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  1. SayN

    Fresh Leonotus leonuris alba flowers

    Do they put lead in your pencil?
  2. SayN

    Post your track of the day

    ^ i'm excited too, but that intro immediately made me think of this:
  3. SayN

    Watch this space

    Strongly worded! With a name like Gordon Ramsay I kind of expected more
  4. SayN

    Bad Trips - James Jesso in Sydney

    ^ but was it bad before you passed out. smashed face can really put a dampener on anyone's day.
  5. I reckon most portable stuff breaks before its time. Even the expensive stuff.
  6. SayN

    Post your track of the day

    I'm just loving this guy at the moment:
  7. SayN

    Watch this space

    I dunno. The Daily Telegraph front page today is typical of the "call to arms" for conservatives: "The Joint's Gone Mad" Then it will be full of photos of stoned looking young people, bongs, more joints, huge clouds of smoke and more bad puns. Scummo will fly back in to Australia and save us from ourselves... Me cynical? Yep. Damn I hope I'm wrong though.
  8. SayN

    Watch this space

    Let's not get carried away folks. Remember when ACT had same sex marriage laws revoked? And I trust this government even less than that bunch of sanctimonious assholes. (sorry to rain on the parade. I'll try and keep a positive fire burning somewhere tho)
  9. I've always been puzzled why the Noisy Miner is spelt this way but, having had to listen to one of their young for at least a week I suspect they should actually have been called Noisy Minors
  10. Melbourne! This Saturday. Failing that, I think you'll have to wait until its released through the usual channels. The producers said they hoped to (eventually) get it onto Netflix (and a few other outlets) in due course.
  11. SayN

    Psychotria V. problems

    My viridis seems to be absolutely thriving in little to no sun. (It's actually burst through the pot drain holes and is now well and truly growing in the ground - creating a bit of a dilemma...) Anyway, I think you'll find indirect sunlight is all they really need in NSW's dry temperate climate.