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    Why are we here?

    No existential crisis here mate... Well, nothing out of the ordinary anyway. I just reckon nows a good a time as any for pondering things that we know we can never really answer for certain, but we may find clues along the way which help give our lives meaning. And people seem to have their thinking caps on, which is better than playing Internet tyrant so I like to encourage more thinking with more q's. big Q's.
  2. bogfrog

    Are humans animals?

    Nah nah nah...totally didn't mean it like that! I was just thinking aloud, or rather in text. Not a defensive, just an aloud query of 'well do this and I know it's not entirely ideal'. Thinking about these things is one thing, making alterations to behaviour and future choice processes is a good next step right? Was more just using your thoughts as a diving board as they stuck out to me in the context of my evenings activities. This topic is deep water. Swimming in elephants indeed...
  3. Psssh... Graft whenever you damn well feel like it. The 'too cold' claim is bullshit in my (maybe not so) humble southern opinion. I live in a climate where 13-15 degrees in the day and 5-7 degrees at night is normal spring/summer temps. When I was grafting mad I was grafting on trichos all year round with 80% success rates. Do it when you feel in the mood to, I say anyway.
  4. bogfrog

    Are humans animals?

    You say 'I digress', I say please continue. Who cares where this goes. I am fascinated by it all.Likes are insufficient for thanking you each for your thoughts. I won't reply to everything but I'm riveted. Fuck you guys are awesome. I'm glad I have Internet friends to learn from. Life would be much smaller otherwise.
  5. bogfrog

    Are humans animals?

    Hey Thunder two of your point set me off thinking: Yes. Indeed. But haven't we all heard those stories from indigenous cultures regarding respectful and sustainable use of animals, honouring the spirit of the animal as it is killed, prayer for its safe passage to the spirit realm, clever and creative use of every part of the carcass to make various items as well as using it for food. I think this was the case for a long time, until greed and abundance got the better of us, and we stopped truly valuing what we had been gifted by life and instead considered it entitlement. I don't know, maybe those stories are just fairy tales we like to repeat so we feel better about ourselves. Often I hear stories of Maori ancestors living in harmony with the land, only taking what was needed and always giving back, but its painfully clear this wasn't always the case when you consider the simple fact of the way they over hunted the moa to extinction. The moa population was supposedly 58,000 when ancestors of Maori arrived. They were completely wiped out in just over 140 years. Moa burial pits have been discovered which show that usually the only meat taken was the legs. The rest of the carcasses were often entirely untouched, why? Because the meat from the legs was the tastiest. So theres clearly some kind of insidious sense of entitlement which predisposes us to dominate other animals, yet something tells me there are ways of utilising the available power of other lifeforms without abusing and disrespecting them. Which brings me to the other point. No. But if I speak honestly, its where I find myself. Who I am I to be high and mighty, I rarely eat meat but I ate butter chicken for dinner tonight and I can safely assume that the chicken was factory farmed, which is slavery of animals, which I am against, yet I support it by giving my money vicariously to the industry, so that makes me a hypocrite.Is it worth any penance that I love the chickens at my own house very dearly and take great pleasure in tending them, feeding them, telling them I love them and remarking on how cute they are, how shiny and beautiful their feathers are? I would probably eat one of them if it was killed and prepared because I know it had a happy life, but I am a squeamish wimp and certainly couldn't kill one myself, let alone dismember it. Where do we want to be collectively??? If we accept that we are animals too, then what right do we have to abuse and enslave other species? Does our use need to be abuse? What about plants? I know this is already a very broad conversation, but use may come of comparison made. I see monoculture and especially genetic engineering of plants as abuse. But growing a diverse vege garden with love and care and harvesting those plants for food is not abusive in my mind, especially if we have the good sense to collect seeds and ensure the continuation of the species. I'm baffled by the expansiveness here. I will just stop.
  6. bogfrog

    Happy Birthday Sally

    Sorry I missed ya bday Sally, hope it was a very lovely time filled with life-affirming delights. From what you have said about your kids I don't see how it could possibly be otherwise.
  7. Who else thinks we should be applying these ideas in creating an sab-seeded school?
  8. bogfrog

    Are humans animals?

