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  1. GingaNinja

    Fraudulent Sellers List

    When this topic has popped up in the past IIRC this was what was agreed upon. That its better to aknowledge and reward good traders. Other forums have epic thread of positive trade feedback. I thought it was a given that when trading with noobs that the noob sends first? Seems that its more common in the free trade thread which sucks alotttt. wtf, its such a great idea that people take avantage of
  2. GingaNinja


    egos aside, i dont think anyone is trying to crush your ego or your business. Seeing as you dont have photos yet can you say if the heavy pupping in your plants looks like spacemonks pics or more like the pic watertrade posted? if people are members of the nook here is a thread that goes into witches broom infection a bit. http://www.thenook.org/forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=63160&view=findpost&p=679755
  3. GingaNinja

    Happy birthday Planthelper

    happy bday PH. woot
  4. GingaNinja

    Weirdest place you've ever seen a plant grow!?

    yeah there is a VERY good chance its all lies but its interesting none the less
  5. GingaNinja

    Post a random picture thread

  6. GingaNinja

    Weirdest place you've ever seen a plant grow!?

    inside someones lung http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/World-News/Tree-Found-In-Lung-Seed-Sprouted-Inside-Russian-Mans-Chest/Article/200904315262048
  7. GingaNinja

    Raising and caring for frogs.

    Quantum, how do you deal with the shitload of cane toads in SEQ? dont they overtake the pond?
  8. GingaNinja

    Essential camping food.

    Ive got one of the Trangia 27-1 UL on this page http://www.trangia.se/english/5614.27_series_ul.html Its the bomb for cooking rice/lentil soup types deals. Can fry eggs. quickly boil water for tea or 2min noodles. Light weight. 1 bottle of metho will last more then 2 weeks. 720g fucking grams FTW depends what level of luxury you want. Ive never tried it but ive met people that take freeze dried fruits on long hikes. could be a good idea if you ahve good access to water. some greenage always gives you a bit more life rather then only surviing on wheat and other carbs.
  9. GingaNinja

    Racing tips.

    this was the first day i have actually placed bets. I missed your first pick then a few random guesses left me dry thanks for the tips
  10. GingaNinja

    Tricho hybrid seedlings

    im down for 1 pack. will P to the M
  11. GingaNinja


    sure has, check on the nook for some pics. Im sure there are other places online aswell. Incog, when you say some of your's pup like crazy do you mean in the same fashion as spacemonks or the more normal growing pups? if only some are showing similar symptoms i wouldnt rule out not continuing to sell the clone. quarantine FTW
  12. I dont get why you are hammering at this topic so much HM. you have made it pretty clear that you like and value the visual experience. Sure to disregard visuals as useless could be considered wasteful or wrong but no more so then suggesting that a person hasnt experienced true psychadelic realms/healing only on the grounds that they have not had strong visauls. anyone see Robin Rodds presentation at EGA 07 i think it was. Something along the lines of has the west overvalued the visual aspect of aya. Was a pretty cool and fair critique I thought. It seemed some audience members felt threatened by the idea going of the vibe of some of the remarks during the question time.
  13. I totally forgot about this
  14. I think there is a fair argument that the 'west' is very much driven and attracted to the visual experience while other cultures are not always that way inclined. For the record at times ive had powerful visuals and got shit all from the experience while other times ive had only visual distortion stuff that seemed to be a major catalyst in my spiritual progression. Ive also seen people eat more then double what everyone else had and not have any visuals at all while everyone else was meeting god. there is no such things as a standard dose with psychs IMO
  15. GingaNinja

    Happy Birthday Amulte and ajna

    happy birthday guys