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    mediterranean melb.
  1. hey guys, found this on ebay for sale - nice looking plant. melbourne pick up only , looks too big for any form of shipping. I've already got one about that size but figure someone here may be interested! http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/5ft-tall-Arabian-tea-Vienna-white-plant-in-50lt-pot-/281072678036?pt=AU_Plants_Seeds_Bulbs&hash=item41713cb494
  2. inpsyght

    catha 'vienna white' seed raffle

    all sent out today, should be there next week sometime. Good luck and happy growing!!
  3. inpsyght

    catha 'vienna white' seed raffle

    ....and the winners are... 11- SallyD 32- applesnail 14- alkaloidal 7- bogfrog 30- Roopey 24- etherealdrifter 33- Jox 15- thed00dabides 17-obtuse 4- GoOnThen congrats to the lucky winners, send me a pm with your details and i'll get the packs sent shortly. there will also be another raffle soon for some narrow leaf catha seed packs, so keep an eye out for it.
  4. inpsyght

    Acacia Phlebophylla Seeds

    Seeds received -- thanks again!
  5. Cheers mate! VVVVVVVVVV 10 X loph w., 5 x narrow leaf catha, P. Somn, Mirabalis jalapa, Leonurus sibiricus, Leonurus cadiaca, Salvia mellifera, N.rustica (All seed- mostly fresh)VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV edit: also some various herb and veg seeds i have around
  6. Got 10 packs to giveaway with 10 seeds in each. Mother plant was a vienna white (ie. pink - mostly white veins with pink stems) May have been cross-pollinated by either a red or narrow leaved. Same idea just like Naja's and Planthelper's recent raffles- Make a post here then that post number becomes your ticket number. You can only enter once, if you enter twice, only your first number will apply. Entry closes on next Mon 14/1/13 @ 8pm. Winners drawn by random number generator that evening.
  7. inpsyght

    Acacia Phlebophylla Seeds

    awesome, i'd love to have a go at these if any still left, cheers
  8. wow, great plants ! i'm in at number 17
  9. inpsyght

    Planthelper F2 seed giveaway/raffle

    awesome! fingers crossed for 35
  10. inpsyght

    Top 5 reasons why I Hate women

    nice finds ballzac! this is worth a read too: http://dontmarry.fil...pulated_man.pdf
  11. inpsyght

    Animals taking psychoactive plants

    monkeys drink alcohol : elephants and fermented fruit:
  12. inpsyght

    Animals taking psychoactive plants

    and a few more to add to the list as well! bear eats amanitas: jaguar eats ayahuasca:
  13. inpsyght

    melbourne earthquake

    i was listening to some pretty hard drum and bass at the time and had a complete john cage moment... I was thinking to my self - wow what a bassline...took me a few seconds to figure out that it wasn't the tune, absolute best bass wobble i've ever heard!!
  14. inpsyght

    virginian tobacco ?

    came across this recently, might offer some helpful DIY practical info: http://www.wickedhab...nstructions.pdf
  15. inpsyght

    Books for sale

    I would guess it handles ~15 psi. i had bought it for doing mushroom medium sterilization but ended up coming across a larger model. The weight that fits on the top has 2 parts which fit together. It looks and feels like the 15psi one i have used with my other pressure cooker. I have the manual around somewhere but still need to dig it out.