    I'd really like to clarify that the context in which this line of thinking arose (in a class) was only the starting point for these thoughts. The tutor certainly wasn't making claims either way, the point of the exersize was to describe the nature of the mineral, plant, animal and human kingdoms.. Sure something is implied by the fact of there being a human kingdom, but they certainly weren't trying to tell us we are not animals. This consensus arose amoung the class who were discussing it, and it wasn't so much stated as "we AREN'T animals", but rather "we are definitely different from animals because..." And to give fully deserved credit to the tutor he acknowledged the value of my continual rebuttal of the points others were making regarding animals as being inferior to us, and also the fallibility of having two such classifications, but for the point of the discussion, these lines were there. That was the context which spurred off my thoughts, and the recognition that in general, a lot of people do really like to think we are not animals. I have to say I have ultimate respect for this tutor, and while I found the responses of my classmates perturbing, it was a particularly enjoyable and thought provoking time to be had. Just had to clear that up okay. The original context was just the starting point, and I was not in an environment which had enough time available to explore this further. Hence why I bring it here. Thank you all for your thought provoking responses. I have more pondering to do before I can appropriately respond other than this.
  9. Makes sense, yes, but if this were the way, it should always be open to those who haven't really connected with it yet. Perhaps this would even work better than encouraging everyone to begin at the same time. Instead of trying to hold restless children in that space where they would be distracting others, who might be more naturally engaged, let them run free. I feel it should be optional, yet open to anyone always, because once a programme is established, the benefits will speak for themselves. And children often listen to their peers more seriously than someone they know is paid to tell them that something is a good thing for them to do. Imagine the busy-body kid who would much rather be running around in the woods than quietly sitting in a room. One day a friend who had spent the last year learning meditation techniques might tell him of an experience he had while meditating, sparking forest-boy's interest. Then forest-boy can be welcomed to explore his internal woods, and likely will do so with fervent interest as he has been able to come to it in his own time and for his own reasons. Great thread, thank you.
  10. It's a difficult question. Because A. There are things we need to learn as a species, heart-centred social dispositions, but B. there's a risk in only teaching these things because the current society we live in is harsh and cruel, so there are a multitude of modern survival skills needed too. We need peaceful warriors. Those who are brave to stand up for their own truth, and won't be easily usurped by the current authorities. I think all teenagers should have the opportunity to learn Qi gong. It's benefits are multifaceted, not only does it help to generate a calm clarity in the mind, it sharpens the mind. It shows you where your limitations are and helps you flow through them. It replenishes the health of the physical body and removes reliance on prescriptive medicine. It strengthens the spirit, aiding intuition, instinct, insight. It teaches discipline and commitment, and shows one first hand how to and why you should respect your elders. (And I mean real elders, not just people who are chronologically older than you, people who are wise in the ways of both worlds) Qi gong puts your power back in your own hands. Everyone should have the opportunity to try that.
  11. How to meditate. How to grow food. How to care for animals, and perhaps farm them on a small scale in high school. How to interact respectfully with other people. What is abusive or neglectful behaviour. (I know it's generally taught, but not always, could be a real eye opener for some kids to have confirmation that their parents are treating them unfairly.) How idealistic are we talking here? How to build a small house. How to survive in the bush for a month with minimal physical preparation (mental preparation is the best) How to manage money & other more tangible resources in such a way that one could escape the rat race. Negotiation skills. How to generate free electricity.
  12. bogfrog

    Are humans animals?

    It can be noted that nature is characterised by brutal competition, but someone/something (I can't remember what now) once pointed out to me that this competitive battle between life forms is infact what allows everything to live. The example given was the relationship between antelopes and lions. If the lions were not present to keep the antelope population supressed to a certain extent, then the antelopes would breed themselves into extinction, exhausting the available food supply and decimating their own species through unchecked growth. The lions allow the antelope to survive by hunting them. Perhaps this is the human races problem. We have so few natural predators.
  13. bogfrog

    Time lapse of blooming Echinopsis

    I've seen this before but it's sooo very worth a second viewing. Fuck they are beautiful. Makes me regret not collecting echninopsis all this time. What I find most spectacular is the seamless shifts in colour that take place. Some kinda magic that's fer sure.
  14. bogfrog

    Are humans animals?

    *sigh* yes.. Going to be Steiner teachers. But mostly state trained already. I think they were thinking metaphorically more than literally.
  15. bogfrog

    Are humans animals?

