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  1. gilligan

    how small a seedling can be grafted?

    Honestly guys, you don't need weight on these... A dab of leaf juice on the cut section of the stock, put the scion on, offset the vascular rings, and then put the whole thing in a humidity chamber for a week. That's it. Simple as that. Weights etc are for the bigger buttons etc to pach.
  2. gilligan

    Wanted: Bruce in Perth

    Hey got... I'm about to set up a cacti land on the acreage, so let me know if there's stuff you don't get rid of you want gone. :-) you'll need to come check it out!
  3. gilligan

    perth peeps - CHEAP TRICHS

    This was my cactus truck run today... That's pallets of cuts...
  4. gilligan

    perth peeps - CHEAP TRICHS

    That's pallets of cuts, I've then got about 60 potted cacti, not including my grafts :-)
  5. gilligan

    perth peeps - CHEAP TRICHS

    Not on me, but will have in a few more days. Have 4 pallets of cacti I'm moving, and there's probably half that again left at the place. Grin.
  6. I think that's why it's been posted, as it's a bs story, and it highlights that media misinformation is rife...
  7. gilligan


    I'm glad I got some of his barrels, and the bridge. And some cleistocacti too :-)
  8. gilligan

    perth peeps - CHEAP TRICHS

    No interest from the perthites?
  9. gilligan

    perth peeps - CHEAP TRICHS

    Harsh, sat am fly out... :-) have a good swing.
  10. Hi, all... I'm moving house and have all the cacti I want coming with me. Putting it out there that I've got a heap of cheap lengths of pach (perfect grafting size) and bridges (various) available. Hit me up with what you might be after, length and we'll figure out a price. Needs to be a done deal by sunday, first in best dressed.
  11. gilligan

    trich cuts for sale, wa

    Still some more available, eileen, psycho0, bruce, yowie pach and some loph grafts...
  12. gilligan

    trich cuts for sale, wa

    A number of long cuts (50-100cm) of various clones available, going reasonably cheap (70c/cm), some grafts as well. WA only, pm me if interested.
  13. gilligan

    Avatar raffle !

    It hardly looks like two zebras graphically fucking at all... lol
  14. gilligan

    Avatar raffle !

    13, 21
  15. gilligan