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  1. E-Type Jaguar

    Wanted: Lion's Tail

    Hiya all! Just after some Lion's Tail flowers / tops if anyone has any, dried preferably but fresh is cool too. Paying cash or have some seed and/or cacti to trade. Cheers all.
  2. E-Type Jaguar

    Cops "seize" 500 mill worth of pot in QLD

    A little part of me just died inside. You could thatch a roof or two with that lot! Lucky we South Aussies seem to be self-sufficient in the weed department. :D
  3. E-Type Jaguar

    looking for liqur bottles.

    I have a one litre Glenmorangie 10 y.o. Scotch Whisky bottle if you're interested, it came from Scotland so has no Australian distributor information on it. Looks like this one
  4. E-Type Jaguar

    Old people grow the best plants

    O.O My god. My respect for the elderly has increased tenfold. Can't wait to get old if that's what happens! :D Nicely bumped, Morg!
  5. E-Type Jaguar

    I got me a e-cigarette

    This is an awesome idea. I think I'd feel a bit weird for the first few months though, especially having to charge it :D You've convinced me to try it though! Please give us a review of what the apple ones are like! There is an Australian seller on eBay who sells cartridges.
  6. E-Type Jaguar


    Woah, very cool. Never seen that one before. Almost looks tasty! Mother Nature, may you never stop astounding us with your talents.
  7. E-Type Jaguar

    Police chase UFO over Cardiff

    O.o Torchwood will fix it. They always do.
  8. E-Type Jaguar

    Are we back?

    You did a fine job of restoring the place, Torsten! Many thanks.
  9. E-Type Jaguar

    Chunk 'O' Cereus

    Have for trade an 11" (8" circumference) Cereus pup, taken from a 20+ year old mummy plant. This 'lil fella was left dangling by a dried-out thread from it's home by some friend of society, whom I hope went away from the experience with a very sore hand. It sustained some damage (was almost mush around the bottom) so I have cut it cleanly above the damage and let it callous. I'm looking for the following for trade, but will take just about anything, PM with offers. Seeds / Plants / Cuttings: Ipomoea Violacea - Flying Saucers esp. Psychotria Viridis Nepeta Cataria Pach / Spach / Bridge pups / cuts Jessamine (Cestrum nocturnum) Black Cohosh Lion's Tail Foxglove Lactuca spp. Any edible herbs esp. Basil Veggies Plant matter / smokeables / teas etc. Lion's Tail Foxglove Blue Lotus (flowers or extract) Black Cohosh Also interested in cube prints if anyone has em Cheers!
  10. E-Type Jaguar

    eBay - Huge Bridgesii and 3x Pachanoi, all potted

    Beautiful specimens, shame your friend won't post!
  11. E-Type Jaguar

    Kava to become S4 [prescription only]

    Aww! On my birthday too! What a crappy present. *mopes* First they take away our pipes, now this! Time to move to a finer land...
  12. E-Type Jaguar

    Adelaide Ethno Meet 2nd Sunday of each month

    Are these meets still happening? Love to get some details if they are Cheers!
  13. E-Type Jaguar

    very doubtful subs?

    I found three of those little babies in the Adelaide Hills earlier this week. Growing out of a tree stump. They certainly smell poisonous!
  14. E-Type Jaguar

    Mushroom season 2008.

    They weren't picked, they leapt from the ground of their own free will. I guess that proves The Herald Sun is a damn good read!
  15. E-Type Jaguar

    Free Ethnobotanical's (Australian Members Only)

    Yoink! Hell yes! Cheers Finnish! VVVVVVVV Gets another 6" rooted Pachanoi and some Brugmansia cuttings VVVVVVVVV