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  1. educate

    Youtube vids

    difficulty walking up the steps http://www.youtube.com/embed/w_Qtui9LH0A?rel=0
  2. educate

    Good water filter that removes fluoride?

    Reverse osmosis wastes about 5 litres for every litre made. So best to get it plumbed into your house so you can use the "waste" water
  3. There is a few combination mushroom products around that give a synergistic effect. Shitake, Reishi also have a lot of positive research for cancer. Metagenics is a practitioner only product - 5 mushroom extract. Bioceuticals also does a mushroom tablet. For a lot of cancers a shitake products called MGN-3 biobran is considered the cream for cancer treatment. Boosts natural killer cells. Is manufactured in Japan and sold under various labels
  4. educate

    Colonised Spawn Bags For Sale

    Hi Punkin, Pm'd
  5. educate

    FREE spore print/live culture trading thread

    Thank you VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV gets Gymnopilus Purpuratus (wild) print and a mexican cube print (for mycroscopy only)VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV VVVVVVV gets G-teacher (microscopy only)VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV
  6. educate

    Fresh lophophore seed

  7. educate

    "My mum talks to aliens"

    Great stuff. I am a believer. I have just started watching it now but the first guy's description really similar to a guy I worked with about 6 months ago. He also saw it with his father, although he was late teens. I feel it just reinforces my ideas and beliefs
  8. educate

    San Pedro trade for print(s)

    Great. Gone and one less thing to move. Thanks
  9. Hi all, I'm moving states and can't take my plants with me. I got all of these off members on the corroboree and they are very healthy. Just been cut a few months ago and have pups coming out as you can see. If you want them- [-]you need to live in Melbourne (Northern suburbs) [-]Pick them up before 15th Jan [-]Trade a print or two for them [-]Take all of them Pots and all PM me for details. First in best dressed.
  10. educate

    Quotes of the day.

    Thanks for that one. I am going to print it and revisit it! OMG, blast me back in time! I had that one on the back of the toilet door when I was 10 years old. I pretty much remembered the whole lot word for word...
  11. educate

    bone & cartilage healing herbs?

    You might benefit for a DEXA scan to assess bone mass. Then you might know what you are dealing with and were to work from. There are 3 types of bone loss - osteoporosis, osteopenia and osteomalacia. The last is the only type really which can be partially reversed but the others are stages of loss. There is only one way down the slope and limiting the loss is the only preventative measure. Apart from Vitamin D and good forms of calcium, omega 3 has a lot of supporting evidence to suggest it slows the loss. Minimum 1000mg of EPA a day. I am sure you already know about weight bearing exercises and foods that accelerate the loss, right?
  12. educate

    Jack o lantern pumpkin seeds

    Yeah, expensive. I got one from a cheap vege shop and I picked the smallest one they had. That was $6. So if you grow your own you will have some spare to give away to your neighbours;)
  13. educate

    Jack o lantern pumpkin seeds

    It probably is edible but there is just not much flesh. I was trying to find the variety with a quick google search and found some pie recipes but I couldn't establish if it was actually from that pumpkin. It looks like this type. This page says it is edible.
  14. I have about 100 seeds from a pumpkin I carved. I don't know the variety but it is the unedible type which is a dark orange and easy to cut. If you have the space and want to grow them, I can send you some. I guess I will send 5 envelopes (20 seeds each). Let me know Edit - sorry, I can only send in Australia
  15. educate

    Pumkin hands

    I used rubber gloves as it was annoying for days after.