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  1. Justler

    Oberon sub zero camp

    Haha nice, can't wait!
  2. Justler

    Poppy Seeds

    Welcome man, and nice pics
  3. Justler

    Oberon sub zero camp

    I'm getting pretty excited for this trip! Few questions though: Is there a designated camping area that we'll be situated? If so, are there cooking facilities or amenities? If not, and we are setting up somewhere in the bush, do we need to organise camping permits? Does Marcel really have a cool moustache? Is the world really ending in 2012? Is there really life after death?
  4. Justler

    Cannabis Seeds?

    Yep it's illegal buddy. As the plant is deemed illegal, anything related to it is also illegal.
  5. Justler

    Oberon sub zero camp

    I'm keen!
  6. Justler

    Energy without adrenaline/norepinephrine?

    I've tried NOxplode, and it's quite good the first few times, though you quickly become use to the effects. It's main stimulating qualities are due to large amounts of caffeine. As for OxyElite Pro, its contains DMAA, which does have norepinephrinergic effects, so not what Zen Peddler is after. Haven't done to much research on it, but from what I've read it's been used in legal party pills in NZ, and it's made it's way into all the "top" pre-workout supplements. Its quite cheap as well and currently still legal http://www.bulknutrients.com.au/pre-workout/1-3-dimethylamylamine-dmaa-5g
  7. Justler

    Giveaway! Free Cuttings and Seeds!

    You're to kind Roopey. Id love Sceletium T, Pineapple Sage, and some Cebil seeds. I'll PM a list of my spare seeds later, and you welcome to any of them if you like.
  8. Justler

    Ebay bargain San Pedro

    Haha, i actually laughed when i saw this. " I am pretty sure it is San Pedro... I am good to my word" Okay so maybe i left out "...but I do not know for certain". It's called google buddy!
  9. Justler


    Nice cacti! Pm'd
  10. First track sounds wicked! Hey Atom, i'm only just starting to get into psy, any chance you could share your 'fun-psy' playlist?
  11. Justler

    New front garden

    Your garden looks amazing Col! I managed to catch the video you posted last year of your backyard, and it was fantastic! Love your plants, thanks for sharing
  12. Justler

    Oberon sub zero camp

    Just had a look at last years thread, and I'm definitely keen if its an open invite to Sabers!
  13. Justler

    Mushie ID - Galerina?

    Haha will keep this in mind.. Thanks for the ID guys!
  14. Justler

    Mushie ID - Galerina?

    Hey guys, A friend sent me a pic of this mushie, asking if I had any idea what it might be. I don't really have any mushroom IDing skills as of yet, though its on the list of things to learn. Giving the time of year and temperatures, im pretty sure it's not a Sub, and leaning towards a Galerina. However my 'database' of possible options is virtual non existent. As you can see in the pics, its a little brown mushie, which appears to have a white stem. Gills also appear light brown from pic, though i'll confirm this with my friend. Ive asked him to take a spore print, so i'll report back tomorrow with that if its necessary for an ID. Cheers, J
  15. Justler

    cacti to go

  16. Justler

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    The shirt definitely made approaching you guys a lot easier. Possums hey, if primary school taught me anything, it's that Possums know their magic ;)
  17. Justler

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Hey guys, thanks for today. It was good to meet some fellow SABers and put a face behind the names. I'll definitely be keen for the next meet, and camping for sure this time. Cheers J
  18. Justler

    Colonised Spawn Bags For Sale

    I think you get PM privillages after 5 or so posts. Just jump into chill space and share some of your favourite tracks, introduce yourself and your interests, or jump into a few conversations. I was lurking for quite a while as well, but becoming part of the community opens up so many more doors, and you'll meet some awesome people.
  19. Justler

    FREE spore print/live culture trading thread

    The thread was closed/hidden for a while over November and December. It's only opened up again this year and I'm guessing will continue to be in action once someone takes george_667's offer, and offers something else up.
  20. Yes please that would be great! Thanks for your generosity.
  21. Justler

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    I should be there but won't be able to stay the night. Though I have a tent I be happy to lend someone if they need one. Looking forward to the meet!
  22. Justler

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Hey everyone, im pretty keen to come but I've got a bday party that day, and one that night as well. I'll still try to stop by for a few hours though. Would be great to meet fellow plant peeps. The GF is getting sick of me talking to her about plants
  23. Justler

    Good MAOI

    You can get P. harmala from SAB, though consumption would be illegal of course.
  24. Justler

    Gettn back onboard..........

    Welcome back PD, hope your garden picks up well. The Psycho0 cuts I got from you earlier this year are straight beasting at the moment!