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  1. Smiling Cloud

    Catha edulis cuttings

    Indigo Surprise- Are you doing the narrow leaf with cuttings or by suckers?
  2. Smiling Cloud

    Calea zacatechichi

    If the shoot has a little root on it you will greatly increaseyour chances of strike. Calea responds well to layering, so bury a few of the lower branches, but not the tips. Keep the ground moist and in a month or two you will have a heaps of plants.
  3. Smiling Cloud

    Kava farm

    Thundeideal, i saw an article where it said 2 guys got caught with $60,000 worth of drugs in the NT and later in the article it was revealed the drugs were kava (60kg). Can' remember specific amount but it was valued at around $1000/kg(by the cops) TGA kava fact sheet It says here that only preparations are restricted so growing it should be sweet. You could ring the DPI, they may even have some helpful hints on growing it. Good luck EDIT- I can't believe i've replied to this topic twice without reading the first post properly, did not sleep at all last night . If its sweet to grow one plant then it should be fine to grow 10,000. If you;ve already found all the info on laws then the only issue that i can see for you is lsoing your investment if the government decides to change the laws.
  4. Smiling Cloud

    Kava farm

    I have no idea about whether you could sell your product or not but i'm pretty sure you can still grow it. Other, similar looking, piper species are very easy to grow with a little water so maybe just put them in. kava takes a few years to be ready for harvest so i'm sure by then that the government will have realised the error of their ways and lifted current restrictions. Especially if UQ is already doing trials on it. If the restrictions haven't been lifted, pack the panels of your car and drive to NT, apparently its going for a thousand a kilo since prohibition! What a joke! They'd rather the communities get pissed and bash/rape each other than them getting kava's and fall asleep. Spose there's more tax dollars in alcohol... rastazungu- your climate says WA whereas your post says NNSW? Do you live in nnsw or just passing through?
  5. Smiling Cloud


    A nurse once told me that most penis injuries involve vacuum cleaners...
  6. Smiling Cloud

    Killing Mice?

    BB guns are legal but only if you have a license for one, same goes for paintball guns! I lived in a house that was half finished a few years ago and we would have rats coming inside all the time, especially in winter. I bought a slingshot/shanghai and killed all of them except for one, he/she was way too smart. That rat would look at me from the beams, mocking me. We had a carpet snake that moved in as well, would curl up around the hot water pipes above the sink, but after a few weeks of me getting my slingshot she left, there was nothing left for her to eat. It doesn't take long to get accurate with a slingshot and ammo is everywhere! I used to buy ball bearings that they supply with them as they are easy to aim with. I don't like using poison as they die everywhere and a poisoned mouse does not look very happy at all. If it was instant i wouild be into it buts its not.
  7. Smiling Cloud

    Seeking Tasmannia lanceolata - native or mountain pepper

    When i read this i thought you were asking for po ppies! Tasmannia lanceolata.
  8. Hey dude!

    Those nicotiana's come up?

  9. Smiling Cloud

    Looking for...

    Sharx- rustica spray will kill most bugs on your plants, if not all. This is not an ideal soltuion however as the rustica will kill all your predators as well. If you've got a heavy infestation of anything (which means the good bugs are being lazy anyway) and you really want to save your plants then rustica spray is the go. to make some up grab a leaf or two, chop up and let it sit in some hot water overnight. Strain the leaves out, being careful not to get any fluid on your skin, put in a spray bottle and off you go. When i;ve used it i've added a little natural soap to make it a little 'sticky'. Best to use the mix fresh as it goes off quickly i'd imagine. Probably be a good idea to wash veges before you eat them if you've sprayed them in the last week or so. If you plant a few rusticas they'll self seed and you'll always have pesticide on hand. I was reading about this stuff called BLACKLEAF40 which is 40% nicotine sulfate. Apparently the bugs haven't built any tolerance to it in 40-50 years of continous use. I read this on one website so it may not be true however whenever i've used it its worked a charm.
  10. Smiling Cloud

    Kevin Rudd has written a book

    Don't know why this annoys me but it just does. The thought of parents reading their children bedtime stories written by the prime minister has a real 1984 feel about it in my head. Kevin Rudd writes a book DR SEUSS. Maurice Sendak. Kevin Rudd. PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd has written a children's book, The Sunday Telegraph reports. Described by his staff as "more secretive than the Budget", the kiddies' adventure story about the PM's cat and dog will be published this month. Start of sidebar. Skip to end of sidebar. End of sidebar. Return to start of sidebar. A year after being both praised and panned for penning a 10,000-word essay on the decline of capitalism in the wake of the global financial crisis, Mr Rudd has decided to aim for a younger, possibly less critical, market. Titled Jasper and Abby and the Great Australia Day Kerfuffle, the book follows dog Abby and cat Jasper in an adventure in the grounds of Kirribilli House. Known for his great love of his animals, Mr Rudd yesterday revealed his plans to go into print for charity, co-authoring a children's book with former Play School presenter and actor Rhys Muldoon. "I've worked on the text with Rhys and we've both interviewed the cat and the dog. They have been very co-operative in their responses but, for most of the time, have gone off the record," he Mr Rudd joked. "It has not been the most demanding text I have worked on." Without revealing the plot, The Sunday Telegraph understands Jasper's high-maintenance character plays a significant role. The PM is the second Rudd to enter the publishing industry, joining his daughter Jessica, who has a book deal for a novel currently being written. "I decided I wanted to beat her into print," Mr Rudd said yesterday with Abby the dog at his feet on the patio at Kirribilli House. "I've know Rhys for some years and he's met the animals before, so its good to put a more human face on them." Mr Rudd said Muldoon had approached him with the idea. In November, Mr Rudd abstained from voting on a Cabinet decision on parallel book imports because of daughter Jessica's publishing deal.
  11. Smiling Cloud

