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  1. so sick of torstens big fucking headedness, i couldnt care if you ban me delete me as i said previously i'm outta here, naja i do take on your post but i bought caapi as a seedling from this fuckwit and he preceeds to tell me im in the wrong i am furious and to fuck with this place he is in the wrong he i'd it wrong deal with it and fuckoff you all love this place that is run by fuckwits LOL! KEEP SUCKING PEOPLE
  2. laughs you started abusing me in pm first regardless of other peoples views YOU were the one who blew this out of the water thus i returned fire i can alwready see everybody here is going to suck up the arses of all the mods and owners here and for that their opinions were disregarded as far as im concerened if you want to insult me further then do so i very normally toild you that you couldnt id for shit back then the mature thing to do would be to accept a small hiccup and replace it but instead you act a fucking idiot i was very eager to here your response but now i have read it i can very much see you dont give a fuck about plants more so your trading rep good day to you all and thankyou for being complete asses about this. ps, torsten is that the best you can do a warn point oh my......
  3. I mostly agree, mod status aside I didn't at all expect the reply I did, I don't expect anything in return... I'm sure he has long forgotten this sale but that aside many who know me know I have established a worm farm to nuture the cielo and was surprised/pleased it was thriving in an environment it is suppose to wither I was practically heart broken yet more embarrased I'd grown the plant for a year but alas to say I really expected from him a "crickey really, I'd be happy to replace them blah bullshit blah, but I didn't want to have to ask, in fact I'm just going to plod on my way and let things be, and for the record since the first post ....I though it was a perfectly easy mistake to liken them they look very much alike when young and in ending I never blamed him for ripping me off just jumping the gun and not being more considerate I only ever run my mouth when others do until then I am very much amacable
  4. Most of you raise good points some none sensicle but it seems to be the moon, yes i should have waited until i cooled off until i posted i figured i had been painted in a thread before and thought it would happen again theirfore i posted first, none the less you all can not tell me if you paid for a plant you had been mothering for 12 months giving clones from etc to find out it's nothing close, i did jump the gun and i do apologize to ph for not bringing him up to speed as i'm sure he had long forgotton our dealings now i have had time to cool off i'll be on my way yes it should have been added to the rep forum but i really do hate being forced to do something like participate in a reputational fan fare just because everyone else is, and for the record my rep was alwready fucked the people who know me know otherwise it's you all thats at the loss here. ps thoust shall not drinketh and ipad basheth again.
  5. And before everyone jumps in with who has had a good dealing with him I don't care people make mistakes
  6. [First post] Hey man I have been trying to I'd the supposed Caapi cielo you sold me last year I have had it in the ground and as you predicted in my gallery it is intact not CaapiHey and that wild plant you referred to as it indeed oozes milky sap and the seeds are tiny not looking anything like Caapi! I have to say after spending a lot of time and energy not to mention money into it I am very dis pleased I should have realized sooner but now I have to message everyone who has clones and tell them the bad news also oh lord.... Fairly nice I thought slagging you in pm um yeeeeeeaaa..... Then you reply [ph's Reply] your message is extreemly confusing, i got no idea what you are talking about!!! you are displeased with me? why? if i sold you caapi, than it was caapi, don't try to put shit on me! what does euphorbia heterophylla.have to do with it all?????????????????? are you slaging me off, or what? Ouch who didn't get a root this morning if you want be abused act like this ^^^^^^^ idiot!!!
  7. Next time you trade with plant helper and it goes pear shaped expect to be slagging him off, I simply messaged him to tell him his plant I'd was wrong and was awaiting for a reasonable alternative BOY was I wrong yes your are a fuckwit plant helper I couldn't care less if your a mod and everyone loves you, you do get things wrong like everyone else I knew you would try to be little me in front of the forum like everyone else does ( think 90210) of course I was mad you send me a fucking weed in place of Caapi then have the bollocks to cuss me out fuck you and the boat you rode in on, I won't be coming back this place has the backbone of a community who does nothing but jump the gun and accept NO responsibility for their rudeness.......now let the 90210 roll.....I don't expect anyone to care because your o so popular but I think your a shithouse trader as soon as someone has a small rep you couldn't care less. typo's edited.
  8. gogogadget

    why can't we all just get along

    because were all so far up our own asses we forget theirs sunshine.
  9. gogogadget

    Mimosa hostilis bonsai

    dam thats awesome
  10. gogogadget

    west aussie's trade and sell thread

    i'm VERY interested in some chali clones if you could help i'd love a chinwag mr caapi
  11. imo when theirs enough cheaper alternatives why bother with crap, simple.
  12. gogogadget

    west aussie's trade and sell thread

    have caapi seedlings, rivea,datura,lophs,soon to come nueva ola,tbm,lions tale,pereskiopsis... lots of vegi seeds butternut,Canadian blue stringless bean etc numerous others i'm near joondalup msg me all free.
  13. gogogadget

    Wanted: Brug. pollen.

    i was going to try and hold off until i had a better camera also i was going to ask does it matter if the flower is half dry as they were in full bloom here around 2 weeks ago can you use pollen once the flower has dropped? [edit]http://imghostr.me/?v=XnKWB.jpg <~terrible low res pic
  14. gogogadget

    Wanted: Brug. pollen.

    i'm pretty sure i have some on my brugs i don't know what type they are and my camera is shite, but if you pm me i can take some pics and we can go from their [edit] they are white with peach ends kind of graduating from white to peach stem to stamen
  15. gogogadget

    high end serial trading thread

    thanks man, gets rooted caapi cielo cutting.