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  1. E-Type Jaguar

    Wanted: Lion's Tail

    Hiya all! Just after some Lion's Tail flowers / tops if anyone has any, dried preferably but fresh is cool too. Paying cash or have some seed and/or cacti to trade. Cheers all.
  2. E-Type Jaguar

    Cops "seize" 500 mill worth of pot in QLD

    A little part of me just died inside. You could thatch a roof or two with that lot! Lucky we South Aussies seem to be self-sufficient in the weed department. :D
  3. E-Type Jaguar

    looking for liqur bottles.

    I have a one litre Glenmorangie 10 y.o. Scotch Whisky bottle if you're interested, it came from Scotland so has no Australian distributor information on it. Looks like this one
  4. E-Type Jaguar

    Old people grow the best plants

    O.O My god. My respect for the elderly has increased tenfold. Can't wait to get old if that's what happens! :D Nicely bumped, Morg!
  5. E-Type Jaguar

    I got me a e-cigarette

    This is an awesome idea. I think I'd feel a bit weird for the first few months though, especially having to charge it :D You've convinced me to try it though! Please give us a review of what the apple ones are like! There is an Australian seller on eBay who sells cartridges.
  6. E-Type Jaguar


    Woah, very cool. Never seen that one before. Almost looks tasty! Mother Nature, may you never stop astounding us with your talents.
  7. E-Type Jaguar

    Police chase UFO over Cardiff

    O.o Torchwood will fix it. They always do.
  8. E-Type Jaguar

    Are we back?

    You did a fine job of restoring the place, Torsten! Many thanks.
  9. E-Type Jaguar

    Chunk 'O' Cereus

    Have for trade an 11" (8" circumference) Cereus pup, taken from a 20+ year old mummy plant. This 'lil fella was left dangling by a dried-out thread from it's home by some friend of society, whom I hope went away from the experience with a very sore hand. It sustained some damage (was almost mush around the bottom) so I have cut it cleanly above the damage and let it callous. I'm looking for the following for trade, but will take just about anything, PM with offers. Seeds / Plants / Cuttings: Ipomoea Violacea - Flying Saucers esp. Psychotria Viridis Nepeta Cataria Pach / Spach / Bridge pups / cuts Jessamine (Cestrum nocturnum) Black Cohosh Lion's Tail Foxglove Lactuca spp. Any edible herbs esp. Basil Veggies Plant matter / smokeables / teas etc. Lion's Tail Foxglove Blue Lotus (flowers or extract) Black Cohosh Also interested in cube prints if anyone has em Cheers!
  10. E-Type Jaguar

    eBay - Huge Bridgesii and 3x Pachanoi, all potted

    Beautiful specimens, shame your friend won't post!
  11. E-Type Jaguar

    Kava to become S4 [prescription only]

    Aww! On my birthday too! What a crappy present. *mopes* First they take away our pipes, now this! Time to move to a finer land...
  12. E-Type Jaguar

    Adelaide Ethno Meet 2nd Sunday of each month

    Are these meets still happening? Love to get some details if they are Cheers!
  13. E-Type Jaguar

    very doubtful subs?

    I found three of those little babies in the Adelaide Hills earlier this week. Growing out of a tree stump. They certainly smell poisonous!
  14. E-Type Jaguar

    Mushroom season 2008.

    They weren't picked, they leapt from the ground of their own free will. I guess that proves The Herald Sun is a damn good read!
  15. E-Type Jaguar

    Free Ethnobotanical's (Australian Members Only)

    Yoink! Hell yes! Cheers Finnish! VVVVVVVV Gets another 6" rooted Pachanoi and some Brugmansia cuttings VVVVVVVVV
  16. E-Type Jaguar

    Small mushie ID please!

    Found these little fellas nestling in gum leaf litter next to a flood drain (at the bottom of a very large, very steep ditch) in the Adelaide Hills. Spore print is jet black. They were kinda slimy when wet, and smell very slightly like bog standard shop mushrooms. Stems are hollow, stringy and crush very easily if you try to pick them up. No staining at all. Pictures were taken about an hour and a half after picking, as I did not take my camera with me. At the time of picking, the caps were a reddish-brown colour, some graduating very slightly to a more yellowed tone towards the peak. Largest mushie (far right in last photo) is about 4cm in diameter, most of the others are between the size of a 10 and 20 cent piece. Can post a photo of the print if needed, but haven't got one at time of posting. I have an idea about what they could be, but I'm not 100%. SO! I'm offering a free print to anyone who can definitively ID them, or can do so with the aid of a print for microscopy. Thanks guys!
  17. E-Type Jaguar

    Mushroom season 2008.

    o.O Nice FAT haul, Shroomeup! Ahh, gives one hope for the new season. But now I need a new keyboard, this one seems to be full of dribble...
  18. E-Type Jaguar

    Free Ethnobotanical's (Australian Members Only)

    Hope I'm doing this right... Yoink! Thanks Aya! VVVVVVVVV Gets a chubby little 6" rooted Pachanoi top cut, some Heimia Salicifolia seeds, Aya's Longifolia seeds and whatever veggie seeds I have lying about. VVVVVVVVVV
  19. E-Type Jaguar

    Eileen's rhubarb wine

    That sounds supertasty! Thanks for sharing, and for the warning. I always knew wine was bad for your health...
  20. E-Type Jaguar

    Cactus cleanout

    Cheers to that, Fractium! I've lost so many seedlings to this heat! YAY Adelaide and it's ovenesque status! Anyone need anything dried?
  21. E-Type Jaguar

    Agwa, bolivian coca leaf liquer

    Keen to try this!!! Available in Adelaide from: Cellarbrations 243 Main st Blackwood Cellarbrations Tappy's Shop1 2 Hub drive Aberfoyle Park East End Cellars 22-26 Vardon avenue Adelaide Will look for it at Dan Murphy's tomorrow too. For the rest of Oz, locations listed at: link