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  1. BBB stands for bouncing bear botanicals so BBB bridgesii x validus would be the correct label
  2. zelly

    Unknown Beautiful Columnar

    looks like polaskia chichipe
  3. the flower itself tends to exhibit more of the red grandi genetics in that the flowers never fully open like a columnar trich does.......unless you live in an area that experiences extremely hot days. I'm somewhat in a coastal / moderate region; a friend in a high desert area posted pics of the red grandi i gifted them with flowers splayed wide open. All my other grandi's flower wide open, the cherry red ones never do fully open.
  4. zelly

    The colored San Pedro Flower Project

    unsurprising, considering the pollen donor is variegated....... of those that I've grown out, LJ x vrg & validus x vrg also produce lots of variegates..........
  5. zelly

    Eating cactus fruit

    I'll have to send you a jar of my loph fruit jam........
  6. As many of you know Philocacti has been a well respected contributing member here at sab for many many years, as well as being active in other forums such as the nook and the long defunct entheogen dot com. I cant imagine there's too many collector / growers in his neck of the woods which makes sourcing plants even more difficult. Not to mention his growing situation, having to haul water up flights of stairs to his roof top garden.... I've known philocacti a good number of years & have always appreciated his knowledgeable input, not to mention he's a helluva giving person & a man true to his word. After awhile I began to notice he was missing from the forum and wasn't answering my pm's. I mentioned it to other people & they too were wondering what became of philocacti. Adding to the concern was his country was undergoing some drastic changes in government. A few yrs ago he had mailed me some of his trich cuts & a few other goodies.....they arrived in a tupperware container with holes drilled in it for ventilation, which i thought was pretty damn awesome. Thank gawd I had saved it for some odd reason, on it was his mailing address; so I airmailed him a letter. A month or so passes by & then one day I got an email from philocacti. He's had some life changes that sort of knocked the wind out of his sails, but even at that I could tell the spirit was still alive & well within him. I know he would never ask for it himself, but the man really could use our support. A breath of fresh air to fill his sails once more is all I'm asking for. I know I'm not the only one who loves this guy, surely there's others here who will have no problem expressing their love & appreciation for Philocacti No,I'm not going to give you his email address, you can write him a letter right here in this thread.
  7. zelly

    Tricho 'Zeus'

    No buds on it yet mate although its certainly tall enough......adjacent plants are budding up and a shorter Yowie has 10 buds so who knows?
  8. zelly

    Tricho 'Zeus'

    Halcyon Daze by Tricho Zeus are you referring to the plant that Philocacti was distributing?
  9. the sooner the trichs get into bigger pots the fatter & faster they grow.......... the best way to learn is by experience.....plant one in a 4mm pot,another in a 10mm pot and 6 in a shallow 15cm pt. leave the rest in the takeaway tub. give all of them the same grow conditions, ferts etc. take pic's monthly everyone's grow conditions are different, just as their experiences & opinions....... only by experimentation will you learn what works best for you
  10. if you have no pereskioppsis try the opuntia... where are you located? join some groups on facebook, people world wide generally have lots of pereskiopsis & many are willing to share with newbies.
  11. Pedropark that is very interesting information.......I have crossed my cherry red grandi with six columnars now: red grandi x lumberjack, x peru2, x br bertha, x SS02xSS01, x arboricola & x icaros. I guess its time to plant the seeds & see what comes up. for x icaros, x lumberjack & x arboricola the mother grandi was variegated
  12. zelly

