auriculiformis -landed Acacia baileyana -hunting Acacia baileyana purpurea -landed Acacia boormanii -hunting Acacia burkittii -landed Acacia concurrens - hunting Acacia confusa -landed Acacia courtii -landed Acacia cyclops -landed Acacia cyanophylla -hunting Acacia dealbata subsp alpina -hunting Acacia doratoxylon -landed Acacia floribunda -landed Acacia genistifolia -landed Acacia jonesii -20 landed Acacia linifolia -landed Acacia maidenii -landed Acacia mearnsii -landed Acacia minuta -hunting Acacia mucronata var. longifolia -landed Acacia neriifolia -30 -on way Acacia neurophylla -landed Acacia obtusifolia -landed Acacia phlebophylla -4 -hunting Acacia podalyriifolia -landed Acacia pravissima -hunting Acacia pycnantha -landed Acacia retinodes -landed Acacia suaveolans -30 -hunting Acacia terminalis -landed Acacia saligna -landed Acacia seyal -landed Acacia simplex -landed Acacia sophorae -landed Acacia spirorbis -hunting Acacia terminalis -landed Acacia victoriae -landed Mimosa arenosa -10 - only trying 10 Mimosa ophthalmocentra -15 -hunting Mimosa scabrella -60 -hunting Mimosa tenuiflora -20 -hunting Mimosa pudica -landed Anadenanthera peregrina - if I ever get there - 3 seeds for to have close possibly non viable for now Desmanthus Illinoensis -14 -banked for a while Desmanthus leptolobus - 100 - landed I plan on taking plenty of photes.. and some funky pics of my take on the hot water tek and scratch art tool for seed coat removal ...and "tail pooping" tek. in the meantime here's a cool wattle vid I found
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    Thanks mr T
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    Cactus of the month year day thread? Which cactus is really shining for you right now?

    I'm not sure if this has already been done but after seeing so many places have a "plant of the week" and stuffs like it... I felt a real glow from super pedro today ... from miles away.. so my "cactus of the week" is mmmmm hokuto pedro ken Trichocereus "super pedro" so, if I may, what's yours?
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  6. sept 29 2021 wintering move half done.. enough for one day 

    2021 winter bringing in cactus of horsia.jpg

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    awe fuck yeah .. *creams* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWIXriiDZeU&ab_channel=Belladonna-Topic
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTdQkKpr98Q&ab_channel=ThebestdreamIhad still nah linking properly after all them years no? what a schitzersniffer eh
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    How to recognize a Trichocereus validus

    to me... a bunch of Trichocereus validus , am I wrong? - micromegas' plant This one labelled valida , I believe in order to keep 2 clones separately named as so .... reminds me of a lumberjackus on steroids!!! -purely by haircut alone though ... - Fields plant http://trichoseriousethnobotany.blogspot.co.uk/2012/01/trichocereus-valida.html and on to a progeny from possibly the same cactus... if not, then the other clone there... (personal fave cactus pic on the planet for starting it off -it being : the re-ignition point of my recent obsession with validus) - brettloth's plant and possible origin from his truely amazing site: Trichoseriousethnobotany the spines kind of curve off to the right looking at the front of the cactus ...judging by this arial shot so long as it's not in reverse -giving the impression they're curving off to the left if you look at the top half of the pic, which is blatantly the back of the cactus
  14. ☽Ţ ҉ĥϋηϠ₡яღ☯ॐ€ðяئॐ♡Pϟiℓℴϟℴ

    How to recognize a Trichocereus validus

    Must be name that validus time again :3 Hawz shedgarden secret garden SS, LS & Wanda 'zelidus' (z's validus OP)seeddegraft
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    ☽Footsteps along the Acacial avenue..⚡The Amazing AustralAcacian highway path to WattleB Grove☾

    yeah whatevs this site still so hard to use and gave it 3.5 years to fix up n still like it .. what a shitbag, would so have been posting the last 3 yrs had it worked right ... anyhoo tryna just post this was enough of that for one year and sure bored of that already so who gives a flying fuckstick anyway well here's some acacia project all grown up over the last 3n a half years while waiting for the cronkys to undo the posting hold backs *shrug*
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    Cactus of the month year day thread? Which cactus is really shining for you right now?

    Trichocereus validus 'secret garden short spined' fave at the mo
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    Youtube vids

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    Quotes of the day.

    There is no one with a higher authority or responsibility over your own life than you yourself. A human decides, a slave obeys.
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    ThunderHorses peijotl + short stuff crew

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