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  1. SayN

    Fluffy bunny rabbits

    "They want to keep us terrified. Masks are scary in themselves. Robbers and bandits wear masks." Vernon Coleman https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-factcheck-pcr/fact-check-inventor-of-method-used-to-test-for-covid-19-didnt-say-it-cant-be-used-in-virus-detection-idUSKBN24420X Of course the discerning conspiracy theorist will always claim that only their sources of information are the true ones. Surely your post, Sally, is more suitable for facebook... And I ain't hating on you as you would like to suggest. But I am immensely saddened that someone whose opinion I used to respect is wasting their, apparently high, but seemingly misguided, intelligence.
  2. Ibis fo sure. Not 100% sure theyre white ones though. Much prettier than the poor rundown city slickers we have here. Quite the backyard you got there! That duck sure looks lonely.
  3. 50-70 white ibis in the backyard . sounds positively frightening
  4. SayN

    Bucks Party Location Ideas

    Firstly, congrats. Sorry I don't have any location ideas for your party. I think a lot of us would welcome such a place if they exist. One of the best buck's I went to we had a day's canoeing down a river. It was epic fun - and very memorable - particularly when the aim of the day became to capsize each other's two-man canoes with a special bounty on the groom, who had the advantage of a kayak. The canoe carrying "supplies" was, of course, exempt. Maybe your best man can squeeze in some sort of activity. Also 4 to 5 nights seems a long time - just saying.
  5. ^ Many consider MDxx a psychedelic (as well as a stimulant).
  6. Sorry bro, I got nothing practical that I can really offer and hope you get through this. SAB forum is probably the last place to seek urgent medical advice. If you need medical attention, you may have to engage with your parents to get to the hospital. Tell them you feel sick. Surely it doesn't require a full confession.
  7. SayN

    Mixed Loph seed giveaway

    Because I like to torture baby lophs and watch them suffer before they die...
  8. SayN

    Pupping mid column

    A number of my cacti have begun pupping from quite high up the column which, to me, is unusual. Is this just something that naturally happens when they get old enough or possibly something else?
  9. SayN

    This section needs a "show wild finds" thread

    Wendy Whitely's Secret Garden
  10. SayN

    Does anyone know anyone who's died from COVID-19?

    yep - I know people in the US that have died - a husband and wife. Whilst admittedly they were in their late 60's, it's still pretty tragic. Dying in isolation and all. I feel pretty sure the pics of mass graves and reports coming from all media sources plus the body count being recorded by JHU aren't all fake either. yes, there's hysteria for sure. When isn't there these days. But to think it's all cobbled together by our forlorn and somewhat dysfunctional government seems... unlikely. Maybe it's 5G?
  11. SayN

    Rocky cacti mix ins

    i dislike perlite too. I confess I usually get the Scotts Osmocote from Bunnings and sieve it for smaller cactus. (The sieved bark is great for mushroom substrate ). Theres another cactus mix made by Brunnings that has less bark but much more sand - better for seedlings. Whichever I get, I mix it with my own compost. Final mix is usually 25% compost, 50% cactus mix and 25% whatever else have at hand - which might be seed raising mix, dirt from the garden or just general organic potting mix.