    Your link seemed to be broken for me, this works but looks just the same: http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20130207-can-animals-imagine Cool article! Thanks. I liked it a lot, especially the chimp making a nest for baby log. Dreaming dogs are interesting too. When they are running while lying down. I wonder why it is that their brains not shut off their movement capabilities? I think my cat dreams, I reckon she has nightmares sometimes. Micoz....you dared ! I recently watched a "doco" called 'Monkey Blood - Human Origins' which claimed much the same thing. I don't know what I think yet, and weather I trust their information as reliable, but they mentioned something rather interesting, which is that roughly 85% of the human population carries a gene derived from the Rhesus monkey, this is known as Rh+, and 15% of the population does not possess this gene, and are known as Rh-. There are differences between these two types, and reproductive incompatibility. If a Rh- woman falls pregnant to an Rh+ man, her body will rejects attack and kills the featus. Studies to assess differences found that Rh- people commonly have a higher than average IQ, sensitive vision, a lower than average body temperate, increased sensitivity to heat and sunlight and psychic abilities, as well as commonly reporting a feeling of not belonging to the human race and not coming from earth. They can't receive blood transfusions from Rh+ and some even have an extra vertebrae or an extra rib. Since Rh- blood hasn't followed the usual evolutionary path, it must have been introduced from a foreign source. ...and the designated source in this statement was of course aliens.. Backed up by mention of the arrivals of 'gods from the sky' in ancient texts by the Egyptians, Phoenicians, Chaldeans, Mayans, Azteks, Ayrians, Assyrians and the inhabitants of ancient Indian Tibet.
  16. bogfrog

    Are humans animals?

    I have to clarify, these were all adults. Teachers.
  17. Naw thank you so much.. I owe ya one. Or more like three.. Have been wanting to grow calea since 2010. You're a star
  18. Damnit bullit, I want these too. Is that bad? It's not my fault you are giving away all the awesome seeds right now. Can I pleease has some if you haven't posted my envelope? If you have I will leave them tho. Ace brother. You're doing some good work.
  19. bogfrog

    Are humans animals?

    Hah, these weren't my bogettes eth, other ones doing like me with their own brand of originality.. But they made my blood boil claiming we are a higher species, without any real back up. I'm glad to hear you say we are animals.. Of some sort. What would you say are our ancestors then? Warriors from where? Did they look like we do now?
  20. bogfrog

    Astrophytum thread

    Soo cute. Best kikko.
  21. bogfrog

    GiveAwAY datura discolor seeds

    Yay thank you so very much dude <3
  22. bogfrog

    GiveAwAY datura discolor seeds

    Me too? This was the one in my crazy dream i told ya about bullit
  23. Well mutant may call this a cop out, but i believe i feel the effects of progressive astrology quite strongly. Especially now that i have taken time to become familiar with each planet/signs preposed attributes. Selfconditioning maybe, but why does it seem so bang on to what i am and have been experiencing? Call me a kook or whatever, frankly i just dont care what people think, if astrology helps me make sense of things, i use it, if it doesnt, i disregard it. I also use runes, tarot and the iching, and have found each tool has its place, pros and cons, but none can be relied on too heavily. They can point the way but you have to take the action required.
  24. Farmers markets beat supermarkets for price and quality of produce any day. Making your own bread is easy, fun and quite cheap.. and you get to fill it with your choice of seeds and herbs. I knw this will be the third mention i have made of stinging nettle in this thread..but you can put dried nettle into bread too for a greater nutrient profile and it doesnt affect the taste or appearance. Nuts are also handy to save $... keep available to nibble on to avoid default bingeing on crappy quick food when your blood sugar levels drop and your brain stops working cz you need a decent meal. Nuts will tide you over. And hot water bottles have been my saving grace while growing up poor in cold houses. Cuddles are always preferable, cz who needs money when you have a snuggle-bunny, but sometimes a hottie will have to do. Good luck to all my fellow penny pinching peasants...our wallets may be thin but our minds are keen, and if our deeds are clever our hearts can stay warm and our bellies full!
  25. Hehe i can already see myself dressed in rags, huddling over a cauldron of radish and stinging nettle soup.. Such is life. They really are prolific producers tho, and something i had forgotten about, ta. I will track down some seed. I wish at times like these i lived in a warm climate.. i wana grow my own corn, pumpkin and watermelons. Attempts at these here have had miserable results.