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  1. tonic

    Wanted - Diplopterys cabrerana seed. (chaliponga)

    *takes a ticket*
  2. tonic

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    I won't be going to the pub. For reasons... Yeah I am hoping that it will be memorable. Not everyday we get to do something like this. Nice! We should all be able fit our tents then. Someone want to bring a first aid kit? I haven't got one. Also was thinking we are going to need water too. Can't remember if there is a tap there. Otherwise we will have to fill big bottles and lug, pretty easy though. EDIT: So looks like OPP will be heading off around 2ish. SO maybr campers can meet 2:30-3:00pm?
  3. tonic

    Some front yard fungi

    Pretty sure they are Laccaria sp. could be Collybia sp. though.
  4. tonic

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Just checking, since I haven't been to that spot in years. How many tents do people think it's possible to set up? I am bringing two tents. One has been claimed by toast and is a two person tent. I am also bringing a bigger one that is 3 person (maybe 4?) I plan to set up my amp, speakers laptop inside so they don't get damaged by the elements. I am happy to share, but you will have to provide your own airbed, sleeping bag or whatever as I only have one of each. I reckon it will fit two comfortably with all my gear inside as well. But yeah...how many tents do you guys reckon? I am going to scope out the spot next week and suss everything out. I will most likely dump a heap of firewood there on the Friday, so it's ready for us on the Saturday. Try and stash it as best I can so no one grabs it before we can use it. What time is this going to kick off? PM me if you want me to carry extra stuff to the spot (I will explain that better in the PM), I have a meeting spot in mind as I know the area very well. Stuff I plan to bring: Some food, maybe we should discuss this? Esky, maybe someone can buy the ice? Fishing gear. <<<Sound>>> etc. etc. some lights so we can see if need be. I recommend people bring a torch or two. A kettle some cutlery and shiz, but don't have much. Can't think of anything else, but I will have lots of stuff I guess. If anybody thinks of anything they want to bring or want me to bring along just say so. Hope the weather holds out. Pretty shocking at the moment. Really looking forward to this. We should maybe get things a bit organised as it's not too far off now. tl;dr
  5. tonic

    please help me identify

    First two look like Macrolepiota procera the woody pored one looks like Trametes versicolor. What are they good for? Breaking down woody material. So they have their function, yes. Are they edible? Not that I know about. Are they psychoactive? No.
  6. tonic

    Wow. Beautiful. What are they?

    Good call! On second look, I would agree. The conical pileus threw me a bit as the ones I see a lot of the time are more convex to plane and the gills are usually a bit darker. These have probably dropped their spores and lightened the gills.
  7. tonic


    I'd say it's unlikely.
  8. tonic

    Wow. Beautiful. What are they?

    Not subs, not active. Looks like Cortinarius sp.
  9. tonic

    Help with Cacti Id please.

    Looks Pachanoid. Also looks interesting. Welcome to the forums.
  10. tonic

    look what i found - id help please

    The first ones look like Coprinellus sp. to me. Second looks like Volvariella speciosa Third. DO NOT EAT they have white gills. Pretty sure they are Amanita sp. EDIT: Stropharia aurantiaca is now called Laratiomyces ceres.
  11. The second one looks like a Trichocereus scopulicolus (scop). I like the look of those terscheckii X PsychoO. All look nice and healthy.
  12. tonic

    ID ideas please

    Spore print sounds right. From memory the bruising is meant to be green. I have heard this species isn't psychoactive here in Aus.
  13. tonic

    ID ideas please

    I have been seeing a fair few of these lately. Big fat bulbous ones too. So they are definitely about.
  14. tonic

    Looking for cactus seed

    Ethos, I should be able to help you out with some seeds. I will shoot you a PM a bit later mate. Just got to go through what I have. Cheers. tonic.
  15. tonic

    Spineless Opuntia

    Very interesting. No glochids is always a plus.
  16. tonic

    First subs of 2012 season

    I'll just leave this here...
  17. tonic

    ID ideas please

    Looks like it to me.
  18. Out there staring at my cacti in the dark and rain. Still there...good shit!
  19. tonic

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    I'll just get some wood. Too easy. I'm always up for tunes, but don't want to annoy those who don't want them.
  20. tonic

    Werdermannianus Seed

  21. tonic

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    If it's where I think it's going to be, it shouldn't be a problem.
  22. tonic

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    If people want to lug some extra stuff from the nearest town. PM me, I can get it to the camping spot with ease. I will bring a chainsaw (or just wood, it depends), a small generator, laptop/tunes, amp and speakers (if people want?), fishing gear if people are keen, can bring a couple of small tents, some other goodies. If people want anything specific camping etc. related stuff, please let me know beforehand. I WILL BE THERE!!!
  23. Nice pics Stillman. I should get along to my local show when it comes about, looks like some really nice plants for sale. I have a feeling I would come home dead broke though haha
  24. tonic

    Messing around with grafts a few photos

    I suspect he might mean the Pereskiopsis. Though only he can tell us that