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  1. sidewayschef

    P. Azurescens spore print

    Hello just wondering if anyone is able to help me out with a spore print of P. Azurescens Thanks in advance
  2. sidewayschef

    Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

    Hi Chasing a bulk amount of HBWR Must be fresh seeds not dried. Please personal msg Thanks in advance
  3. sidewayschef

    Crest Me

    Hi Everyone Looking for some crested Trich varieties Seeds, plants or grafts I have to swap with over 50 varieties of chilli seeds, a mountain of T.Pach(including rooted lengths with varies numbers of pups), some seed grown T.Terskii (3yo) and brugmansia cuttings(not yet rooted, will post/deliver when rooted)
  4. sidewayschef

    WA Gyms, tis the season

    bit of fresh porn Best specimens I have ever found with such distinct colouring
  5. sidewayschef

    Anyone gone sth west of WA yet??

    just a selection of what is down there ATM
  6. sidewayschef

    Possible contender for largest sub record? [& hunting pics]

    They sure are big this year....
  7. sidewayschef

    Amanita muscaria in WA??

    yeah, think you are right there. They are tiny, no were near big enough
  8. sidewayschef

    Amanita muscaria in WA??

    So i found these in the front garden were I put down alot of mushroom compost.(perth hills) Not 100% convinced the are A. Muscaria though as they are really small and the colouring has changed to yellow(after heavy rain though) Will be keenly keeping an eye on these though in the coming weeks
  9. sidewayschef

    WA Gyms, tis the season

    Waking up this morning with our house surround by a thick fog @ 8am i thought it would be a good day for a hunt. I wasn't disappointed when these 2 little purps.. pointed me in the direction of the rest of this flush I did make an observation in the range of colouring apparent in gyms. All of these mushrooms were pulled out of a large pile of paperbarks that had been cleared. only ones found on the perimeter of the patch in full/part sun had the distinctive purple colour. All of the ones pulled from under logs with little to no chance of seeing the sun are a more rusty brown colour. so far the majority appear to be staining up. a small pin on this one is a very distinctive blue
  10. sidewayschef

    WA Season

    Bump Was down there today but only found lots of look alikes. Am devastated my regular patch was unfruitful. guess it is time to explore again Plenty of mushroom growth happening but picker beware.....Pine Haulers are doing heaps of logging along the Balingup-Nannup road. Keep your eyes open on those slippery windy roads
  11. sidewayschef

    WA Gyms, tis the season

    nice, I have heaps of suitable banksia to Chip up. Lost a picture I had of last years failed crop. Somehow the container and the mycelium survived the summer and will hopefully bear some fruit soon. Only seen a few Gyms in Balingup......unfortunately no subs to be found in my trusty patch yet though Still seems to be a tad dry in the hills(that was before the weekends downpour though)
  12. sidewayschef

    perth plant sale

    Great to meet you Noshie......will definitely be back once i get my greenhouse setup
  13. sidewayschef

    King oyster spawn bags to trade

    Am keen on this can you post to WA. Still raining like all buggery here
  14. sidewayschef

    WTB - Khat WA prefered

    Hey Guys & Gals Wanting to get ahold of some khat plants or seeds. I know a dozen differant places to get cuttings from but would rather get something established with roots Prefer to get something local in WA(Perth) if possible Willing to trade various cactus or part with $$$ Cheers in advance
  15. sidewayschef

    WA Gyms, tis the season

    Interesting to see in some of the pictures a white veil over the mushroom. I havent seen that before..... is interesting to see how this species will occupy a log, similair to Shitake. I took all the stem butt's and spread them in an area of hardwood(Jarrah, Eucalptys) chips Will be interesting to see how hardy and well this variety spreads