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  1. waterdragon

    Chemical Shaman we will miss you

    R.I.P brother, you are loved and will be missed. I am overwhelmed with grief for my own loss, i know what fun you were having up north and will now have to miss out on your stories. You have lived the lives of ten men. If you are reading this Denis, god may not want a reach around but i'm sure you'll mention it anyway. My condolences to all who knew him.
  2. waterdragon

    Laser printers are used to spy on you

    great post rev, agree with all of that. just on the i.d feature of printers, it's not really a revelation. a npws investigation mentioned (about two years back) that some data that a whistleblower presented came from his own printer, they had ways to discern such things but were a little vague on details.
  3. waterdragon

    Avian Flu & Tamiflu supply

    good luck getting hold of tamiflu now, don't believe? just try to obtain it. even if your doc writes a script most chemists are well and truly out of stock, and since the media mentioned relenza it is also made of precious 'unobtainium'. i work with birds so i was naturally uneasy about the sitch so i did enquire as to availability. there is a great link to an ongoing discussion of these matters on another oz site if anyone has plenty of time for reading.
  4. so are these people actually guilty of something? if so go and arrest the fuckers. whatever happened to the presumption of innocence? does anyone really think that these laws, like all others before them, will not be abused? locking people up without charge, what fucking country are we living in?incredible that the fucking idiot beazley was going for something even more draconian than howard, who is he trying to impress?
  5. really doesn't pay to work on that tan, maybe they'd have been better off if only they were a few shades lighter.
  6. waterdragon

    george bush don't like black people

    possibly. some seem to be a little bitter for some reason however:http://www.aussurvivalist.com/forum/forum_...p?TID=6841&PN=1
  7. waterdragon

    cheap organic food?

    toolangi delight are another very tasty spud, grew about nine different types last season. on the subject of procuring organic food, in the city might mean that you have to pay for it, unless you get to know where all the useful trees and shrubs are ie monsteras. in the regional areas rabbits, roos and fish are plentiful and free, all free range and unmolested by any added chemicals.
  8. waterdragon

    george bush don't like black people

    anyone who doesn't already hate bush simply hasn't been paying attention.
  9. waterdragon

    protecting plants from the cold???

    those tropicals which are too tender for here i'll allow someone else more northerly to grow. some success can be had by allowing some tropicals to grow as an understorey ie planting in thickets.
  10. waterdragon

    When Meat is not Murder

    quote: Originally posted by Hagakure: it is possible for the technology to be abused but that is why we have regulatory bodies etc in place aswell as pressure fromt the public. [/QB] are these the same type of regulatory bodies that allow toxic medicines to be fed to the masses and then claim 'oopsie' and slink off when it all goes pear shaped?. regulatory bodies tend to be bought and paid for, there is little distinction between politician and corporation. we can't even get honest labelling in this country, people must learn to rely on themselves as nobody else 'regulatory' has YOUR interests at heart. i'll not be lining up for more GM than what they already sneak past me. properly utilised, real live cattle can very beneficial to a farm. ideally the best food to consume is free range, wild or organic with no added McFranken.
  11. waterdragon

    cape trib.

    check out the beach of bouncing stones. luminous mushrooms north of mossman. beware wait-a-while and stinging tree and cassowary and croc. seek out giant oysters. good fishing occasionally off daintree public jetty.
  12. waterdragon

    sustainable living

    handy stuff, now i'll be stuck on that site for ages until i exhaust all it has to offer. other sites i check into occasionally - http://www.backwoodshome.com/forum/yabb/forum.pl http://www.aussurvivalist.com/forum/ http://www.motherearthnews.com/ http://www.countrysidemag.com/past.htm i got a thousand of them if you're keen on that sort of thing.
  13. waterdragon


    odd thing that the wreckers can't find any, they often have access to a parts database and can usually order things in, unless this mount cracking is endemic across the 94 bluebird range.
  14. waterdragon

    Corydalis germination experience?

    i'd buy seeds or plants of good types when you have them avail. had a few surprises come up this winter in pots that i'd given up on. one of the best cory plants i've seen is growing under a leaky water tank in the shade, been there for years.
  15. waterdragon


    $800 for mounts is bullshit. go to the wreckers and snavel a pair with no cracks, then it's simply a matter of taking the weight off your mounts(hoist or block and tackle) and loosening the bolts then swapping mounts. couldn't take more than two hours while pissed.