    The colored San Pedro Flower Project

    micromegas- every scop x grandi seedling plant has a different colored flower. currently I have 7 that have flowered, each one different...... Plus, i gave 1 to Lee, one to Eddie & 1 to George....each of theirs bloomed a different colored flower.....Michelle won one i auctioned on egay, hers was a different colored flower......Jeremy grew some from seed, his first to bloom was also a different colored flower... So 12 have flowered that I know of & I've 3 more seedlings with buds..... 12 for 12 is 100% colored flowers...... see this link for high res pics on all known to date http://misplant.net/Zellys.html F2 fruits are ripening now....... Here's one of a dozen or so...... As for storing pollen I place mine in small zip lock baggies on the top shelf of my refrigerator where they maintain a crisp 37F. Its good for around 7 months, which is all i need.
  13. Thanks for joining us Pedropark, I'm sure the forum looks forward to to seeing pictures of your new Pedro Park; i know I sure am! Here's some pics from my F1 hybrid cross of scop x variegated red grandiflorus....Pic's of all known flowers from 'The Zelly' F1 hybrid can be found on misplant.net
  14. zelly

    The colored San Pedro Flower Project

    Sadly, Michael no longer appears to be with us, but I believe I'm well on the way to producing the colored flowers for all of the columnar's he mentioned; pachanoi, peruvianus, bridgesii etc In 2014 I cross bred spineless scopulicola with a variegated cherry red grandiflorus. The resulting seedlings have manifested in two vegetative forms. The dominant form has 6-8 ribs and closely spaced aeroles with spination that closely resembles grandiflorus. The plant appears to clump freely and flowers at an early age of 2.5 years from seed, on their own roots and with a wide range of flower coloration. This dominant form accounts for 99.5% of all seedlings. Since the pollen donor was variegated, numerous variegated seedlings have resulted; many of which won't survive unless grafted. The other vegetative form is also 6-8 ribs and similar aerole spination with wider spaced aerole's. I'm still waiting on flowers for this form. Around the same time I also crossed variegated cherry red grandi pollen with SS02xSS01 as well as with the plant that's labeled validus. The SS02xSS01 seedlings also appear to have formed two distinct vegetative forms. The more dominant form has 7-9 ribs and appears 'shorter'; the less dominant form has 5-7 ribs and much greater aerole spacing. The less dominant form appears to grow taller, although at just over a year & a half of growth on their own roots they are still to young to fully determine their true growth characteristics. I only have a few seedlings of validus x vrg and thus only one form is visible. These seedlings are also fairly small. Only time will tell if these F1 hybrids continue growing to their full columnar height. I currently have 16 F2 developing fruits on 7 F1 'The Zelly' hybrids, with numerous buds yet to flower on these and other 'The Zelly' plants. The flowers themselves and their range of color on the F1 hybrids is just absolutely stunning. The last pic also includes the cherry red pollen donor for the F1 hybrids.
  15. zelly

    Cactus Hybridization

    i have this hybrid plant, its pretty cool
  16. zelly

    help with a pachanoi

    looks healthy now.....until the next time black rot hits...... I'm baby sitting a buncha plants for nitrogen.....so one day one stem in a large pot full of Super Pedro x Psycho0 grows a new pup & the tip is completely consumed with black rot. Nitro stops by & wants to cut it off...Nope, let 'er grow I say. A few months later the tip recovers on its own & is now a healthy growing branch. cactus plants are a whole lot tougher than most humans give em credit for......
  17. zelly

    Cactus issues

    pic one is scale, which can be detrimental depending on severity of infection........ but even at that, didja ever have pimples as a kid? plants get imperfections as well.......
  18. zelly

    Issue with one of my cacti. Help needed please

    Any other ideas anyone? time for the lawn mower........
  19. zelly

    Stapelia cacti is not a cacti

    like Zed said, stapelia gigantea nastiest, stinkiest flower imaginable........
  20. do cactus seeds need light to germinate? Absolutely (if ya want it to survive) If there is no light, how do you expect the seedling to grow once it breaks thru the seed coat? take a peek here, just one of many ways........http://misplant.net/SeedGrow.html
  21. echinopsis seminudus ?? sure looks like em to me....... re: grandiflorus, I've never seen any over 60 cm tall
  22. zelly

    ID please, Fields columnar cacti

    just curious why you'd purchase a plant from Fields & fail to get a name for it at the same time..... did they pay you to take it off their hands?