    Ebay Greenhouse

    If you lay down thick plastic or weed mattting with woodchip mulch on top before you setup the greenhouse you will have less issues with weeds underneath you benches. Weeds will flourish if do nothing to prevent their growth as they take advantage of all the 'secondhand' love (water) and attention (fertilizers) that you afford your plants. Woodchip mulch probably isn't necessary but it is nicer to walk on, and less muddy. An irrigation system hooked up to a hose timer would be incredibly easy to setup and pretty cheap too. Irrigation systems are not as good as you watering them as some spots will get more (or less) water than others so make sure you pop your head in whenever you can. If you want to add fertigation tech it will get more expensive. How long are you planning on going away from your plants? If it is only a few weeks you should think about slow release pellets as that will tide them over. If it is a few months at a time you may need to look at fertigation, or just apply more slow release fert pellets before you go away. I got one of these greenhouses for chrissy too, well i am getting one, hasn't turned up yet. Doesn't look heaps stable but i reckon if i bulk up the support structure it should be alright.
  12. Smiling Cloud

    Tried smoking Dokha..Nice!

    Thanks artdplmr- this has solved a mystery for me. A friend that worked at startbucks on the gold coast years ago said arab guys would come in and smoke these little pipes of this green stuff. ONe of the guys left a pipe behind once so my mate kept it.(actually now that i've thought about it for a little i think the pipes were disposable, they'd leave them there all the time) He showed it to me and i have wondered for years what it was. I had forgotten about it but then after looking up on wiki just then it seems it was a Midwakh pipe, which would mean that (hopefully) dokha is available in australia, or in the gold coast at least. My friend said that guys would smoke these all the time, so it must be a pretty common habit. I wouldn't mind trying a bit.
  13. Smiling Cloud

    Question for Torsten.

    Hey teotz, you can download the whole website. Here's a link http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=21741
  14. Smiling Cloud

    Internet Censorship Trials

    From what i can gather most of the material to be banned would be considered "subversive" in some way by conservatives. So not a lot of "mums and dads" will want to stand up and counted having to say "i want to watch real porn", "i want to know how to bang up and not destroy my veins", "i want to know ways of killing myself when i'm too old to care anymore". People do not want other people to know what they do in the privacy of their own homes out of fear of being ostracized from their family and friends. And for this reason alot of people will pretend not to care as "they're not doing anything wrong so they have nothing to fear". I think this is a great example of: First they came and took the blacks, and noone complained Then they came and took the jews, and noone complained Then they came and took the hippies, and noone complained Then they came and took me, and there was noone left to complain. I don't like the secrecy around the list either. I think there would be alot less aversion to the plan if they were a little bit transparent about it. I would like to see a list and the reasons behind blocking EACH website. I can understand that they feel that if they reveal the addresses of the websites then peoplem will be able to visit the,, but this is a moot point as they will be blocked. Or is it that they themselves have so little confidence in their own filter that they believe that people determined enough will burrom through the wall? Reptyle- I find it ironic that you would be apathetic (or even happy) about internet censorship. I know that you consider yourself to be on the holy path but the way you got on the path was (as far as i can see anyway) largely to do with the internet. And not only the internet, but the parts of the internet that will be filtered. Would you deny anyone else to walk the holy path that you walk just because you don't want them to accidently stumble upon a video of a goat fucking someone? Surely seeing something like that is a fair payoff for enlightenment? Or is it because you have already found the path that it doesn't really matter for other people? Do you think your website would get through the clean feed? I think not. And with websites like yours taken down how are we ever expected to have change? I was actually incredinbly surprised to read your posts in this thread.
  15. Smiling Cloud

    Internet Censorship Trials

    So optus is doing the trial. This explains a lot. I have wondered for a very long time why my interent is sooo shit. It just stops sometimes and won't download anything. Sometimes it disconnects for no reason. My god it is the worst internet since dialup. I thought it was just my internet but i went to a mates house with optus and his is the same. So them saying it doesn't affect internet speed is a blatant lie, unless optus is just shit anyway? I've been thinking about changing providers for a long time (because of the service being so bad) but now i def will, i don't want to support a company that supports censorship.